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True Detective – 2/11/2014

This week Adam, Will, and Norm discuss the new TV show, True Detectives, while Norm manages to suss out a shameful secret of Adam’s. Enjoy!

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  1. I want a Ulfberht sword.

    The fact that the original swords gained such a reputation, that inferior fake copies were made a millennium ago. National Geographic made a documentary “Secrets of the Viking Sword” on them.

  2. ADAM! I cannot believe that you watched the 3rd ep out of sequence! Man, are you in for a genuine revelation when you watch the first two (and then the 4th). Genuinely one of the best shows on TV ever.

  3. I’ve always thought that 24 was the biggest missed opportunity for an anthology style series. After Jack Bauer saves the world in 24 hours it became a ridiculous premise that he would keep having to save the world in 24 hours again. Had they completely changed the cast, new big name star and had a different adventure spanning 24 hours the series could have been so much more. It was like the show immediately jumped the shark just by having a second season with the same characters. Instead of terrorism, 24 hours in a CDC virus breakout, Tsunami disaster scenario, Drug Cartel war, WWII battle, anything you can imagine. It was the premise of the show, the way it was shot, the idea that was so compelling not the storyline or Jack Bauer the super hero.

  4. I find it fascinating that he jumped right in there, though. Especially since there is so much character and plot development in the first two episodes. I wonder if the mystery is intesified by not getting the first couple of reveals.

    And yeah, this show is blowing my mind. That closing sequence from episode 4 was just…

  5. The show is so much more character, rather than plot-based, so I think it would be easy to follow the basics, but not the nuance of the story. The sheer amount of detail that he missed out on makes me hope that he gets as much a thrill out of the first two despite the spoilers. I think he will still be pleasantly surprised by the quality, if not necessarily the plot points and arcs.

    And yes, the 6 minute finale is astonishing filmmaking, the details of which are elaborated on here: http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1722001/true-detective-long-take.jhtml

  6. For rapier ‘combat’, look up your local SCA barony (Society for Creative Anachronism) [http://sca.org/] and see if they have anyone doing Rapier (or “light”) combat. It may not be 100% authentic, but someone may also be able to help you find a more dedicated group for it as well, as I’ve met people who’ve been involved with more than 1 armored combat group.

    Though some groups can be (or were) a bit biased against rapier fighting in the SCA as some groups favor the heavy armored fighting (it’s been a while since I last did any SCA events so that comment may no longer be valid).

  7. Adam, you can’t bring up the subject of watches, without telling us about the watch that you are currently wearing… 🙁

  8. I watch True Detective with a group that includes, among others, two camera operators for a major TV show, a director and police woman (in training). We were all blown away by the episode that aired on the 9th. Seriously great TV. If you’re on the fence about following the show watch the last 30 min. It won’t spoil anything that came before it really but dollars to donuts you’ll be sold.

  9. I’d have to disagree that those 30 minutes won’t really spoil anything, there is a lot of Cohle’s character development and backstory coming to fruition in those last few scenes and I can’t help but think its impact would be lessened by seeing that before anything else.

    If anyone is on the fence about watching this show, they need to get off it and jump in, its a worthy investment to catch up from the beginning. 🙂

  10. Fair point! I think I was conflating “stands on it’s own” with “won’t spoil”. It is just so technically well done. You’re correct that it will have more impact with the full back story.

  11. Is it not the same Omega that he talks about in the EDC video?

    No. I don’t think it is.

    That Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean has a black dial, while this watch appears to have a white/cream/ivory dial instead..

  12. the guys’ discussions on film is always mindblowing to me. I’ve watched the show and it’s great, but I would be hard-pressed to discuss the filmmaking and shot-for-shot importance like they do. I feel cheated in not being able to extrapolate nuance to that level.

  13. Best way to get more into film is to watch more film 🙂 It is worth noting that Adam has worked in the film and television industry for 25 years or so, so its only natural that he pays more attention than most.

  14.   yeah, you are exactly right. sometimes you listen to topics and think ‘i’m a big, dumb animal.’ this was one of those times. listening to experts about anything is always interesting.

  15. I’m happy you guys talked about True Detective. It’s quickly becoming one of my favorite shows, especially with this past episode. I’d have to put it up there with some of the best TV I’ve ever seen. Can’t wait to hear the thoughts on that one.

  16. My Pop was a detective until his station cut the investigations unit. He told me he still has nightmares about his first night. He says he went into one apartment that was as creepy as John Doe’s in Seven. Bible verses painted in red on the walls, a neon crucifix in the living room, etc. This guy murdered a man (a construction worker) by dropping a steel beam on his head. My dad said that the crime scene was horrific and he puked his guts out for at least 5 minutes because, “The guy’s head just wasn’t there anymore; like a crushed grape…”

    I swear I’m not making any of this up…

    They eventually caught the guy sitting in the parking lot of Home Depot crying and talking to himself in his car. My dad approached the window and saw that this guy had scripture taped all over dash of his truck and was wearing latex gloves. He called his partner over and knocked on the window, the guy didn’t flinch, he just kept talking (probably praying). He knocks again and the guy looks up at him. He cracks the window a bit, “The end is near, sir.” I forgot the rest of what the guy said to my dad, it was really creepy, I could find out if there’s enough interest. It ended with a threat against my family, he recited our address at the time, said he’s watched my dad’s son (me) and that it would be easy to take me. My father proceeded to smash the window with his gun, throw the guy out of the car onto the ground, and arrest him. In questioning, he confessed to the murder of the construction worker and he went to prison. The end.

    Also, True Detective is great! Just watched the first episode…

  17. I watched the episodes 3, 2, then realized I was going in the wrong order!! Then watched 1.

    HBO GO on AppleTV has a counterintuitive order if you’re usually use Netflix. Lists most recent first vs. first episode of the series.

    It sill made sense. Funny that Adam did this too.

  18. In Walker Texas Ranger someone always smashes through a glass table, cabinet or door. In the A-Team a jeep (vehicle), always has to flip. These always made me laugh.

  19. Nice episode. This was the first mention I’ve EVER heard about the pervasiveness of sado-masocism in the TV shows and movies today. I’m starting to avoid some shows lately because I don’t need to think of the kind of brutality put up for my “enjoyment” lately. I used to kind of like the” NCIS LA” show, as a kind of mindless relaxation on Tuesday when nothing special is on, until the episode where they start drilling on someone’s teeth (a la “Marathon Man”). I have now completely boycotted that show. I don’t know why they hire the mentally ill as writers.

    Thanks for the fascinating show.

  20. As an idea for Premium content, lets see what’s in the lighted cabinets in Adam’s shop. I loved the video showing the items in his office, and I would love to see a similar video showing each item. I watch the Still Untitled podcasts over and over, and each time I try to figure out what’s back there.

  21. I disagree about the plot falling apart in Top of the Lake.

    There’s a lot of stuff that is subtext, and which Campion requires the viewer to figure out on their own. She places huge demands on the viewer, in a way that I enjoyed. There’s one plot twist I could have done without, but everything else is there for you to figure out if you pay attention and don’t trust that what is being said on screen by certain characters is the truth. The biggest scumbag in the show lies more-or-less every moment he’s on the screen, and some of his lies aren’t ever refuted, which throws a lot of uncertainty around some important plot points until the last few minutes of the series.

    It is also unrelentingly, hauntingly brutal, and but not without reason (seriously, really warn any of your friends who might have been victims of sexual violence before letting them anywhere near the show), and not in a way that is exploitative. Campion was making a statement about the reality of life of vulnerable people in places with ultra-macho culture like NZ.

  22. I just listed to this and I don’t know if some one else in the comments has pointed this out but what you want to look in to on the sword thing is called Western Martial arts I would say NO to SCA that is not sword fighting sorry I know that will piss people off. Some good books are

    Where I live near DC I am lucky to have a great school that teaches this The Virginia Fencing Academy

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