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Still Untitled – MakerFaire 2014 Keynote – 5/20/2014

We didn’t get a chance to record a regular podcast this week, but luckily this Sunday Adam gave his annual keynote at the Bay Area Maker Faire, presented here in its entirety. Enjoy!

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7 thoughts on “Still Untitled – MakerFaire 2014 Keynote – 5/20/2014

  1. A recent example of Adam screwing up – his metal Leatherman sheath! 🙂


    Loved the question and answer part of his speech.

    Thanks for recording this,

  2. Capacity for failure Adam. =D

    10 commandments. All of them spot on. Well done man.

    I need a project before I can do something.

    If someone can give me goal I can do it. If someone says make this I can do it. It’s the challenge that inspires.

    On the sharing note, I’m making a bbq smoker and have a thread on it here if anyone is interested or has critique!:


    Keep on inspiring Adam.

  3. This message if for Adam, regarding your glasses.

    I live in Portland, OR. One of my friends favorite activities is to go to low points at the end of river rapids and go snorkeling. We have found glasses, watches, wallets, cameras, money, guns, knives… really anything that will fall out of a rafting boat will end up in these nooks. Wallets and items with names on them we try to return. The other stuff is found like metal detecting. It is always an adventure.

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