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Adam’s Family – 10/21/2014

This week, Adam and Will are joined by Adam’s cousin, Kelly Pickering, where they discuss Adam’s extended family and a major family milestone.

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  1. This is for Adam but I can’t remember his call sign.

    I’ve been cooking in restaurants for a long time. Most restaurants I’ve worked in have large walk-in coolers. Every week in restaurants there ends up being leftovers of all kinds of different foods, bits&bots of just this&that all over the walk-in. Special’s in restaurants are just, “hmmm… what do we have in there we can just combine together to make a killer dish?”.

    I used to work in a 4 star restaurant in Las Vegas. One night we ran a special and called it the, “Walk-in Special”. All night long we had people asking our wait staff, “um we had reservations tonight, can we still order the walk-in special, it looks amassing?”

  2. Hey guys, just listened on iTunes and you may want to do a second edit. I think Will forgot a cut in the last 30 seconds or so.

  3. Going to watch this later, but the title made the theme song for The Addam’s Family pop my head. Figured I mention it.

  4. Hey Adam (or Norm or Will) can you post some of those notes by Grand father Savage? It would be an awesome read on the site or at least somewhere.

  5. I would love another Adam’s Kitchen episode where they make the pork belly sandwiches, this has been brought up on multiple podcasts and I want one.

  6. What a wonderful podcast, thanks guys – Kelly was a great guest. Would love to read the letters Adam was talking about (or hear more of the stories from them read by Adam).

    I don’t know if this is of interest to anyone, by the Ottolenghi they refer to writes regularly for the Guardian. I think he was theoretically supposed to be their ‘vegetarian’ writer, but he’s always had a slightly loose interpretation of the word, so you can find all sorts there.

  7. hearing about your 104 year old grandmother was cool…. my dads grandmother also was born in 1900 and lived until she was 107 and lived by herself until she was over 100 (less than a quarter mile from multiple family members but in her own house and by herself)

  8. I cringed just a bit when Adam was talking about the drag coeffient as “the flat air behind a car”. For conversational purposes, I guess it served well but of course there’s so many more components to a drag coefficient 😉 I then felt like an ass when continued describing the typical listener, as I was indeed driving my car at the time. I however wasn’t screaming angrily! (Just to make sure; if by “air meeting back at the end of an aircraft wing” you mean it doesn’t separate, you are spot on – at least in desired cruise conditions -, if you believe the common misconception that the same particles of air that split at the leading edge of the wing meet back at the trailing edge, I’ll gladly draw you a sketch showing you otherwise).

    Concerning the buffeting sound; that was one that left me thinking for the rest of the shitty traffic jam infested car ride. I thought it had to do with the air flowing past the car, creating a lower pressure inside the car, simultaneously forcing air into the car, stirring things up, increasing the pressure, etc. I basically thought it was a constant back and forth between low/high pressure.

    I Googled it as I came home; I apparently was half-right. The phenomenon I discussed is indeed happening and even has a name, the Helmholtz resonance (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helmholtz_resonance). I did some further Googlin’ and found this Reddit post (http://www.reddit.com/r/askscience/comments/26vjj4/youre_driving_and_you_have_only_one_window_down/) in which Adam even participates talking about his NASA experience (!), and there a user who seems like an acoustic expert (unlike me), mentions that the noise is a result of the Helmholtz resonance I described resonating with the vortex shedding of the A-pillar of the car (and hence not the eddy’s from behind the car as is alluded to in the podcast).

    Fun podcast! Great grandpa stories, and is Adam’s cousin a presenter of sorts? She has a voice made for podcasting.

  9. This Still Untitled podcast continues to be my favourite. Thanks, guys. It is strangely satisfying to spend half an hour in your virtual vicinity.

    Jacob, Denmark

  10. I posted the bulk of this on the youtube comments, but I’ll post it here as well, with the additional note that Mark is going to do his best to explain the fluid dynamics in mathematics, and I’ll get back to you guys. 🙂

    I feel so lucky to finally contribute to one of your posts! So here we go:

    I consulted with a friend of mine who is a fluid dynamicist and also happens to be the Chief Scientist of The Air Force, I forget what east coast school he taught at, sorry.

    This is our conversation, please pardon the fact that I am pasting this in:

    Kim Andrews

    Hey, what is the proper name for a Struedel Wave?


    I give up… What is the proper name for a Streudal Wave?

    Kim Andrews

    I don’t know? I’m actually curious. It is the wave that happens in the eddy on the back end of a wind tunnel model, or more practically, on cars that make a popping sound in the air due to the disturbance in the air current. I was wondering if you would know.


    Oh do you mean Strouhal?

    Kim Andrews

    likely, just heard it on tested.com ‘s latest video update today, which I’m watching between laundry runs

    He pronounced it like strudel.

    at least, as well as I could tell.


    So the Strouhal number is a non dimensional parameter that governs how the flow behaves in a wake region

    For a range of Strouhal numbers the wake will appear as a series of shed vortices- alternating swirls

    Together those swirls are called a Karman Vortex Street.

    Kim Andrews

    Please, go on..


    So Theodore Von Karman discovered the phrnomenon, used it to explain the failure of the Tacoma Narrows bridge. Essentially wind blowing past the bridge produced a periodic flow that resonated with the bridges dominant frequencies

    Oh geeky note – you can see a bit of a vortex street in the opening credits of ST: Voyager as the ship passes through a planet’s ring. But the Strouhal number is wrong.

    I hope this helps!

  11. hey guys i know maker stuff is always a big topic for you. right now i live in the DC area in the barracks and i don’t have a garage or tools to work with. i found this awesome service called TechShop. id like to hear your thoughts. here is the website. http://www.techshop.ws/

  12. Techshop started here in the Bay Area and is a fantastic resource. Over the last three years I have taken about 20 of their classes and used the tools I’ve gained access to for three dozen + projects of various sizes. From 15 minute laser-cutter projects to building rain-proof steel boxes for mounting neon signs and their transformers.

    Their prices have gone up a bit in the last year, but it is still very much a cheap way to use some pretty badass tools and it is a big bonus that they have other shops. Lots of experience, staff gets proper training and you can use the other shops if you are travelling and need a place to work 🙂

  13. I also come from a family that loves you with food. I totally relate to these stories….and I’ll have to look at my old New Yorkers and see if I have any Savage articles…

  14. I loved the podcast but.. The comment about the Corvette not being designed in a wind tunnel is flat not true. GM has had its own wind tunnel for over 30 years and Corvette models C4 through C7 have spent hundreds of hours in it. 2014 C7 has .28 Cd and Prius is .25 Cd. But your right it is a form follows function thing. Styling has priority over aerodynamics,That’s why the Prius looks like a door stop with little tiny wheels.

  15. So about turkey – I am friends with a family who celebrates Thanksgiving by going camping in the desert every year. The prepare their turkey the day before by putting about a pound of butter in the turkey, wrapping it in a pillowcase, then a burlap sack, then wrapping the whole thing in wire. Then the turkey goes in a cooler of ice water (the turkey needs to be good and submerged). Then a hole is dug a little deeper than a 55 gallon barrel and a barrel (no top or bottom) is put in the hole. That night, they do a camp fire. At around mid-night, they take coals from the fire and put them in the barrel. Then in go the turkeys. Close up the barrel and bury it in sand.

    Leave it for about 12 hours.

    Dig up the barrel. Pull out the turkeys. Empty contents of sack into a large dish. The turkey will literally be falling off the bone. Pick out the bones and put the turkey into a sreving tray. Enjoy.

    It is the very best turkey I have ever had! That includes traditional, smoked, and fried turkeys!

  16. I like Yan but that bit he does always kind of annoys me. That’s not boning a chicken, there are still a lot of bones in that chicken, and now it’s in two pieces. Yea the main carcass is out but all the wing and leg bones are still in it, and you can’t make it into a roll.

  17. Yeah I know 🙂 It’s basically parting out a chicken, not de-boning it. I just love seeing pro’s do what they do best.

  18. Hi im Will, and im Adam and im matthew mcconaughey’s sister?.. what. Had to ditch the audio and watch the video. Awesome stuff guys, much appreciated.

  19. Back on topic, when i was butchering here in australia as a part time job during high school (15 years ago), the de-boned chicken rolled up was called a Boston Bird. Not sure why though.

  20. The Pepin deboning video got me into binge watching a bunch of cooking stuff on YouTube. Still probably my favorite.

  21. Does anyone know what recipe and Adam are talking about for the Pork Belly? I thought they talked about it on another podcast as well. It sounds awesome.

  22. This podcast was so fun listening to, that I didn’t even notice that Norm wasn’t sitting there until the very end…

  23. Talking about non-recipe pancakes reminded me of my great-grandmother’s pie crust. It was flour, eggs, a dash of this and a pinch of that. And that’s how everyone baked– the egg in the hole in the flour on the breadboard or right on the kitchen table. My grandmother’s generation realized that great-grandmother wouldn’t be around forever, so for several bakings they’d stop her and measure what she’d used for the crust. And, eventually, got The Family Pie Crust Recipe. It tastes pretty good, and would probably be better if we practiced the fold-and-reroll technique to make it flakier!

    –Paul E Musselman

  24. Speaking of pancakes: I really like angel food cake and I like pancakes too so I was looking for some kind of recipe that combines them and makes pancakes that are kind of the consistence of angel food cake. (and if anyone says, “just use angel food cake mix as pancake batter” I will smack you!) Does this thing exist or am I gonna have to experiment?

  25. Can I just say that I LOVE to hear you talking – I could listen to you guys discussing the best way how to pluck one’s hair out and it would still be inspiring (and flabberghasting). And now I am hungry.

  26. I loved the podcast but.. The comment about the Corvette not being designed in a wind tunnel is flat not true. GM has had its own wind tunnel for over 30 years and Corvette models C4 through C7 have spent hundreds of hours in it. 2014 C7 has .28 Cd and Prius is .25 Cd. But your right it is a form follows function thing. Styling has priority over aerodynamics,That’s why the Prius looks like a door stop with little tiny wheels.

    I want to say that GM had Wind Tunnels when they were building trains with EMD. I think the first use was for placing the diesel exhaust to not disturb passengers. Then later for wind noise.

    What’s crazy is that GM still held the Drag coefficient record for a production vehicles with the EV-1 from 1996 to 2014. With the limited VW XL1 narrowly beating it at .189

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