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The Europa Report and Touring Canada – 12/3/2013

Adam calls in from the Behind the Myths tour to discuss the best place to get poutine, The Europa Report and the right way to do low-budget films, and life on the road in Canada.

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19 thoughts on “The Europa Report and Touring Canada – 12/3/2013

  1. Good wifi? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! No, sorry. We have the same slow Internet access and cable/telco duopoly here in Minneapolis that most every other American has, save for Kansas City 🙁

  2. Woah, your facial reaction at the moment Adam says he could only watch 20min of Moon. I’ve not seen it yet, and can’t wait to watch now.

  3. NYC food strategy recommendation for Adam – if you are into tapas, then I heartily recommend El Cid on 8th Avenue at 19th St in Manhattan. My wife and I discovered them almost 20 years ago and everytime we are in Manhattan (we get there about once a year to visit family), we make a point of dining there at least twice. Once, we hadn’t been in NYC for almost 5 years and when we walked in, the owner, Francisco, spotted us and hurried over and greeted us by name! The food is to die for! We especially enjoy the Torta Espnola, Gambas al Allijo, Biftec “Al Chef”, Solomillo Cerdo Adobado, Chorizo al Vino and the Albondigas. The sangria, according to my wife, is phenomenal. Trust me, you will not regret it – go! 🙂

  4. I have been seeing poutine showing up in various restaurants around Phx, but they feel the need to change the name. If you go to Angels Trumpet Ale House in downtown Phx (810 North 2nd Street, 602-252-2630) they call it The Mess. Its delicious, plus Angels Trumpet has a great draft beer selection and draft wine.

  5. I wanted to hear what Will thought of The World’s End but the gang got sidetracked. I thought it reasonably entertaining but massively underpar when compared to Hot Fuzz and SOTD.

    Also! Third act of Sunshine, whilst clearly weaker, IMHO not quite poor enough to warrant ‘fucking terrible’. Adam really needs to see it. Other opinions are of course available (and hello to Jason Isaacs).

  6. Michael Cera’s short on YouTube, Gregory Go Boom is very awkward, funny, confusing and very WTF. Less than 20min if you have time to spare.

  7. Well, there was supposed to be the Columbus tour stop that was recently canceled. I wish I knew why.

    Perhaps it was due to low ticket sales? Or maybe they couldn’t get a venue to do the show?? *shrug*

  8. From my college marching band days, I offer this saying:

    The bus toilet is like a bank: you make a deposit, you draw interest.

  9. When I heard you guys talk about Europa Report, it reminded me of a low budget series that was released, for free, via Torrent called Pioneer One. It’s a great show that has an awesome story, but very low budget effects. Luckily, they don’t rely on the effects to tell the story.

  10. Had the “twist” of Moon spoiled for me, but I was glad to see it was revealed like 15 minutes into the movie. It’s one of the few where the twist isn’t the only thing the movie focuses on. I hope Adam watches it again because if he turned if off because he figured the twist then he made a hude mistake in judgement. Also sorry guys, Charlies Angels is a pile of shit.

  11. After watching Europa Report, I feel that I’ve been Rick Rolled by Adam Savage. However, I can see how a former SFX professional would appreciate the film a little more; as they did achieve a lot aesthetically.

  12. I am finally getting around to all the tested podcasts and I heard this one today and watched Europa Report on your suggestion. At first I was mildly interested, but as the movie went on, I felt myself balling up in a tighter and tighter posture until, by the end, my knees were pressed against my chest. (I get a little immersed in movies). At that point, they could have been using painted cardboard boxes for sets and I wouldn’t have cared. It was frightening and beautiful and frightening. Thanks for the suggest. And thanks for my work drive entertainment. Take care.

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