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Two Voices Down – 7/29/2014

In a very special episode direct from Comic-Con in San Diego, Adam, Will, and Norm recount tales from the Tested party, Comic-Con 2014, and San Diego livin’.

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38 thoughts on “Two Voices Down – 7/29/2014

  1. Thank you. I’m not so good at PR so reaching out to this community is different for me as my eyes and hands are always on projects. Adam has brought me out of the dark corners of costume and prop making. I feel reborn and I’m very excited to come out of my caves.

  2. Here is one of the handful of ok-lit photos I managed to get at the party, of the Mass Effect cosplayers they mentioned in the episode. Their armor also had electroluminescent wire in the backpieces that really made them come alive.

    Oh, and a shot of myself and Will both failing to look at the guy holding the camera:

    Thanks again for an awesome time!

  3. what happened to This is Only a Test last week? I thought i heard you guys talking about it and how it was a sponsored podcast etc. but maybe im just not thinking clearly, which is a distinct possibly…

  4. Totally flying out from Australia next year. Even if its just for the party. Sounds like a great night.

  5. I would like to come to Comic- Con in the next couple of years and meet all the people I’m inspired by every day.

  6. To comment on the last bit about the community here, absolutely right. Some of the most constructive comments I’ve seen on almost any site. No trolling or flamebaiting. Everyone always has something good to contribute. Great advice, tips, and recommendations.

  7. Nothing says “i had a good time” like not being able to talk. I give you guys credit for be able to do this. It sounds painful to talk.

  8. This is going to sound weird, but Will should get sick more often! (Obviously, I’m joking. He sounds awesome, though.)

  9. Thank you for such a kindness in sharing publically such a generous opinion of my work. The truth is none of it would have been possible without Adam allowing me a luxury I rarely get – the Mercury project was a “labor of love” only because Adam gave me all the time I wanted to work on it. Who does that? Who, under every circumstance with questions or indecision, extends a helping hand and gives you all the reference images (or resources) needed from the actual suit, etc. at the Smithsonian. I’m only as good as the “research” that goes into a project or the help with such reference images. When I’m able to count stitches for a “detail enthusiast” I get really excited about the eventual outcome. Adam is the easiest and the best person to work with for so many reasons including flexibility and communication. Finally, few share public credit like Adam does. Who does that? I do whenever possible and I’ll be naming names on every aspect of the new helmet build. Then the boots. The new gloves are done for another client, but Adam is getting our new helmet and gloves and maybe the boots if he keeps showering me with the love I feel coming from everyone at TESTED. Credit must be shared on the new helmet build. Thank you Adam, Steve, Jerry, Mario, John, et al. Their last names will come out of the dark corners of my caves as time permits such transparency.

  10. Super wish I coulda made it down to Comic Con and especially the Incognito party~ Super rad that those shirts exist in the physical world now =]

    Here’s a crisp image for ya’ll~

    I love seeing cosplay and respect the hell out of people who make and wear them to conventions. Looking forward to seeing a bunch at PAX in a month =D

  11. I’m the guy Will is talking about at 6:08, it may not have been fancy, but it was comfortable. Had a blast guys, thanks for throwing an awesome party, my highlight of the con.

  12. I wish I would of had of had the time to come down to comic con, even if i didn’t have a badge. The tested party and the legacy effects Giant monster “Bodock” would of been so worth it. I would of gladly made the 15+ hour drive for both of those.

  13. This probably won’t get answered. But, have you guys thought about doing a podcast on Guillermo del Toro’s latest tv project, The Strain? I would imagine that since Adam is so fascinated with all things del Toro, that he would have some thoughts on this creepy show about vampires that originate from capillary worms??

  14. I am anxious enough about one of Adam’s points that I want to mention that I hope making doesn’t get politicized.

  15. Thanks, this was a very interesting and entertaining podcast – even all the name dropping was fun. However, Will and Adam really need to rest their voices, and I’m not sure that Norm’s was that great at times. I’m a speech-language therapist and they risk temporarily losing their voices completely. Hydrate, rest, and use amplification. If all else fails: whisper. It is much less punishing on your vocal folds. And have a great time!

  16. If the crowds wouldn’t send me into panic attacks before I even got into the building, SDCC is the one event I would love to go to before I die. Thank goodness the internet exists now so places like Tested can show me even a little slice of the awesome that it must be to actually go.

  17. You know, I am so torn because I listen to this and it makes me really really want to attend ComicCon someday – but then I hear about things like how one female congoer had to fight off a guy harrassing her friend while guys standing around just watched, or how a guy was just arrested for assaulting a minor at the con and leaving her by the side of the road, and how the head of SDCC marketing doesn’t want to post more signage about their policy on harrassment because “then people from the media would know there’s a problem” – and I feel like it’s too great a risk.

  18.   Just a simple thanks and Wow to all of you for an incredible party; far beyond my expectations guys. Your real life selves are identical to your podcast personas which is very resreshing. You dudes were humble and took the time to have real conversations. Very very cool.
    And Will, thanks for mentioning me and more importantly the 501st. Legion in the podcast.
    I’m the stormtrooper-making guy from Calgary. We are all very proud.

  19. hey!!!! great meeting you and hang in out!!!

    i can’t wait till next year!

    who else did i meet that night? i was a tiny bit tipsy…..ya know.

  20. I’m spewing I live here in Australia and couldn’t go.

    (I love the way Norm looks at the camera, every time Will smacked the table)

  21.   hey man, same here, had a blast! My wife Jamie was with us, as well as my friend Nick (also a member on here, but I don’t know his SN) and his gf.

    Already can’t wait for next year, and we got to come up and check out your shop sometime too!

  22. There are a lot of issues at SDCC and clearly they need to strengthen their policies. There is a huge debate going on these days about the misogyny and harrassment that seems to accompany cons, and it is a real and pervasive problem. But sadly cons are not the only places where such behaviour is commonplace.

    SDCC sells 100k tickets and draws half that again more people to downtown San Diego. In addition to the con there are a lot of outside parties and events going on with a large amount of alcohol flowing and a relatively large portion of minors compared to say a large music festival or sporting event. With any gathering of people this size, there are bound to be unfortunate events and those alone shouldn’t keep you from attending, the policies exist and security will enforce them if asked.

    In relation to that, when Curry felt harrassed she shouldn’t have gone after the guy and got violent, she should have sought help from con security. While it’s a natural response and easy to say after the fact, reacting by seeking out the offending person and assaulting him with a prop-weapon is not a safe approach.

    Bill Doran of Punished Props was recently faced with a con-goer who flashed a knife in his face, his initial gut feeling (after the wave of fearing for his life) was to attack, but he managed to step back instead and contact security who swiftly dealt with the guy. People always say this after someone reacts instinctively, but if those two offenders had been the one and same, the outcome would have been very different.

  23. One of my voice teachers (San Francisco Opera from the 1950’s) said that the same warm-up exercises I learned from him also helps public speakers. Cheers. Let me know if you guys want more info.

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