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On Hunter Thompson and the New Journalism – 10/15/2013

This week, Adam, Will, and Norm discuss the impact Hunter S. Thompson’s work had on their lives, call out some of their favorite books and essays, and discuss the intersection between HST and the New Journalism. Enjoy!

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28 thoughts on “On Hunter Thompson and the New Journalism – 10/15/2013

  1. I heard Christopher walken explain the punctuation thing. He said he used to remove it himself, but now he can do it automatically when reading a script.

  2. I should also add that Jon Ronson is bearing the New Journalism torch quite admirably and would recommend his books to any H.S. Thompson or Tom Wolfe fan.

  3. Great episode and probably one of my favorites together with the Kubrick one. Since you mentioned “On The Road” I would love to see an episode on Jack Kerouac.

  4. The guys got to do a Muppets episode next! Jim Henson: The Biography is out and everyone is talking about him; it’s a perfect time. Adam’s cave is much like the Creature anyhow.

  5. “The Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved” is the name of the article that Will is trying to remember the title of.

  6. In the 70’s I lived in Chicago and my room mate was pretty good friends with Hunter. I got to meet him on quite a few occasions. I can only say one thing about him, he was somebody you would “want” to know. Until I met him, I had only heard of him but had not read anything he wrote. I can remember several times Hunter coming over and bringing a briefcase full of “Party Favors” with him. And the next thing I remember it’s a week later. I really miss.

  7. Thanks for this guys. Hunter was an important figure for me as well.

    Some friends and I published our own gonzo-inspired zine (one of hundreds of thousands, of course) for a bit. The week we’d saved enough money to get the printing costs of the first issue covered was the same week Hunter killed himself. Needless to say it became a weightier issue after that.

    Good to know his voice lives on. Buy the ticket. Take the ride.

  8. He mentioned it before interviewing Richard Dawkins here in San Francisco last Monday, knuckle smashed while moving safety equipment (probably the lexan blast-screens they use on the show, as those have caused injuries in the past).

  9. If Gonzo is indeed a… shard? parody? homage? Not sure. Either way, if he is one of Hunter, that’d explain a great deal to me about why I like him so much.

  10. I was always under the impression that the Muppet was named Gonzo since “gonzo” had become something of a synonym for “weird” — as in Hunter’s famous quote: “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.”

    At any rate, a homage to be sure. The Muppets were born out of a lot of crazy psychedelic stuff floating around that the time. Likely not just a coincidence 🙂

  11. It’s sad… The circular bar at The Circus Circus in Las Vegas has sold it’s innards to a gelato bar. It’s atmosphere is really depressing now.

  12. If you are a fan of Ralph Steadman or Hunter Thompson I definitely recommend seeing the documentary For No
    Good Reason. It goes through Steadman’s work and his relationship with Thompson.
    It was pretty amazing!

  13. I hate to be the one who goes down this path, but I can tie Gonzo the Muppet, Gonzo journalism, and Gonzo pornography together.

    Gonzo as a genre often implies an abstract first person perspective to the narrative, right? When applying that description to pornography, it’s very self explanatory. But how does that apply to the Muppet character?

    Imagine you’re Gonzo the Muppet going about your day. What would Gonzo see from his perspective at any point? He would see a big blue schlong protruding from the bottom center of his vision at all times. Henson was such a dirty birdy.

  14. Honestly when ever I think of Gonzo I think of good times as a kid. As this was my dads nickname of choice for while growing up.

  15. I got distracted a bit when I noticed the beautifully colored Chihiro cut out in the right of the screen which seems to be looking back towards the No-face costume on the left of the screen.

  16. If you enjoy Hunter Thompson’s writing I would recommend checking out “God’s Middle Finger: Into the Lawless Heart of the Sierra Madre” by Richard Grant

  17. Guys, I would like to know, when are you going to invite the Big Bang Theory cast (one by one) to one of these podcasts?. Thanks for the MB show i’m a big fan, and this webpage is cool. By the way Adam, your voice in Spanish is exactly like yours in English, got to think that it was actually you dubbing yourself.

    see you.

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