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On Cosplay and Dragon*Con – 10/1/2013

After a short hiatus, Norm and Adam return to discuss cosplay, Dragon*Con, strandbeests, and Adam’s go-to song for karaoke. Enjoy!

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21 thoughts on “On Cosplay and Dragon*Con – 10/1/2013

  1. i found the cheaper Strandbeest kits Adam referred to on ebay about a month ago and just built it yesterday, made me chuckle to see it on the podcast today 😀

  2. It’s good to once again have the ‘Still Untitled’ podcast back up and running.

    Hopefully Will is back soon sitting in his usual seat there in Adam’s cave. It’s kinda weird not seeing him in the video..

  3. Another beauty of a show.

    I’m thinking of making a Wookie costume. I have the height and size to pull it off.

    Is the RPF the place to go for the materials and the mask?

  4. At least I was not the only one distracted 🙂 by the Chihiro. Adams shop is like an uber-geeks version of Where is Waldo.

  5. Adam covering The Commander Thinks Aloud was the highlight of w00tstock for me. As a public figure synonymous with science, it was so sincere and moving to hear him sing about a moment of tragedy on the march of progress in space exploration. Amazing performance. http://youtu.be/ecoeU00aYd0

  6. Definitely check out the RPF. There’s a few Wookie build threads on there.

    That was a killer podcast. The laserdisc era- that cracked me up. I remember when a friend loaned me the original complete Star Wars movies on laserdisc- he had the six disc set and it was awesome.

    Talking about fabrics I remember the lengths people went to on the RPF to get the same material as that used to create the BSG flight suits- it was very rare fabric and I remember hearing about the production crew telling the actors to be careful with the suits because there was no more fabric available to repair the suits if they were damaged. Eventually they did track it down and I think they were able to get enough people together for a small production run.

    I also think there is a pretty big difference between people making what I would call costumes and people making replica costumes. Accurate replica costumes are a LOT more work- LOL! And yep October is just nuts for costume makers- I can’t even begin to keep up with emails about people wanting Iron Man animatronic stuff right now. What I really like is when you help someone make their costume and then they have all the amazing stories later to tell you about how it went over, how they won their first costume contest, etc.

  7. YES! I’ve been wanting a Strandbeest for ages but I couldn’t justify the price tag.

    I just ordered mine (free shipping too!) I can’t wait for it to get here. Thanks for the tip Adam!

  8. I just noticed that there is a face in the crotch of the alien costume behind them. Now I’ve noticed the expression on that face. And now I’m deeply disturbed.

  9. What’s up with Squarespace? First the Giant Bombcast gets their ads, now you. Someone found a demographic under their sofa or something.

  10. Tested Crew!!! I’m up in Portland OR and work at Portland’s Oldest Craft Brewery. If you make it up to Portland on the new tour or your here for a shoot, I would be honored to meet you and buy you gentlemen brews. I don’t usually get the whole fan VS. Celebrity thing growing up in a celebrity immersed town, but I’ve been a fan of you guys for years.

    I am also a fellow maker.

  11. ALl too often I see fat people in costumes not necessarily designed for fat people. I don’t discourage this at all, let your freak flag fly! but for those of us who are self conscious… What are some good characters who someone of a larger middle girth could cosplay and feel confident they are representing better than a skinny with a fat suit on ever could?

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