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Preparing for Comic-Con – 7/22/2014

Adam, Norm, and Will are joined by Frank Ippolito to discuss mental and physical preparations for the rigors of con life.

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29 thoughts on “Preparing for Comic-Con – 7/22/2014

  1. Will, you got Frank’s name wrong in the description here 🙂

    Good podcast, dudes. Looking forward to the next few weeks of Tested content 🙂

  2. I love how Frank for half the podcast is just looking around in wonder.

    If I was in Frank’s shoes, I probably would have asked Adam if he would grab a few things (like prop guns, helmets/masks, knives, etc.) for me to fondle while I was sitting at that table..

  3. Favorite podcast ever. I can’t get the image of The Dude answering the hotel room door in his robe with cream on his mustache out of my head.

  4. Frank is a great addition to the team. I loved him on Face Off and he is even better here. Keep him coming!

  5. I have not even hit play yet, but seeing 4 people around that table made me think of King Author’s Round Table with Geeks rather then Knights.

  6. Adam, do you watch the Face Off tv show? If you do, and since the new season has started airing today, you could do a special effects makeup episode with Frank. Could cover things like tips for people making their own costumes or helping others with outfits, as well as talk about the show and industry in general.

  7. I know that everyone says that Burning Man is played out and that it is commercialized but this is my first year and on the note side of prepping for ComiCon, I understand on a level because I have been prepping for the burn for 6 months.

    On the note of prepping as well. As a maker I go to a bunch of outdoor arts fairs and events. I have my 4 set ups but it’s always a task getting ready for an event. The event happens and you feel like you got older when it is done. It’s stressful but your happy in the end.

  8. Question about the art print … I signed up AFTER it was announced on the podcast (where Will said the offer was “running right now”), but BEFORE the website was updated to include the art print, so I got … a t-shirt coupon.

    I don’t want the t-shirt coupon. I want the art print. And I sent an email to support a week ago to ask about this. I have received no response and am getting quite frustrated.

  9. ARG! but also: Thanks! You fellas never fail to instill in me a small bit of regret for living in Edmonton, Alberta; all of you, and certainly the Comic-Cons south of the boarder, are the only things that manage to do that. And to that point: Thank you (and ) for bringing the Behind The Myths tour to Edmonton! My wife, two daughters and I had a freakin’ blast! Can’t wait for the next one.

  10. as for ian mckellen not having a sherlock face, that’s something every sherlock actor has to put up with, even cumberbatch. because no sherlock actor after basil rathbone can come and provide a sherlockier face than rathbone. rathbone’s face is the sherlockiest.

  11. I’d argue the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund party is the best one to go to. I got to talk to Grant Morrison among others last year 🙂

  12. I have a concern, and I HAD to confirm something: does the man-cave have a sufficient sprinkler system and easily accessible fire exits?! I’m sure this is the sort of thing Adam has thought about, but has he added anything to the interior, to increased it’s ‘fire retarding qualities’? If a fire did get out of hand, loosing the Savage Man Cave would qualify as a day of morning for millions across the globe; not to mention a tragic loss for Adam.

    I know it’s an unpleasant thought, and maybe even unnecessary, but: , can you just mention it to Adam? I’ve got a bad feeling.

    (Also, I’d love to think that he’s put work into making it zombie/apocalypse proof. heh)

  13. I feel your pain, but admit to being a bit luckier. I may be up here in Edmonton Alberta Canada, but Adam and Jamie made the awesome decision to bring the Behind The Myths Tour here: it was awesome.

  14. This raises an interesting question in my mind, Where are we all from? is there some sort of members map that we can see the location of each member? I would love to think that there is someone here that is also from South Africa, if not Cape Town!

  15. i recall going to Wondercon in SF and passing by the table with Don Pedro Colley (the hologram from THX 1138)and while i don’t recall what was said to lead up to this but basically he wanted me to buy something on his table and he said “i can smell that $15 in your pocket.” i just kinda half laughed and moved on. I’m sure he’s a nice guy but holy crap who says that?

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