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Blade Runner’s Special Special Effects – 6/4/2013

This week, Adam explains the secret of Blade Runner’s timeless special effects, it’s connection to Star Wars, and the different ways images can be composited on a single piece of film. Enjoy!

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37 thoughts on “Blade Runner’s Special Special Effects – 6/4/2013

  1. I love visual effects, I dabble in it myself, and something that I’m curious about is the transition from bluescreen to greenscreen. I assume it has something to do with the fine control that digital compositing now can compensate for, and also that James Cameron’s blue-filter style brought it to the forefront, but I don’t know the specifics.

  2. When it comes to generational loss on a green screen, even though I only have seen this from the trailer, some of the scenes from the new Riddick movie really sent up red flags for me. I was really shocked at how apparent it was even with a very short time to see it.

  3. Ahh! This episode ended right when it felt like it was about to take off. Could have listened to another hour or two of this. I would love to hear you guys record a commentary track.

  4. Well, you don’t have generational losses now with digital movie cameras, right? That was a film artefact, the granularity.

  5. Don’t be a jerk, you mean like when you mention something really cool in the room and vow never to talk about it?


  6. Now I really want to read all the issues of Cinefex. To bad the older ones are really hard to find without spending over $100.

  7. Is it wrong to mention that Norm tweeted a photo of where he is and my brain almost EXPLODED with sheer awesomeness.

    As for AI, it’s easy to mock, especially the sappy Spielburgian ending, but the visuals were good, and it blew my mind to know that Kubrick was the one who wrote that “2000 years later…” ending.

  8. Wow, these are some terms I haven’t heard of, let alone thought of, in over a decade. Makes me want to go drag out some old work and refresh.

  9. I’m not to familiar with “classic” special effect so a lot of terms went lost on me, like “glass mat”.

    Would be great to have this talk with photos and videos being shown of what is being discussed.

    I think (from what Adam said in the video) that glass matte is the same as a current matte painting, but instead of being done digitally or on an opaque surface, it is painted on glass, so it can be composited on the foreground instead of the background. But i have been wrong before, haha

  10. Where is that tweet? I only see NASA photos, and according to Joey’s tweet a while back, they were at CERN… we’ve got some goodies in store from both locations 😮

  11. I would love a commentary podcast of Adam and Will watching Blade Runner to watch along side the movie. Norm too.

    Also a video about in-camera composting would be great too. Doesn’t have to be Tested produced, but to see visually what is happening would help my understanding a lot. I can’t get past thinking the film itself would just over expose and blow out. Or have “Pass #15” mess up and ruin the whole process. No back-ups, eh? Maybe you and Joey could try it out.

  12. If i had Deckard’s “Enhancing computor” ive would have used it on Adams glasses to see the reflection from the mysterious “globe” 🙂 haha

  13. I absolutely LOVE BladeRunner. It is without a doubt my favorite movie. The direction, art direction, photography, special effects, acting, themes and story are all brilliant. But the plot has some major holes. Why do they need to make a VK test on Leon if they know what they look like? Same goes for Deckard’s investigation of Zhora. =)

    Also everyone should look up Dangerous Days which is a long documentary on the making of Bladerunner as well as the bonus material that comes with later editions of the movie. And ONLY watch the narrated version of the film if you are a completionist =)

  14. Where is that tweet? I only see NASA photos, and according to Joey’s tweet a while back, they were at CERN… we’ve got some goodies in store from both locations 😮

    it was the CERN photo.

  15. Yes please to a Blade Runner commentary! 😀

    Seconded. I’d love an Adam & Will commentary track. BR is easily in my Top 5 films list.

  16. Everything I’ve read talks about Greenscreen became more prevalent with the rise in digital keying as digital cameras are more sensitive to green.

    Bluescreen is used with film / analog effects as the blue can be removed from the film using chemicals.

  17. I wonder if that “dome item” happens to be related to that space-helmet eBay auction? :p

    Though if it was made for space, I’m guessing the UV rays from a window wouldn’t cause too much damage? Or would perhaps the age make it more susceptible to UV?

  18. I would start with Theatrical as it is the version that most people saw first. Then move on from there.

  19. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Blade Runner in it’s entirety. I’ll have to get around to it. I have read the book though, for a college religion class of all subjects. IT IS GOD AWFUL.8/

  20. Would listen to any commentary tracks that you would do ! It’s amazing to listen to someone that actually worked on SP/FX and takes the time to explain the real thing 🙂 Thanks guys for everything.

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