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SPOILERCAST: Pacific Rim – 7/30/2013

This week, Adam, Will, and Norm discuss Pacific Rim in this spoiler-laden special edition of Still Untitled. Enjoy!

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23 thoughts on “SPOILERCAST: Pacific Rim – 7/30/2013

  1. watching this reminded me of a movie i watched last week. Iron Sky. Its made in Germany so it is an european but very satire view of the USA and nazis. The concept is ridiculous and story isn’t anything amazing but the graphics are stunning. Watch a few trailers before, don’t expect a realistic movie and it can be very enjoyable.

  2. I loved the hell out of this movie, but I couldn’t stand Mako.

    Most of what she said didn’t bother me too much, but one line ruined it for me. “For my family!” I cringed so hard. Either way, I liked this movie.

  3. I just about spit my hot tea all over my monitor when you clarified that your “grandmother’s crawlspaces” was not a euphamism.

  4. have not even watched pacific rim yet , about to hear the plot ,cause i like this podcast to much. damn u internet;)

  5. Been meaning to ask this too. Is the transluscent tape over the apple on your laptop supposed to be a tongue in cheek “we can’t show corporate logos even though everyone knows what it is”?

  6. Great show! It’s so refreshing to hear an extended discussion of a movie that doesn’t turn negative immediately.

  7. A truly beautiful film, there a lot of easy logical, logistical and engineering nit picks but who really cares. It’s a great movie with amazing cinematography and design. Probably the best thing about it is the general feeling of scale,(especially in the flashback,) if del Toro got this wrong like so many other directors it would be unwatchably average.

    Silly things pulled me a little too hard out of the action, (like that bloody Newton’s cradle getting a tiny nudge by Gipsy’s fist, while the building falls down around it.)but the film doesn’t take itself too seriously,(which is a good thing,) the hero speeches prove that.

    p.s. get the art book, it is seriously awesome.

  8. Definitely one of the most fun movies I’ve seen in a long time. I really did have a big ol’ grin on my face through most of the action sequences. The Blu-Ray can’t come soon enough.

  9. I saw this movie based on the recommendation of Will & Norm on their podcast. I should have watched the trailer first, because it was just too B-movie for me to enjoy.

  10. Finally saw the whole video, the clip at the end was awesome, and I think having Adam/Jaime & Will/Norm working together on one site was the perfect blend of interesting personalities with great content.

  11. “Pacific Rim is the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon of monster movies.”

    I understand the thinking, but as someone whose favorite film is Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, my mind reeled after hearing that. This is a movie about banging giant action figures together with the subtlety of a Mack truck, and everything outside of the fights is awful.

    I do agree with the notion of “what did you expect?” applies here, because you’ll be able to guess every single thing that happens in it. Don’t expect to be surprised in any way.

  12. Watching through this makes me want to go see the movie a 3rd time so I can see it in Imax.

    I loved the crap out of the movie, I can count on one hand the number of movies I’ve enjoyed that much in the theater.

  13. I finally saw the movie in 3D last night and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I think what Adam says about going in with the right expectations is important, because I fulled expected it to be a live action, westernized version of the Japanese big-robots-fighting-monsters movie. I do agree with the criticism of the one dimensional characters pretty much across the board, but it certainly didn’t ruin my enjoyment of the movie. As for the logistical and logical inconsistencies, I didn’t dwell on any of them for too long, however waiting until being out of Earth’s atmosphere to deploy the chain sword – which was an excellent suprise – didn’t really make sense to me. Nitpicks aside, I would recommend the movie to anyone who grew up watching giant robot anime or Japanese monster movies.

  14. Something that would be awesome on the site:

    Will mentioned that since getting to know Adam he has been watching movies differently. For example he noticed the detail on a coat in Pacific Rim. It would be great to watch a couple of Adam’s favorite movies with him as a sort of audio commentary that people could play along with the movie at home. Hellboy and Pacific Rim when it comes out would both be great. This would be a nifty way to see how someone with intimate knowledge of the movie industry views movies. I bet we would learn a lot too. Thanks.

  15. I agree, it would be great to have a commentary track with Adam for a couple of his favorites. (Raiders, Hellboy etc.) A basic sync’d audio commentary that we could play with the movie would be a great addition to the Tested site.

  16. In the boat scene, I thought for a second “That would fall apart sooooo bad” then the next one I have to tell myself its a movie about giant robots fighting giant monsters and to just enjoy it. So I did.

  17. I finally watched Pacific rim the other night, I had zero idea what it was about expectations nothing. It was the best action movie ride I think I have ever had. I am a HUGE matrix fan, and bond fan and loved senseless action when I was a kid. But as the years have grown I enjoy less and less of them. It was not the case with this movie. It was a non stop adrenaline ride, Just when you thought things couldn’t get better THEY DID.

    Yes there where a few moments where you had to sit there and go man no way, but most of the time it was one of those things that the cg was so good and the use of things like chromatic aberration and small lenses leave parts of the image out of depth of field, was so well done. Not to mention the score, everything was just so well done.

  18. Many of (us) Evangelion fans, think Pacific Rim is a downgraded US version of something that is completely indigestible for the audiences on the US market. I would like to know your opinion on this. Thanks. Robots are the Evas and the monsters are the angels.

  19. I watched this movie last night so that I could watch this podcast. The movie was good. As Adam said, you get what you paid for. It gives you exactly what it says on the tin.

    In regards to the armour, I thought they were really cool, but I thought they were a bit close to Ironman armour. I didn’t realize it was the same company and that makes sense now. At one point they show the black armour’s boots clicking into the gimbal that they ride and the boots are the exact same. I have spent way to much time on the RPF looking at ironman boots to not notice. I realize that it is hard to make unique armoured suits, but after I noticed that I kept feeling as if they had taken ironman armour and just painted it black.

    The robots are beautiful and the monsters too. They reminded me of the flower monster from Hellboy 2, with it’s bioluminescence. Stunning. Loved that Ron Perlman was in the movie, kept expecting Abe Sapien to show up and them to help out.

    It was an awesome movie. Would definitely watch it again. Keep up the videos guys!

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