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Boyhood SPOILERCAST – 9/9/2014

That’s right, it’s time for another SPOILERCAST! This week, Adam, Norm, and Will discuss Richard Linklater’s Boyhood, which you should all go see.

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27 thoughts on “Boyhood SPOILERCAST – 9/9/2014

  1. I just googled and “National Nerd Archive” and “National Nerd Registry” don’t have domain names associated with them. Norm – you dropped the ball !!!

  2. Its funny what you where saying about piracy due to release dates. I’m from Australia and I believe we have the highest rate of piracy in the world, due largely to delays in releases of certain movies and TV shows. The situation has improved a lot in the last few years because networks have started showing most programs within 24 hours of them being broadcast overseas. When the last season of Game of Thrones was broadcast in Australia on cable TV, (which is nowhere near as prevalent in Australia as it is in the US) the cable company struck a deal with the producers of the show so the episodes would not be available on iTunes or Google play the day after they where broadcast as happened in previous seasons. In fact they would not be released until the entire season was finished being shown. This did not boost cable TV subscriptions like they had hoped but it put the rates of piracy thru the roof. I by no means condone piracy, I don’t mind paying for content that I want to see but it goes to show that in this day and age if people really want something they will go out and get it.

  3. My guess as to how the sword is strapped to her back, very strong magnets holding the sheath to the back of her jacket.

    Although looking a shots of the sheath, it seems like she is using the strap that’s near the top to attach it to her jacket.

  4. With Apple’s big shindig today, I almost forgot about this coming out. Thankfully their announcement was a huge letdown, so now I can get back to life as normal..

  5. , I Googled it as well, but I had faith in ; so I checked, and it turns out going straight to http://www.nationalnerdarchives.com takes you to, you guessed it, Tested.com. 😀

    Btw, Norm, if ya need any writers let me know; I’ll happily contribute for a bag of peanuts.

    Also! Great Pod Cast guys! I haven’t seen Boyhood yet, but I’m certain that having this preshow will enrich my experience.

    P.S. ‘s threat of bodily harm regarding the Naughties comment made me lawl(I’m guessing it was Jamie’s idea?)

  6. This fish-eye lens is, in my humble opinion, a bit too fishy. My eyes hurt like Tintin in the story where calculus presents the first prototype color TV. Sorry, guys.

  7. Will, you’re awesome, and I’ve loved this podcast since day one. But can you please stop the exited exhales right into the mic whenever Adam says something you like? Otherwise, great job.

  8. I have a San Francisco Earthquake movie poster. It was owned by my voice teacher who was a tenor with the SF Opera from the mid 50’s. Do you tested guys know of any good poster restoration expert?

  9. You might have a Still Untitled themed around All of your favorite tools.

    The automotive trade mags do this. It’s interesting to see what other people find as their essential tools.

  10. Just watched Boyhood based on this podcast…. not disappointed. This movie, Spirited Away, Master and Commander, Blade Runner and some others are all movies I wouldn’t have been interested in seeing if it weren’t for Adam’s suggestion and each one I have enjoyed. Need to start having an Adam Savage movie recommendation post or something. Thanks!

  11. Could list some of your favourite places to get posters/prints from please? Stuff like the Star Wars posters on your wall in the Soylent Day 3 video look great.

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