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Dawn of the Planet of the Apes SPOILERCAST – 7/15/2014

“Take your stinkin’ paws off me, you damn dirty apes!” That’s right, this week, Adam, Will, and Norm discuss the latest entry in the storied Planet of the Apes franchise, plus what it’s like to attend a fancy movie premiere.

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17 thoughts on “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes SPOILERCAST – 7/15/2014

  1. Car Talk ended almost two years ago.

    And technically this is the 4th iteration of Planet of the Apes if you include the original book by Pierre Boulle.

  2. Will, I think I’m with you on the spoilers thing; sometimes, people take it to a ridiculous degree. I once saw someone complain about a “spoiler” about an inconsequential detail in the pre-credit teaser of one of the recent Bond films.

  3. Thinking about movies that are set in San Francisco, The Bridge, is a fantastically done documentary. Up front I will admit it IS a majorly depressing plot and a horrible glimpse into reality but this movie is captivating on such a level it is hard to explain. If you watch any documentary this year, go rent The Bridge.

  4. I’ve never understood people’s fear of spoilers. Unless it is some massive twist that comes out of left field that you can not possibly foresee that is the complete hingepoint of the movie, I can enjoy a film just as much if I know everything beforehand.

  5. I recently rewatched Bullit, first time since I moved to SF. It was pretty cool to see some vintage SF, the insanity of having placed that section of raised highway along the Embarcadero never ceases to amaze. 🙂

  6. For a ‘Spoilercast’, and as someone who has hasn’t seen the movie yet, I don’t feel as though they have spoiled it for me.

    It was mostly about Norm’s experience of being at the World Premier of the film..

  7. After watching the Edge of tomorrow spoilercast before watching the movie, That didn’t take any of the enjoyment away from the film when i did see it, If anything it made me want to see it even more.

  8. Plot is the least important part of a movie? Please expand on that because I don’t see how it is at all justifiable.

    Spoilers aren’t something that can be dismissed that easily. It is possible to be overly sensitive to them. However, the real reason they suck is because the “spoiler” is short circuiting the “spoiled’s” chance to form their own opinion about the material by compressing the whole work down to what they think is important. The spoiler is basically saying to the spoiled; here are the only things that are significant because they’re what formed my opinion. It is bad form because it implies the spoiled either can’t be trusted to form their own opinion or that their opinion has little value.

    It is possible to convey thoughts about the quality of a work without revealing plot points. Also there is cultural timer on how long a work can be public before there is a general expectation that details are well known by most people; for example Bruce Willis’ character is dead is not a spoiler today.

    I think what best increases the chance of enjoyment for the most people should be the basis of deciding the length of the cultural timer and what is considered a spoiler. It will probably differ from person to person.

    People should take it upon themselves to try to avoid spoilers if it will negatively impact their consumption of a work, but saying spoilers don’t matter just is not justifiable.

  9. ST4 is my favorite of the franchise I do have to say. There are so many movies shot in that city unlike where I am from. My small town had The Witches of Eastwick shot in it.

  10. Think I have to agree with the 7 score. It’s a really good movie and REALLY well made…. but still somehow not quite as thrilling or engaging as it probably could have been.

    In fact the incredible CGI and ape performances are frankly more exciting to watch than the story itself.

  11. great episode, I’m really interested in seeing this movie just for Andy Serkis and the CG if nothing else.

    Thanks Guys.

  12. I kind of like pedantic arguments about repeats versus iterations 🙂 . But I’m a programmer, so I guess it’s no surprise that I enjoy conversations about off-by-one looping errors.

  13. Just saw it this weekend! such an amazing movie on so many levels. I find the area that CGI in general fails for me is the eyes and mouth. This movie really knocked those out of the park for me. Amazing work

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