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Edge of Tomorrow/All You Need Is Kill SPOILERCAST – 6/24/2014

This week, Adam, Will, and Norm discuss the Tom Cruise/Emily Blunt film Edge of Tomorrow, which is based on the Japanese novel All You Need Is Kill, by Hiroshi Sakurazaka. We talk about the differences between the book and the film adaptation, the Trinity problem in action movies, and time-travel plotholes. WARNING: Spoilers abound!

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23 thoughts on “Edge of Tomorrow/All You Need Is Kill SPOILERCAST – 6/24/2014

  1. Since I haven’t seen this movie yet, I probably shouldn’t have watched this Spoilercast. Oh well, it was still worth it..

  2. Haven’t watched the video yet (it’s kinda late) but I noticed the title and just wanted to pre-watch comment real quick that I really enjoyed both. The idea behind the movie (Groundhog Day meets Starship Troopers) seemed super fun and ended up delivering in spades. After watching the movie, I found out it was sorta adapted from a book so I immediately read it and it was also very enjoyable. The best part was that the book and the movie share the core idea, but tell pretty different stories around that idea. So I got to have two takes on the same super cool idea =D

    Anyway, I’ll catch this vid tomorrow and see what these guys have to say about it!

  3. I kept hearing the name, and it kept pinging me. I feel like I heard it before…

    No, that was “Search for Tomorrow”, a soap opera which ended in 1986.

    Okay, onto the next thing.

  4. I believe the reason why Tom couldn’t lead Emily back to where the original Alpha was, is because he became that Alpha. So if he were to lead her to that location, the Alpha would no longer appear since he is now that Alpha.

  5. I wrote a massive post and firefox crashed, sigh, short version:

    I loved the movie, so did my wife, enormous plot holes aside, its Hollywood, we will forgive them.

    I agree with Adam, Emily Blunt was sidelined, this is a travesty! She is so enjoyable on screen.

    Will mentions that Tom’s character repeats 200 times in the book and in an interview Doug Liman says that is what he envisioned as the amount of times he repeated, but I would tend to agree with what Norm says that is really feels that he repeats much more than that.

    I think the biggest grievance i have with the production is that they didn’t release the image they used for the “join the UDF” recruitment poster. That art is so much better than the super photoshoped posters they made available, big bummer.

    Also, the Propeller sword is fucking great!!

  6. Thinking about being busy… I work full time in a very busy restaurant. I have two maker personal businesses. And I have friends that take up a lot of my other time. But I ride a scooter to and from everywhere. I LOVE not having a radio on it. It allows my time to wander, my mind to think, my brain to blank out. I drove my car the other day and found having the radio on was strange. Being disconnected is great from time to time.

  7. Pretty good!

    I agree that the book’s ending was better than the typical, everything wrapped up nice and neat ending of the movie but the book had much more back story on the mimics and their invasion than the movie. Also, the book doesn’t end with the humans straight winning. Instead it sorta sets up a potential sequel for when the actual beings that sent the mimics in the first place arrive on Earth. The more I think about the way the movie ended, the worse it seems but when I was walking out of the theater, I was pretty happy with what I’d seen so I guess it doesn’t really matter =P

  8. This was a good movie review but a bit scattershot. Thanks to Norm for trying to keep the thread on track, unfinished thoughts are a bit painful.

    OK, the one thing I expect from you is “what props would you want to collect from the movie?” I would love to have a full sized helicopter blade sword. Whoosh!

  9. You guys didn’t cover the biggest plot hole of all, Tom Cruise’s character has been on the news on every English speaking channel covering Blunt’s victory at Verdun and the suit’s invention yet nobody on the biggest military base knows who he is? Not even Blunt, who in the course of doing proper PR would’ve at least tried to interview her?

  10. Guys the ending was fine and the movie was great. How can you see this as worse than Pacific Rim?? That was utter cheese!

  11. Just finished watching the movie, and it was pretty enjoyable. Adam is right,though, the plot is a sieve. I can’t belive no one pointed this out yet, but we are talking about a creature that controls TIME, it can reset the day at will. As soon as the ship breached the area near the Louvre, there should have been a reset. Even if an alpha has to die for the reset to happen, since the Omega controls all of them, it could have killed one.

  12. ha, good point…what about after they retrieved the scary transponder prototype thingy, and the escape failed the first time. Why not just stab/inject Cage inside of the Ministry of Defense instead of trying to do that in the middle of the car chase? As soon as he learns the location, reboot the day and go there!

  13. Regarding Cronenberg and test screenings: here’s a scan of a post-test screening survey for Videodrome which Criterion uploaded to its Tumblr account a while back. It makes me smile every time.

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