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Christmas With the Coen Brothers – 12/23/2014

Adam, Norm, and Will discuss their favorite Coen brothers films and treasured Christmas memories. Enjoy!

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20 thoughts on “Christmas With the Coen Brothers – 12/23/2014

  1. When Blue Ray players first came out a good family friend of my parents wanted a player around the holidays. His boys, in college at that time, bought him some blue rays for gifts. The bonus to this is the night before xmas they broke into their parents house when they were sleeping and installed a blue ray player in the living room under the TV.

    When it came to unwrapping presents their father unwrapped the blue ray disks with dismay because he said, “but I don’t have a player”, glancing up at the TV area. When his eyes met the player under the TV they lit up and a HUGE smile grew on his face. It was a very nice morning.

  2. I’m assuming Will meant Tardis, not Tesseract… regardless, I love this podcast and This Is Only A Test 🙂 keep up the great work!

  3. arrgh, adam! please stop mangling the german so bad. 🙁 you appear to be a considerate fellow in so many matters, yet you jump with both feet onto the stereotype of dumb american pronouncing everything as if it was english. at least trying for a somewhat ok pronunciation gets you super far, respect & goodwill wise.

    if you do own the german dvd, you know that it doesn’t read “die…” but “DAS fünfte element.” it’s pronounced like “duss.” (future reference: “die” isn’t pronounced like an anglophone demand to exit life, but “dee”)

    not pronouncing the “ü” correctly is ok for a foreigner (bonus material: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Close_front_rounded_vowel), but you shouldn’t swallow the last syllable or pronounce “nf” like “mpf:” it’s somewhat like “fynf-t’uh.”

    “element” is pretty much the same, but you’d want to stress the last syllable as opposed to the first in english.

    tl;dr: “duss FYNFt’uh eleMENT” (that looks totally like a klingon conjuring a great old one)

  4. Well, I could say much of the average German’s pronunciation of English, but perhaps for reasons of goodwill I shouldn’t 😉

  5. oh, totally legit point, though. it’s a shame what percentage of this country is effectively monolingual. don’t get me started on the average german’s inability to watch english media undubbed, and how much this inability is catered to. but i feel most do at least put in some effort, (or have been beaten to nominal effort in school) even if the result ends up being comedic at best. an ex-girlfriend’s dad rattled on for five minutes about something “hudge” before the mixed german/american audience finally got (to much amusement) that he meant “huge.”

    sounds that are foreign to one’s native tongue are especially difficult, and, imho, not getting them right isn’t an issue at all. (see germans’ “th” or anglophones’ “ch” respectively. i remember having sore muscles in my throat from practising arabic’s ayin, and still not getting it right, much to the amusement of my kebap chef.) it’s not textbook perfect pronunciation i’m after. that would be both unrealistic and quite devoid of charm. accents are fine. not getting everything right is fine. i certainly don’t get everything right, but i try the best i can.

    what got me was that he pronounced “fiat” and “cinquecento” pretty damn well, despite those being removed a bit from english. some measure of effort is evident. but then, he’s not even getting the wording of a DVD he owns right, instead fills it up with the token german bits seemingly everyone knows and waltzes over the pronunciation with not even a hint of an attempt. it’s almost as if he played it for laughs how he had to succumb to the absurdity of owning that perfectly-normal-titled movie in wackolanguage, where they even gave it a wacky name – just listen to this, how queerly exotic! it’s just not a nice feeling, and the feeling bit is probably responsible for me overreacting on this. quoting a stupid stereotype of my own certainly wasn’t helpful, and i apologise. heat of the moment. sorry.

    still: it didn’t feel nice. it’s not about how correct or incorrect, but about the perceived lack of knowledge/effort and still reciting it for a cheap bit of hilarity.

  6. Being a New Zealander, I always recognise Karl Urban in any of his roles. I do, however, get Marton Csokas mixed up with Russell Crowe sometimes.

    Also, Die Hard is not a Christmas movie.

  7. I took it as a joke expressing amusement at the fact that Germans found it necessary to translate the title/film at all (a bit ironic considering it is a French film, perhaps) although the joke is clearly aimed at himself for being obsessive enough to buy a German-language DVD, which he cannot understand even the menus of, in order to find a screenshot within a bonus feature.

    In the end, if we want to overanalyze the joke, this is a story in which a German title is one of many elements that playfully illustrate his obsessive nature and his willingness to go out of his comfort zone in order to get a single piece of information. And yes, if he had pronounced it correctly, the story would still work, as he later describes having trouble navigating the menus to find the right clip. However, IMO the title (with the faltering pronunciation) is a nice touch… it illustrates instantly (and even clearer to those who *do* know it is wrong) that he must have struggled to find that photo. 🙂

    It isn’t often my language is attempted (Norwegian) but it is always a Muppets Swedish Chef variant, or elicits a quip about IKEA furniture… both of which aren’t just wildly wrong in their verbal execution, but manages to hit at another country/language entirely, and yet I cannot take it as anything but a joke at their own expense (even when not intended as such) and smile.

  8. I would so go to a Karl Urban film feast I love his work and would like to see him land more films and TV shows. Also right now I am watching the Mythbusters marathon on the SCI channel my other favored marathons to watch during this time of year are the James Bond movie on several different channels and a mix of x-mass movie as well. Love the podcast keep up the good work.

  9. Regarding the fish… maybe Adam was planing to cosplay this fella from Pirates of the Caribbean. Apparently his name is Morey

  10. I sure this will happen: All 6 Star Wars films right before the premiere of Episode VII next year

    It’s started already– We Be Toys had a whole section of Star Wars stuff!

    –Paul E Musselman

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