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Jacket Aficionado Magazine – 12/10/2013

Adam is still on tour, but that can’t stop the ‘cast. This week, the gang discusses dining with friends, the best kind of New York days, the perils of crappy okra, Thomas Edison’s last breath, and the right way to buy a jacket. Apologies in advance, there are a couple of places this show gets weird because of bad hotel Internet and Skype lag. Enjoy!

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39 thoughts on “Jacket Aficionado Magazine – 12/10/2013

  1. You should come to NYC during the cherry blossom time and catch the trees in Central Park. Also, there is so much to do I don’t even know where to start.

    Also, Adam, if you haven’t been to the Henry Ford you need to go. They have Edison’s Menlo Park building moved intact and rebuilt just like it was. And steam engines the sizes of buildings. Along with so much weird stuff.

  2. Yet another fun podcast with Adam.

    While I was listening to this, I spent the whole time looking up the various websites that Adam would mention; like Barney’s NYC and ALLSAINTS. I also had to take a street view look at his apartment on 8th and Mcdougal in Lower Manhattan. That apartment looks pretty small..

  3. Great podcast, guys, love the varied topics.

    A visit to Sachs’ and Neistat’s studios would be amazing, hope you guys can figure something out to make that happen. 🙂 I spent the last few days watching both the Sachs studio videos and Neistat’s work and a couple of interviews. Gold.

  4. You guys should discuss the differences between jacket, coat, and blazer. I think it would be interesting. I have been really trying to help my friends dress better. It is not that hard, and the advent of retailers like H&M, Uniqlo, and Topman, are making things much more affordable.

  5. I’m not living in the states, but It’s still fun to watch your podcast. Are you planning to upload one podcast once every month or more often?

  6. I am in Denver and I have the same issue that Adam has but with hoodies. Is there any chance that a tested logo hoodie could be offered soon in the shop. Im sure im not the only one that would like to grab one during this extra cold winter.

  7. They usually post two podcasts per week. “Still Untitled” with Adam on Tuesdays and “This is Only a Test” on Thursdays.

    Still Untitled is somewhat less regular, they usually film a handful of them at a time and roll them out, sometimes there is a gap between them as they have to work with Adam’s schedule, This is Only a Test is pretty much always on. In the rare occasions where there isn’t one it is usually replaced with either “A Bunch of Dads” (aka. the dadcast) or “No Jars Allowed” (a Q&A). There are a couple of other, less regular, features too. Namely ones with Jamie.

  8. I am from Argentina and I’ll be traveling to NY this winter. This Podcast is not helping my anxiety at all!! Happy Holidays!!

  9. Jackets… yeah, I’ve got about ten of them in various sizes and functionality and some of them are suit jackets, too. This cold snap sent me scrambling to find a warm jacket that I could wear outside on the tractor and I was found wanting, so I went on the great hunt and ended up at the local farm supply store. Got a great fleece-lined number for under a hundred bucks but now I’m considering when I’d wear it again. Oh well.

  10. i feel very badly for doing this but i gotta give a shout out to the forgotten brainy angel….

    the Original Charlies Angels were Farrah Fawcett, Jaclyn Smith and Kate Jackson.

  11. So.. any chance of us getting one of the pork bun recipe’s mentioned or a video of how to make them? I’d like to consider myself a foodie and the way you described them made me want to try them myself!

  12. If you’re looking for Quality Versatile Jackets with lots of pockets I would recommend looking at the jackets from scottevest. They specialize in clothes with more pockets than you’ll know what to do with. I have been wearing their pants for years now, and I could never go back to wearing “ordinary” pants again.


  13. Where is that episode of Star Talk? It’s not on the Star Talk Radio website. I think that tape is in the Raiders warehouse, next to the Ark. Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Adam Savage in one room…could result in explosions of awesomeness.

  14. I feel so old pointing out this correction…

    Tanya Roberts was the sixth and final angel in Charlie’s Angels. The original angels were Farrah Fawcett, Jaclyn Smith, and Kate Jackson; not Cheryl Ladd, who appeared in season 2 (as Farrah’s character’s sister).

    Jaclyn Smith was the only original angel to remain during the show’s five-year run.

    Other than that egregious boob tube error, another entertaining podcast

  15. This latest one probably just isn’t uploaded yet, but I wonder where the first one is!? Adam mentioned on an early Still Untitled that he went on the show before, but the episode is nowhere to be found. Only this tiny blog post and some mentions of the event by Adam exist as proof that it ever happened:


    I think it might be in Marsellus’ suitcase.

  16. Have you looked at Filsons? They gots pockets, waxed canvas. They’re made for Washington so maybe too warm for San Francisco.

  17. Great podcast yet again!

    Addressing the lousy hotel wifi/Skype freezing aspect of the podcast, whenever I travel I prefer to use, if the room has it, an ethernet connection. If the hotel/motel room has a wired connection and your device doesn’t have an ethernet port, try using this:


    It is a USB to ethernet adapter that works fantastically and it goes for about $12 to $15 – connect the USB plug toyour device, connect the room’s ethernet cable into the other end and you are good to go – we use it with our daughters’ Surface RT devices all the time.

  18. Who thinks it would be amazing to listen to Adam, Will & Norm discuss in details the intricicies and “amazingness” of the greatest series of all time, Breaking Bad?

  19. Great episode!

    I’m visiting San Fran in March for the Art Academy, could you make a podcast discussing the city life of living there?

  20. So I’m one of those weirdos binging my way through the Tested backlog. When I heard this episode I figured I had something I should share. The best jacket I currently or have ever owned is from a small shop called Copper River Fleece (http://copperriverfleece.com/) in Cordova, Alaska. The jackets are waterproof and windproof and are comfortable down into the lower to mid-40s Fahrenheit (for a midwesterner). The trim lines are optional and interchangeable, and the artwork was done by local artists.

    Pretty much everyone in town has at least one of these jackets, some of which are 15 or 20 (or more) years old. I wasn’t sure about the price, but in a year of living there, I didn’t hear one bad thing about the company or the product. I just wish I’d gotten mine sooner. I’m taking a trip up to Seattle this January, and my Copper River Fleece is probably the only coat I’ll bring.

    PS: I know this probably sounds a bit like buzz marketing, but this is nearly a three-year-old post 😛 I just really like my jacket, and I figured a bunch of Jacket Aficionados would like to hear about it.

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