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Adam Answers (Part 1) – 12/16/2014

We take your questions and turn them into answers! Topics include practical effects, getting started making, and a whole lot more. Enjoy!

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21 thoughts on “Adam Answers (Part 1) – 12/16/2014

  1. I wish that I had an internship when I was going to college. Though, to be honest I had already worked some jobs. Oh well. I’ve involved myself in a modeling project again and I’m planning to use 3D printing to speed things up. Do you think the availability of 3d printing will have an impact. We already have tools like lasercutting and photoetch to speed things up, how does Adam think that 3D printing will change things . Here’s model building on a truly massive scale:


  2. “Jesus is coming; look busy.” I had that as a bumper sticker. I need to find it again.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the intern bit and the talk about the children.

  3. A handy tool– Google Sketchup. A great way to build a 3-D version of something starting from flat pieces, then assembling the pieces into a 3-D item. You can see where the pieces overlap, how to allow for the thickness of the material, etc.

    –Paul E Musselman

  4. How come the Still Untitled episodes are only 40 minutes long? It sounds like you guys could go on for hours on a subject. Why not an hour, or an hour and a half?

    Thanks for a great podcast!

  5. They could do an hour and a half, but then they’d only have one episode every two weeks, and they prefer to have a weekly schedule.

    They film a handful of episodes at a time when they can fit it in to Adam’s busy schedule (for example, recording enough episodes to maintain new ones every tuesday when he and Jamie are touring for a month). Most of the time, the episode lasts as long as they naturally stay on a topic, whether it is 20 minutes or an hour, and then they move on to the next one on the list.

  6. 1. Being a college student, hearing what you would look for in an intern is quite helpful. Hopefully that will help land me a job in the future.

    2. My roommate is part of our school’s film/TV club, and they have a cheaper steadycam rig. He brought it home to film a project with himself chasing our other roommate down the street, and he had me film it with the steadycam. It’s incredibly hard work. Heavy, center of gravity a mile in front of your chest…Much respect to the cameramen who work with them day to day.

  7. There is a motion controller out there that uses an arduino to control the camera and the stepper motor. Its called the Cinemoco and it was funded on kickstarter a couple years ago I believe, and currently there is:

    • a version with a single motor for tracking shots (that’s the one I have used)
    • a duel motor version for tracking and panning
    • And a tri-motor system for tracking, panning, and tilting!

    Its extremely inexpensive, and wonderfully made: lightweight, easy to assemble, slightly less than intuitive interface… But the cherry on top of it all is you can either free wheel it by attaching simple custom skate wheels on the baseplate, or you can attach their V-wheels and use tracks included with the kit!

    For those interested they have a lot more info on their site.


  8. Congrats on the 100th episode of Still Untitled!!!

    I love the podcast and listen every week. They always leave me wanting more and I end up spending a lot of time google-ing things that came up in the show. Good work, guys!

  9. BTW, macaroni and cheese works very well as a reheat meal. I use canned soup, a very sharp cheddar and some fresh mushrooms and garlic and it’s yum for four days or so.

  10. Speaking of the “Model Shop Reach” – for years I’ve been trying to remember who appears in a certain image, and what model it was that he was working on. In this particular shot, someone is “working” on a film model (possibly a space craft) and he’s holding a cordless drill with nothing in the chuck. It’s quite a famous photo, but so famous that I can’t remember any other detail about it, other than the drill element!

    Does Adam or anyone else remember this photo? If so, please put me out of my misery as it’s been bugging me for nearly two decades now.

  11. Is the Canon 5d MIV worth waiting for? Camera talk sparked the question.. Maybe worth digging into on this is only a test.

  12. I love this podcast. Every wednesday after work, I listen/watch it on my teve as I´m making my dinner. It had become the absolute mediahighpoint of my workweek. Your love for the arts and creativity is inspiring and insightful.

    I wish you all a very merry christmas and a happy new year! You guys are the best!

  13. I love model making but I’m awful at drawing and painting pictures, can I still make it as a practical effects artist?

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