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Man of Steel: Spoilercast! – 6/18/2013

Adam and Norm discuss Man of Steel, and spoil pretty much the entire movie for Will. Adam also makes a shocking revelation, and the gang discusses books. Enjoy!

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22 thoughts on “Man of Steel: Spoilercast! – 6/18/2013

  1. I absolutely agree with Adam’s dislike of all the destruction. The whole movie I was thinking, “Why is superman throwing people through buildings? THINK OF THE PEOPLE!”

  2. If you’ve only seen Michael Shannon in Boardwalk Empire and Superman, you should also see Bug and Take Shelter. He is a hell of an actor.

  3. Will, No problem, LOL. However, if you ever DO a podcast with Adam in the tub, perhaps that one should remain private (sorry, Adam!)?

  4. I think the main difference with this Superman and the regular comic book version is, he’s more human. He doesn’t necessarily think about the consequences of his actions before completing them. If you were fighting a genocidal super being, I’m pretty sure you’d be doing your utmost just to stay alive and then secondarily try to limit the amount of death and destruction around you.

    Avengers only annoying feature apart from the Hulk’s self control was the lack of destruction at the end. It is depicting a war with massive flying jobbies and explosions and no body dies except aliens. They even herded people into a building to blow them up, and failed at that when Cap showed up. As far as I can remember no civilians die in the whole film after they grab Loki.

  5. These videos/podcasts are the best. I love it when you guys geek out on movies. I’m excited for Pacific Rim too!

  6. I never get tired of seeing different areas of Adam’s home and/or his shop..

    Thanks for the fantastic podcast, Guys! 🙂

  7. I saw the Best of Bread cover in a movement blur as Norm was handing it to Adam and knew what it was- is it just me, or does it seem that album covers stick more in our memories than new cd/digital artwork?

  8. “He [Harry Hamlin] was on some like teenage soap opera for a long time; he played the dad”

    He didn’t, but, in a HuffPo interview released today, he says that is close to what he thought he would be doing.

    From the interview:

    “A year or so ago, I turned to Lisa, my wife, and I said, ‘You know, I think I’m going to go back to work now. I took a bunch of years off to raise my kids, and I think I’m ready to be a regular on a show again.’ In my mind, I thought that meant being a dad on ABC family.”


  9. So, interesting bit. When you die in the Matrix you die in real life. Agent Smith was possessing the bodies of people hooked into the matrix.

    Neo killed thousands or millions of people fighting Agent Smith. Every defeated Smith is a dead person he was possessing

  10. I absolutely agree with Adam’s dislike of all the destruction. The whole movie I was thinking, “Why is superman throwing people through buildings? THINK OF THE PEOPLE!”

    “Stop! Don’t do it! The people!”

    It’s worth pointing out, the fight between Superman and the Kryptonians in Superman 2 ends with Superman deliberately flying away from Metropolis, once he realizes he’s putting people in danger. No comic book movie would ever show their hero run away from a fight nowadays.

  11. I would disagree that Watchmen the movie improved upon the source material, Also – Natalie Portman’s bare midriff was an important part of Episode Two and should never be cut out.

  12. I *think* he meant the ending only, and I have to say I also prefer the movie ending to the original. As much as I love the graphic novel that would have looked ridiculous, and pacing the explanation would have been very difficult with no previous setup.

  13. Psychic space squid isn’t the critical change, though. It’s the change in Ozymandias’ blame game that throws things off. But people already thrashed out this argument all over the internet when the movie came out. My basic point was just that I don’t think it’s as clear cut as Will was describing. Not actually trying to troll or anything 🙂

  14. I liked both the Watchmen comic ending and the Watchmen movie ending, in their own way. They’re kind of products of a different time, different medium, different audience. Both have a similar point.

    I thought the movie was excellent.

  15. When ever I see a massively destroyed New York in any movie I think of the opening to Mel Brooks’ Men in Tights. ‘Every time they make a Robin Hood movie they burn our village down.’ Just thought I would share.

  16. There are only 3 times he knocks anyone through a building. 1) The first hit against Zod in Smallville through the 7-Eleven. 2) Knocking Zod through an empty construction site 3) Through the glass ceiling of the train station at the end.

  17. and This is not a response to this particular video but I hope you guys will still read it. First of all I love the show, its pretty sweet and I listen all the time. And now I have some questions, and I hope that you all will respond on a future show.

    1st-Your review of Man of Steel, you all seemed against the city destruction scene. I wanted to present that, as both a military member and a huge fan of the Superman character I understand this scene. Sometimes, regardless of your best efforts bad things happen, and especially true for a super powered guy who just found out he was an alien and hasnt had terribly long to push his powers to the limit, city destruction was inevitable, and this also leads in to batman vs superman with Wayne Enterprises(or Tech or Inc) helping the city rebuild, and is a good way to introduce the batman character on the scene in the sequel.

    2nd-Batman VS Superman or “Worlds Finest” what are yalls thoughts on the casting decisions? and how close do you think it will be to Frank Millers TDK Returns? I personally think Afleck will make a good Bruce Wayne simply because Daredevil was also a darker brooding hero type, and while that movie wasnt fantastic his acting wasnt terrible in it.

    3rd-What are yalls thoughts on the Godzilla movie? I hear a lot of people thinking it is too dated to revive, but I personally grew up watching the TOHO Godzilla’s and am very excited.

    and Lastly-If you could cast Justice League who would it be? Heres mine to get you all thinking. Henry Caville-Superman, Ben Afleck-Batman, Armie Hammer-Green Lantern, Doug Jones(Abe sapien and Silver Surfer) as the Martian Manhunter, Evangeline Lilly-Wonderwoman, Ryan Reynolds-Flash and Jamie Fox as the Cyborg.


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