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The Force Awakens Teaser – 12/30/2014

This week, Adam, Norm, and Will are joined by Frank Ippolito to discuss the relative merits of Cleveland and The Force Awakens teaser.

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16 thoughts on “The Force Awakens Teaser – 12/30/2014

  1. That city, south of Detroit, is Windsor Ontario.

    Windsor is also on the same latitude as Rome… It’s one of the reasons why our wineries are so good ,-)

    On the subject of Star Wars, man oh man, do I ever want to be really excited by, for the reboot… but, and I know I’m not going to make many friends here, but I really detested JJA’s treatment of Star Trek… I have a lot of difficulty having any, call it “faith” that he won’t similarly serve up a skite-fest of Star Wars.

    Personal brag…. My adopted theatre daughter was one of the students who read across from John Boyega while he was auditioning. She said he was not just a wonderful actor, but a really fantastic human being. The adopted-theatre-dad in me has been mentally planning for their wedding ever since! LOL I loved him in Attack The Block…. I WANT to love him in Star Wars… but 4 times bit…..

    At the very least, I console myself with the knowledge that, even if the Star Wars reboot is arse-water, +RedLetterMedia will offer up full length Plinkett reviews that will be hilarious. It’s not much of a silver-lining, but I’m trying very hard not to be “That Fanboy”

  2. I wish this episode was longer and had more moments of Frank pointing out something from the archives and Adam explaining upon it.

    Norm had some excellent points, plus a Spaceballs reference.

    We definitely need a part 2 of the Star Wars conversation. Maybe even another episode about Mel Brooks.

    Question: Is the Jim Henson workshop involved in the new movies?

  3. More than ever I’m adapting a wait-and-see approach on this one. Nostalgia does not affect me (or at least only affects me minimally) so I this film will have to prove itself just like a new IP. We’ve been burnt by Star Wars plenty of times.

  4. And yeah, I realize I keep calling it the Star Wars Reboot and that it’s not a reboot…. I blame… umm…. sunspots! Yeah… that’s it… sunspots!

  5. Although Trek solicited ideas from fans (and why the virtual doctor had to write things down, I’ll never know), Babylon 5’s creator, John Straczynski (sp), did hang out on the Internet newsgroups and chat with the fans. IIRC, one of the biggest things discussed was to NOT allow the spaceships to bank against a non-existent atmosphere! They had momentum, and had to pivot and back-thrust.

    –Paul E Musselman

  6. I kinda hate JJA’s Star Trek, too, but I think his style is actually much better suited to Star Wars. At heart, they’re action/adventure movies. He’s pretty good at that.

  7. Starship Troopers is a good movie but claiming it is, in any
    way shape or form, a “Faithful Adaptation” of the source material is a gross

  8. according to the Interstellar making-of book (Beyond Time and Space by Mark Cotta Vaz), they were able to use in-helmet mics for a lot of dialogue. i dont remember it going into much detail, but somehow the suits were able to isolate the noise of the IMAX cameras.

  9. The original Trek not only accepted fans ideas, they bought a script from one…and that script was The Trouble with Tribbles by David Gerrold! And he was so good, he worked on a few other TOS episodes as well, and he was heavily involved with Next Gen.

    re: Detroit/Windsor and pop culture…the Journey song “Don’t stop Believing” has an interesting glitch in it:

    “While the lyrics mention being “born and raised in south Detroit”, there is no place in the Detroit area actually called South Detroit; the location south of downtown Detroit is the Canadian city of Windsor, Ontario.[7] Steve Perry has said, “I tried north Detroit, I tried east and west and it didn’t sing, but south Detroit sounded so beautiful. I loved the way it sounded, only to find out later it’s actually Canada.”

  10. Starship Troopers is a good movie but claiming it is, in any
    way shape or form, a “Faithful Adaptation” of the source material is a gross


  11. Meh. All of Abrams’ work feel the same to me. The same tension, the same plot beats and the same shots. It worked for Alias and Lost, but I think that’s because those were new properties. It didn’t work for Star Trek.

  12. For the record, the person holding the “cross-guard” lightsaber is almost certainly not a dude, and we’ll be seeing the first lady Sith in the form of Gwendoline Christie.

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