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Gravity: Spoilercast! – 11/5/2013

Spoilers abound in this week’s discussion of Alfonso Cuarón film Gravity. If you haven’t watched this week’s show, you should probably skip this episode until you have or risk being spoiled.

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25 thoughts on “Gravity: Spoilercast! – 11/5/2013

  1. Love having these pre-recorded and published earlier in the day; not sure if this is a glitch of scheduling, or an intentional move to make us happy, but, I’m digging it either way. Thank you!

  2. I think this is Adam and Tested’s way of telling me I don’t watch enough Movies in theaters.

    Now I have to go watch the movie before I get to enjoy this wonderful Bit of Still Untilted: The Adam Savage Project.

  3. there is no imax here who shows it, so i took a front row seat in a normal 3D cinema so i got a bit of the IMAX feeling.

    worked perfect.

  4. Great show. And, yes, middle back is where it’s at. Another advantage is 3D depth is proportional to the distance from the screen, so that tear comes waaay out.

  5. Great podcast- I listened to it yesterday at work. 🙂

    I too laughed really hard when Will mentioned The Core and I can’t help but think of the South Park parody every time someone mentions it. I recommend watching them both back to back for the best experience.

    I also cannot wait for the Cinefex Gravity issue to come out.

  6. I am guessing the movie they talk about at the start with the unathourised commentary is AI?

    Willing to bet it’s one of the prequel Star Wars movies.

  7. This podcast made me want to see it again, so straight after the gym, I went to see it again and enjoyed it as much as the first time, amazing movie!

  8. This podcast made me want to see it again, so straight after the gym, I went to see it again and enjoyed it as much as the first time, amazing movie!

  9. Where can we find the unauthorized commentary track you guys are talking about at the beginning of this video? Someone mentioned it was for AI and Google has failed me!

  10. Just got home from seeing it an IMAX, and wow.

    Possibly the “scariest” film I’ve ever seen, scary as in finding myself with sore core muscles and sore thighs from just sitting forward with tip-toes due to being just so damn tense all the way through. Friend and I found ourselves exhausted and with the trembling clammy hands afterwards, very attractive!

    Great movie, even with George Clooney playing classic smug George Clooney.

  11. This film is incredible. It’s a technical achievement, of course, but it’s the great central performances (especially Bullock) and lean, mean approach to story telling that make it a bona fide masterpiece. A real must see.

  12. Finally saw Gravity, so I was finally able to watch the spoilercast. Another great installment.

    A note about Adam’s criticism of the exhaling underwater, though: if you take your breath at the surface, you don’t have to exhale when returning to the surface. Your lungs expand back to their original size when you took the breath. It’s only when scuba diving that you have to be sure to exhale when ascending, as your lungs are fully expanded at depth because you’ve inhaled at depth.

  13. Just came back from watching the film in IMAX 3D, and had to listen to the spoilercast. 🙂

    Enjoyed listen to you guys talking about, and really enjoyed the film. Quite tempted to go and see it again, but IMAX ain’t cheap. Can’t wait to get it on DVD and see stuff about the making of.

  14. Yes, Will… your eyes do have depth of field. Had you stopped to focus on the microphone in front of your face and diverted your attention without looking away, you’d have noticed that Adam and Norm were out of focus behind it.

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