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Shop Secrets – 08/05/2014

This week, Adam, Norm, and Will are joined by Frank Ippolito, who shares hard-won shop secrets, his strategies for setting up his increasingly larger shops, and more. Enjoy!

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26 thoughts on “Shop Secrets – 08/05/2014

  1. Delivery story time!

    I like doing next express delivery from LEGO… mainly because I can order something in the afternoon and have it show up the next morning.

    I dislike using Canadian Amazon store because of the lack of delivery options… and the ability to order the exact same product and have it delivered cheaper and quicker from the US site. It’s a bit obscene really.

  2. We do call flip-flops “thongs”. So thongs are called “g-strings”.

    In NZ flip-flops are called “jandals”.

  3. Frank,

    we swapped our florescent bulbs to LED in our workshop makes a world of difference especially when dealing with painting and color. best part no starters and longer life.

  4. Agreed! It’s been nice having Frank on the podcast.

    brought up a point about spec-sheets that is totally true. I want to make some sort of YouTube series called, “Read The Instructions” that goes over these things. They are usually really well written. I’m in the middle of painting a car right now, and Rustoleum’s document for their 5300 System Epoxy is concise and immensely helpful! Same goes for electronic components’ datasheets as well.

  5. MIke Hill’s stuff is amazing. You guys should do a spotlight video on him, if he’s up for it. I’d love to see more of his work.

  6. Tested should do a tour of Frank’s shop.

    I concur. They should do a tour of Frank’s new shop..


    I love how Adam gets all excited about finding something really cheap on Ebay, that would otherwise cost him much more money elsewhere. It’s something that I can really relate too..

  7. Man, this was a great, great podcast. It’s usually pretty good, but this is one of those that’s absolutely great, with Frank saying that you should embrace every technology (btw, his using of 3D technology in the Capcom dragon was an eye-opener for me) and Adam’s “cycle” of understanding the medium in which you’re working on…

    Damn. Damn. Totally awesome.

    And heck, once again you’ve whetted my appetite for the premium content. Y U DO DIS TO ME?

  8. I, too, am an impatient package receiver and I’m frequently working when I need to be home to sign for one.

    One thing my husband and I have done is to make friends with our delivery person (UPS/FEDEX). Next time you’re home to receive a package ask if they’re the regular delivery person for that street. Make small talk, give him/her your cell number, and ask him to give you a call if he’s got a package for you, especially one that needs signing for, and slip him a 10 or 20 dollar bill as thanks. The little heads up phone call has saved our butts countless times from missing the delivery. We’ve even arranged to meet in parking lots so I don’t have to go all the way back home to meet him. Our last driver got assigned to a different route so we lost him, but he gave the heads up to our new delivery guy.

  9. This video is brought to you by the fine folks at United States Postal Service. And by UPS – What can Brown do for you?


  10. I guess using flip-flop to describe a thong would be quite correct in some circumstances! 🙂

    Great podcast as always!

  11. Is there a specific brand of restaurant prep table that is better than the others? I noticed in adam’s shop that he has casters on his, did he add those later, or did he by them like that and Will, do you have casters on yours? Great podcast, so insightful.

  12. To Adam, I’m really looking forward to hearing you and Jamie on Dr Karl’s radio show whilst you are touring Australia. I listen to his show via podcast and it is my other favourite podcast.

  13. I’m currently optimizing my shop and all the recent shop-oriented content on Tested has been fantastic. Please do more! Love hearing/seeing how other makers organize.

    One thing I’d like to share with the group is what a big difference it’s made adding steel wall cabinets. I’m finding that when storage items like shelves also take up actual floor space, it’s a really inefficient use of space. However when I can move that storage up the wall and create space to park something bigger or more useful underneath, that’s made a world of difference.

    I’ve also taken a page from Adam’s book and started a Sortimo-style hardware storage system using the Bosch iBoxx system, which I’m told is actually manufactured by Sortimo. I’m able to add drawers a unit at a time, which is less cash-intensive. Right now my stack is about 2″ high. Hoping to get it to something more like 8″ by the time I’m done.

  14. Hello, this is my first post here, but I have to say I’ve loved tested for a while.

    Anyway, I also tweeted this, but I would love if Adam, Will, or Norm saw it and gave feedback. I wrote a review of this podcast containing my feelings and reactions about the whole “maker community”. http://www.themukt.com/2014/08/07/everyone-maker-adam-savage/

    I think this episode, talking about shop secrets is incredibly relevant to some of the things I mentioned in my review that made this podcast stand out.

    Anyway, Hope you enjoy!


  15. When I built my shop I was working with our 1 car garage. We needed space for other things in the garage so I was looking for ways I could put the shop away when I am not using it or if we need the space for other things. So I thought about making my work table into a drawbridge. The table is a used door I got from a habitat for humanity type place. It sits on large door hinges mounted to the wall. When not in use it is folded up into the wall and held with a gate latch. Down it’s a 3.5 X 8 foot work table. The best part about it is I can cut into it, drill into it, spill paint on it, and not worry about it because it is a used door. When I want all I have to do is change out the door with another.

    Oh by the way, that camera in the back… yeah that’s a work lamp I built. It is gutted and rewired with a 25 watt flood light bulb. Works great as a work lamp.

  16. I find that delivery people in NH are a little lazy. I have a lengthy driveway and a UPS driver honked his horn at the bottom for me to walk down and carry the large box for my computer case back to my house. I am not upset about the exercise, but the fact that they didn’t try going up my driveway.

    Also my best thing is that I got computer parts delivered by FedEx at 10am. Being deep in the woods of NH The earliest I got things is 3pm.

  17. Wheeled tables that lower! please do a video on how to build this – I have a few things where i want to have them on wheels but I want to lower the whole thing down to the floor

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