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Drawing for Fun – 3/4/2014

This week, Adam, Will, and Norm discuss the Oscars, drawing stuff for pleasure, and Adam’s mystery project. Enjoy!

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  1. Sorry to be “that guy” but 20 years as a drafting/CAD instructor gives me the right to stand on the bully pulpit – orthographic drawings are elevations, plan views, etc. They are the most common form of parallel projection drawings – ie, what most folks think of as “blueprint” type drawings – you know, traditional top, front, right side views, etc.

    There is a subcategory of orthographics called “pictorials” but these are axonometric drawings and don’t rely on the distortions/foreshortening that perspective drawings feature. The exploded diagrams with screw paths that Adam refers to are classic pictorials.

    When Adam talks about not using any drawing aids, etc, I flashed back to many years ago when there was an add-in program for AutoCAD that would take the finished drawing and run it thru an algorithm that would alter the vector drawing to make it look like it had been hand sketched. It was really popular with architects who prided themselves on their “hand drawing” skills and the fact that their clients expected that type of look from an architect, as opposed to the clean, crisp mechanical precision of manufacturing drawings.

    In regards to supporting the podcast, Ira Glass is a great idea but might I suggest Alec Baldwin – his PBS pledge drive rcordings are some of the funniest damn things I have ever heard on PBS.

    As always – thanks for these weekly get togethers – they are always awesome, inspiring, informative and just a blast to watch or listen to.

  2. Guys, I love the show as always but I find myself wanting more due to the short length of the episodes. I get that all of you (especially Adam) are very busy gentlemen, but I’d love it if it was in some way possible to have the show run longer, say 40 minutes instead of 20?

  3. given they said they touched upon the project before on tested, and it’s something that involved fabric cut to pattern, my guess is they are tackling rasputin’s glove from hellboy. of course, my mind could be spotty enogh that adam already finished it, but i think i remember something about him hunting for parts.

    the drawing looks a bit like a tubing cross-section made of leather, arranged and sewn up to mimic a certain topography of receding seams and projecting ridges. dammit, that profile looks distinct enough to be recogniseable, should one just happen to run across the right movie.

    side note on the recent prop/building video: adam and norm fiddling on their hero swords made me just go for glueing up a quick prototype of a sword i had been planning for a while. i totally underestimated how much time you waste once you have a wooden sword lying around. you can’t not constantly handle it and swing it around, can you?

  4. Cool drawing! It reminds me of a developing neural tube, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say that is probably not correct…

  5. that’s what i figured they meant when they said that it had appeared previously. i mean, what is the kind of thing we do get to see? stuff adam has finished building, stuff that adam builds during the video, or stuff that adam has in a phase of hunting/gathering parts, working out details, “will build in the future.”

    stellar catch!

  6. It looks like a barrel shroud, only done up in leather instead of either steel, or a modern fiber-reinforced polymer…

  7. given they said they touched upon the project before on tested, and it’s something that involved fabric cut to pattern, my guess is they are tackling rasputin’s glove from hellboy. …

    Yep. that seems to be it, if you look loosely at the fingers on the glove, it exactly mach the drawn pattern. http://www.hollywoodhardware.de/board/mechaglove01.jpg

    Yeah, that is what it looks like..

  8. These guys are great. as a 15 year old guy i find this inspirational. Adam savage is one of my biggest role models. I want to become a genius like him someday. If the tested guys see this i just want to say thank you!

    Have a nice day!

  9. Has Adam ever considered publishing his folders of plans and drawings? It would make a most excellent book or series of books; Not sure what the copyright issues would be.

  10. I think that Adam is doing this for a book. He mentioned at least once that he was doing one and the drawings make sense.

  11. Another great episode! But I have to agree with the other posters, make them longer, or more frequent! (please) Keep up the excellent work guys! Oh, and BTW, that has to be a finger of the Rasputin glove!

  12. Really would love these to be longer, another one about his collection of oddities would be great.

    Re-watched all of these recently, and I know Adam is an intelligent man, but the number of times he say parse just makes him sound like he’s trying too hard to be one.

    yeah sounds like he meant an isometric view, albeit a rough pictorial version of one.

    real bitchy mood this morning for some reason

  13. When I read the description of this podcast I thought Adam’s mystery project was the thing he built on the tour bus. When will you finally reveal what that was?

  14. , you should try Sakura Pigma Micron pens. I’ve used them for drawing and drafting for years. They come in really really fine sizes and the ink is fade proof and waterproof.

  15. I agree, the Sakura micron pens are awesome. Also, bonus, as a leftie I can say these pens don’t smear as much as other pens.

    When this -whatever it is- is finished I would love to see some high-res scans of these drawings.

  16. Great episode. Any plans for creating a virtual/interactive tour of the cave? I find my self looking behind everyone checking the shelves looking for mew things.

  17. He talked about wanting to do that item in a Still Untitled episode, and if you have seen the movie it is from, it’ll be easily recognizable in the second diary talking about it 😉

  18. awww poor Will getting no GIF love lmao. Can we settle this once and for all? I use the hard G as in Graphic and the creator says it is Jif. The Oxford English Dictionary says both pronunciations are acceptable so enough with the controversy 🙂

  19. Yet people say “AID’s” all the time… Acronyms actually mean you say it as a word, things like CIA are called initialisms.

    Thanks linguistics class, you finally paid off.

  20. SPOILER?! I think it is a sketch of a section of spinal column or possibly brain stem, with rivet points along one edge. Will the material be metal or a flexible composite? And from what organism?

  21. Always a great conversation. Keep it up, guys.
    PS: I watched this episode from the YouTube app in the AppleTV and converted to 3D in my TV. Considering that there isn’t much depth and movement in the original footage itself, the mic stands and some of your hand gestures gave it a decent sense of depth that made the “experiment” quite pleasant.
    Here’s a suggestion, what if you shot some content in 3D, perhaps a behind the scenes/tour of the Tested office or even a tour of Adam’s Cave, for Premium members?

  22.   Oh wait, I guess it wouldn’t work since the Premium content doesn’t seem to be hosted through YouTube. I haven’t tried it yet but can you watch Premium videos on a TV through AirPlay?

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