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Tales of Halloween Past – 11/4/2014

Adam, Will, and Norm share some of their favorite Halloween stories.

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26 thoughts on “Tales of Halloween Past – 11/4/2014

  1. Halloween Story:

    I went to a party this year, where one of my friends’, a bartender at TGI Fridays, was mixing drinks. I told him I wanted the strongest drink he could make with the available alcohols, and he obliged, but it had to be a surprise. He came back out with a dark drink which RANK. He told me he made it with some Apple Cider, Disaronno, and a bunch of others; but as I drank it, all I could taste was an absurdly strong flavor of vinegar. I was polite and drank it, eventually adapting to the flavor. He then went back into the kitchen to make another drink when he checked the fridge and discovered that what he took to be Apple Cider, was in fact Apple Cider VINEGAR.

    I had beer the rest of the night.

  2. In regards to the OK Go video, the J-Pop fanboy in me squealed in joy at the very beginning. The three girls at the beginning of the video are the girls of Perfume.

  3. My mom could get the sewing machine to work, but my dad had the better spacial reasoning and could actually make outfits so they had to work as a team. I came up with the idea for dressing as a Jawa. For some reason we had a large amount of brown corduroy and it came out really well.

  4. Not specific to this video, but I listened to older Still Untitled podcasts whilst grinding in the Mass Effect 3 arena. It was a great way to make it quicker and entertaining, thanks Adam, Will and Norm!

  5. Since you guys like cooking, and have talked about a manga or two, do you read Shokugeki no Soma. The mangaka works with a chef to make sure that the food made could actually be made.

  6. Everyone love video, but THANK YOU for posting to youtube anyway, sometimes it’s just the most convenient way to stream.

  7. As far as the mannequin goes, would it be possible/practical to use a pulley system around a simple structure to hold everything in place?

    The system in Jaime’s mechanical spider seemed strong enough to move him around. It should be enough to hold a mannequin in place maybe?

    Especially since it won’t be moving once you set it.

  8. I’ve struggled with mannequin concepts for years, I have boxes of discarded joint prototypes. I’ve always been at odds with how much articulation is too much.
    As for feet…. I’ve always wondered if a crap-ton of weight in the feet and lower legs would help. (Lead shot or concrete) Given you have optimal stance and relative flatness of the contact patch between shoe and floor.
    RE: Halloween, took the kid out trick or treating early and later had to work the door at a cub til 2:00AM.
    Thus enjoying a holiday atmosphere but not burdened by costume issues… It’s both good and bad I guess.

  9. Great podcast! I had great memories of Halloween a child and even now. Similar to the podcast, we didn’t have much and I would usually make a costume at home. At age 7, after a “costume failure” from my sisters attempt to make me a Luke Skywalker costume, I decided to make my own Star Wars costumes!

    Now that I’m a parent, I totally enjoy making my young daughters costumes. At age one I made her a soft Yoda costume, but this year for Halloween she is a year and a half old and I made this Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket Raccoon for her. Hope you guys like it!

  10. I know Adam doesn’t like the rest of the Indian Jones movies, but you three need to dress up as Indiana, Willie Scott, and Short Round. And yes, that means Will is gonna be in a dress.

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