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And We’re Back – 1/21/2014

We’ve returned after our holiday, and Adam, Will, and Norm catch up on all the business that took place over the break, including Adam’s trip to Space Camp, planning a season of Mythbusters, and Norm’s vacation adventures. Enjoy!

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28 thoughts on “And We’re Back – 1/21/2014

  1. Did Adam take the sword away from Norm so he wouldn’t cut himself!?

    Or others! The instant that Norm picked it up and started to tug on the handle, I was afraid for Will or Adam getting accidentally sliced!

    I loved the baby noise training discussion. My oldest child was 4 months old when the first Matrix movie came out. My wife and I were desperate to get out and go see a movie and luckily for us, the local theater had a “cry room” so we went. The lobby scene where Neo and Trinity utilize just about every machine gun ever produced had no effect on the baby at all – she slept right thru it all!

  2. So, what’s with the guy in the background? :p

    Imagine just a guy working at Adam’s shop. I thought he got up to go check the door when Adam was telling a story and knocked on the desk! LOL

  3. Really excited to have the podcast back after the holidays, hoping for new cave vids soon, especially the space-suit one. 🙂

  4. The night my bestfriend/roomate at the time brought his daughter home from the hospital, we watched Terminator 2 full blast on the surround sound. She’s 6 now and sleeps like a rock.

  5. By the way my mom screw Star Wars (IV, V and VI) for me, bringing me to the theatre when I was a toddler. Sure it made me sound proof and now I can sleep everywhere, but I can’t listen the trilogy without falling asleep!! 😛

  6. If you are ever in Huntsville or travelling though, visit the museum, space camp and the Marshall Space Center tour. It’s incredible. I think that pool was built for Skylab training.

  7. Glad you guys are back. I’m also pleased to see Mythbusters return to its roots. The construction and problem solving are the best parts of the show.

  8. I love that they are making a conscious effort to go back to more of a focus on process like the old days of Mythbusters. I loved that in the early days of MB and its great to see more of it.

    And Charleston is one of my favorite cities on the face of the earth.

  9. Is there a Charleston blog entry? I couldn’t find it. As for reading an audience, I volunteer at a small museum here in CT and I’ve found that my ability to work the presentation to fit the need of our visitors is very important to given them the best experience. It’s something that doesn’t come naturally, but that I’ve worked hard to develop.

  10. Sounds like Will has a Fez chime set to a notification on his iPad Mini. Love it!

    I heard that too, but considering the number of references in Fez, that sound might date to an earlier game. I don’t know it does though. Either way, it’s a sweet tone.

  11. Growing up my parents where not afraid to make noise. For me sometimes getting to sleep is hard because my brain never wants to shut off, but when it does I AM OUT!!!! Sometimes being out cold is a blessing, sometimes it is not. I can sleep in the worst part of town during a gang war but also I have slept through multiple fire alarms. I slept through an earthquake and growing up slept though numerous hurricanes.

    Sleep “training” has ups and downs when you enter the real world.

  12. I wonder if the Russian Orlan suits have the same leak issue the NASA suits do, since their joints aren’t detachable. (Cosmonauts enter them through the “backpack”.)

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