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Etsy Questions Answered! – 4/30/2013

In this week’s super-sized episode, Adam answers questions submitted by Etsy users, including how he finds the best stuff on Etsy, how the indie crafts movement stacks up to mass production, and whether it’s possible to swim in mayonnaise. Enjoy!

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22 thoughts on “Etsy Questions Answered! – 4/30/2013

  1. Adam talks about “blowing things” not being his preferred thing on Mythbusters (even if he likes that). I, for one, don’t actually like that on the show. It’s… I don’t know, maybe boring.

    Maybe they do that because, I suppose, Discovery “demands” it. You know, “blowing things up in the name of science”, the host have said that very phrase quite a few times. But…eehhh… IMHO, Mythbusters would be better without that bit (which in fact is quite a chunk of the show).

  2. I’ve been glad to see the world move towards Neal Stephenson’s Diamond Age at least in part. I don’t want the world to be separated further between the haves and have nots, but people giving hand made products more praise than those produced on a grand scale, as well as the possibilities of printed production for providing cheap universal items.

  3. I get the feeling that Adam would get an entirely different type of enjoyment out of Resident Evil games than most people.

  4. I’d also say a major thing that will keep computer controlled driving from being mandatory is the failure of humanity as a whole to accurately weigh nebulous risks vs personal control. Even if it is demonstrably safer for a society as a whole to not have sleepy, drunk, distracted, angry, etc drivers, people want the control because its only those other jerks on the road that make mistakes and they’ll be damned if some computer gets them killed.

  5. I expect computer driven cars will come in a couple waves with accident prevention and ‘enhanced’ driving coming first, and full automation later as the tech gets cheaper. There’s already affordable technology to allow a computers lightning fast reflexes to react before the driver, taking partial control for a split second to keep them safe. If this were combined with a basic wifi connection between cars I think better traffic flow could be achieved without expensive Lidar on every car (and when the Lidar is cheap enough cars could share data to fill in blind spots). In the case of full automation I think the ‘killer app’ won’t be the car driving you but the car driving itself when you aren’t in it. Get dropped off, send the car to park, then use its app to find you again even if you ended up sloshed on the other side of town.

  6. I believe that whoever asked the “sinusoidal” question was thinking of “synesthetic”.

    I wouldn’t mind knowing if Adam is synesthetic.

  7. Or he/she might have meant to ask if he goes back and forth between the making and testing part of his brain, creating things and collecting data, at a steady frequency (as in a sine curve/wave)? Hard to say.

  8. I have a serious problem with the fact that Adam gives 98% of his attention
    to Will and only 2% to Norman. While Will might be leading the conversation, Adam
    seems not able to even look Norman in the eye.

    I however have no objection to the information and wisdom
    dispensed in any of these episodes.

  9. Please ask Adam to answer this question and what his opionon of the answer is, If a tree fell in a forrest and nobody was arounf to hear it, would it still make a sound, and how would he go about testing it scientifically

    A fan, Coventry, England.

  10. I find that both in youtube and etsy I find myself falling into “wormholes” as we call them. I have two etsy stores of my own as well as shopping on etsy myself. I will find myself in a shop, when that shop leads me to another shop, then to another, then another and another, because of the items themselves I am searching. It’s like falling through a wormhole. I feel this is one of the best ways of exploring etsy.

    As long as I am here I might as well pimp myself. I make lamps out of the old and forgotten.

    Z Lighting and Design

  11. I have a question regarding the little acrylic plaques Adam had made for the Microscope Case. He mentions in that segment that they were made by a shop on Etsy, which is why I am posting this here as well as on that video. I’m guessing this is a case of not knowing the right term to search to find what I want. My name for the material is Microsurfaced Acrylic and then I’ve been searching plaques, badges, tags, plates, etc and not finding what I want. Its those “proper name goes here” plaques in and on the case. They’re black with engraved white lettering. If you can straighten me out on my search and/or give me the shop information I would be grateful the rest of my days. I’d also be happy to share their application as my project moves along.

    Exact Moment in the video when its mentioned (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YXzxEqdvuIE&t=4m16s)

    Thanks in advance,


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