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Star Wars Casting – Captain America SPOILERCAST – 5/6/2014

Adam, Will, and Norm discuss the Star Wars casting announcement, the importance of Han Solo, and their strategies for waiting for the next Star Wars trilogy, wrapping up with a brief SPOILERCAST for Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

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32 thoughts on “Star Wars Casting – Captain America SPOILERCAST – 5/6/2014

  1. We learned cursive back in second grade and I use a bastardized version of it today. I’ve been asked if I am in the medical field because of it quite often. Of course as it takes a third of the time to type out something as it does to write it out (on a good day), it’s a skill that is sadly going the way of the dodo.

  2. Adam, it appears from the camera’s perspective that you Maltese Falcon collection is putting a strain on it’s shelf….

  3. I’ve made a similar post on twitter and youtube, but I really want to point out the reference to Pulp Fiction in Winter Soldier, because I think that Adam would absolutely love it. Here’s a link to the relevant imdb trivia item http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1843866/trivia?item=tr2130123 and a photo http://agentpalmer.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/Nick-Furys-Tombstone-is-an-ode-to-Pulp-Fiction.jpg

    I was really surprised when none of you mentioned it.

  4. The Winter Soldier’s arm has plenty of CG, especially in the close ups, but there are some shots where the prosthetic remains unchanged. But it’s true that it wasn’t a green sleeve with tracking markers, it was a chromed prosthetic.

  5. Does it make me a nerd that when you mentioned the party with lots of models, I was expecting Star Wars models 😀

    Also you reminded me of a long palindrome my uncle once taught me years ago. Broken it up so it makes a little more sense:

    T Eliot

    Top bard

    Notes putrid tang emanating

    Is sad

    I’d assign it a name

    Gnat dirt upset

    On drab pot toilet.

  6. I just noticed that Adam has a facehugger hat.

    That thing has been sitting there for a long time.. lol

  7. I would just like to add that the lighting of this particular podcast is soooo much nicer than ones of the recent past. It makes Adam’s cave look more open and airy.. 🙂

  8. Re Starwars and trailers for movies:

    I stopped watching online trailers completely….. only the ones i see at the movies, films have become much more fun and i can just appreciate it moment for moment, rather than having time to assess what i think of each frame, especially as now you will get 3 trailers per movie… i am regaining my childhood by not watching trailers, i have done it for 3 years now, first year was hard, never looked back. Try it!

  9. Have to disagree about the first Thor: whilst I do agree the first act was plodding, after that I thought the “fish out of water” thing was just brilliant, especially the scene in the canteen/diner place. Still my favourite of the Marvel run!

    Also: no-one mentioned John Boyega’s casting in Episode VII. If you haven’t seen Attack the Block, I thoroughly recommend it! 😉

  10. One of the lovely “Man my childhood sucked” events I recall is about penmanship. I think it was grade 3 or 4, our class moved from writing in pencil, to writing in pen…. But you had to “earn” your pen by displaying neat, cursive, writing… Being brought up in front of the class, with one other kid, and making a big show over finally giving us our pens ON THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL might be one of the reasons I drink and over-compensate in social situations…. Thanks a ton, Mrs Clark… No…. Really…..

    Star Wars… Given that I pretty much hated the way JJ Abrams treated Star Trek the way a baby treats a diaper (Especially Into Darkness, which should have been called Into Pandering Fan Service) I’m finding it very hard to get excited about more Star Wars, with him at the helm… After the abomination that was Crystal Skulls, I can’t even get excited about Harrison Ford as Han Soio… And I should be the one slavering in anticipation the most! I watched The Trilogy (Non enhanced version) last week, and nearly wept with fond memories and the excitement of being swept up in a thrilling story, well told. Can’t we get James Cameron to do it instead?

    I have to 2nd what KatsumotoJP said above about John Boyega though… Attack The Block is one of the best movies, maybe ever, and he is spectacular in it!

    Great episode, Tested!


  11. I’ve been waiting! Definitely want to hear Norm and Will talk about it. If only Tony were able to guest star but I’m still super excited for this.

  12. Always a bright spot in my week when I see there’s a new episode to download.

    But first, let me call back to the previous episode about a chimpanzee being inside the Muffit suit, and not a little person…

  13. I trust Adam has Demetri Martin’s 224 word palindromic piece called Dammit I’m Mad. You should check it out because it’s great. Demetri has a 500 worder as well, but I like Dammit I’m Mad better.

  14. Great to have you back Will and Adam…I look forward to this show all week.

    I totally agree with Adam about Super 8 it’s such a brilliant and touching homage to the Speilberg summer movies, it totally brings back that childhood excitement of summer vacation and the great movies that came out then. I think it’s closer to the Goonies than ET in it’s sensibility but yeah brilliant Abrams film.

    Looking forward to seeing the Winter Solidier now (I’m never one to be put off by spoilers)

  15. The way Winter Solider and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D tied together blew my mind. Brilliant. The movie was awesome, and the show really hit its pace following its release. The MCU is looking real exciting right now.

  16. If Will thought Iron 3 was exhausting, how about Superman? It felt like the entire special effects budget was spent on crashing through buildings. They must have gotten a special volume discount on crashed building effects 🙂

    It seems to me that Marvel has been been on an upward trajectory with plots and writing, but I would propose that each successful movie gives them the budget do hire better folks and apply more good special effects. It isn’t surprising to me that earlier films had less budget to work with.

  17. Does anyone have a link to the photo of the new starwars cast that they mentioned. I looked on google, but was not sure which photo was the one they were talking about.

  18. With Star Wars being on topic… Is there any types of planets you would like to see. I would like to see if they do any tidal locked planets. I just love the idea of that…. or planets where they still have a day and night, BUT their axis rotates in such a way that the ‘seasons’ do not change.


  19. “Man Of Steel”.. Just don’t…

    Watch the Half In The Bag review on RedLetterMedia.com instead and save yourself the headache and the nausea….

    Man Of Steel was awful.

  20. Hi Guys,

    So we know who’s going to play in the movie but what do you feel they need to stay away from that ruined some of the other movies. Or made some of the other movies not so good.

  21. Went and saw Winter Soldier a second time. Noticed the inscription on Nick Fury’s headstone. Awesome, I won’t give it away. Also noticed the arrow pendant that Scarlet Johansen wears in several scenes of the movie. An homage to Hawkeye?

  22. Along the same lines as palindromes, you might find this interesting. It’s one of the longest texts ever written using the π constraint, in which the number of letters in each successive word “spells out” the digits of π


  23. Fon recently (within the past 6 months i think) auctioned off his collection to benefit Rancho-Obiwan. It sold for $11.5k

  24. Little late to the comments, but along the lines of Han Solo poking fun of the movie, I’ve heard it said that the advantage that Stargate writers have is that their characters are aware that they’re in a Sci-Fi show.

    Also, in Captain America during the scene with the Hydra scientist in the computer I kept thinking, “Oh no he’s going to lock the doors and turn on the halon fire suppression system. Wait what, he’s going to blow himself up?”

  25. That NoFace costume needs a small servo in it just to turn or move its head slowly. Even if for no reason than to scare the coputmers out of people

    I am just worried sick about something. As LucasFilm changed hands I assume the next Star Wars films will open to the scene of the Castle with Tink flying over-head. Fine, I accepted that. But what still worries me is that J.J. Abrams is a member of SAG, and as we know SAG members MUST open their movies with credits. So I fear there will be a lot more text on-screen than just the crawl + “A long time ago……”. Tell me I’m wrong, I beg of you.

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