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Best Vacation Ever! – 4/2/2013

Curious about Adam, Will, and Norm’s favorite vacations as kids and/or adults? What about the minutiae of garbage cans? We cover all that, and a whole lot more as the gang discusses their favorite vacations.

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22 thoughts on “Best Vacation Ever! – 4/2/2013

  1. i have a rubbish bin that is almost exactly the same which i bought maybe 12 years ago. (in New Zealand).

    Its got 10 holes high but a few more holes around (35) It doesn’t have the 3 feet things, The bottom is just plain flat metal.. It still has the original barcode on the bottom says “ITEM NO: 818585B Barcode “4 711414 063258” “Made in China”

    Maybe it’s a slightly different model from the same manufacturer in china?

    Just took some pics, and i know how Adam loves seeing rulers in photos so… 😛

  2. Sadly, i think watching the cute corgi bound around is much better than watching the guys talk at each other and not show anything…..

  3. I appreciate the apology for the loss of video but it was so long its distracting from the talking. Just a simple message without trying out all the video effects would be better next time…

  4. Magnolia does some great work. I have replica Indiana Jones bag from them and the quality is pretty amazing for under 50 bucks.

  5. i remember that bin from an old design catalogue (i think 98) but think it was actually a umbrella bin from the company zack

    there used to be a mail order shop that sold design furniture and office stuff for company’s that had it in their catalogue. i think they where bought out by “overtoom” around 2002/2003

  6. Almost all of my childhood vacations turned out to be horrifying ordeals. Road trips packed into a vehicle of extremely dubious mechanical reliability. Road trips during winter, in blizzards, fog; hail storms in summer. Driving for an hour+ with the fuel needle on and well below the E because somebody forgot to fill up the tank at the last town. Spending the night in the very sketchiest of sketchy motels.

    There’s a reason I don’t travel much anymore. Too many phobias. 🙁

  7. Oh. My. GOD.

    I now require Chloe Bananas video on top of all future podcasts. Also, don’t tell Rorie about this. I think he might actually take Chloe for reals. Or die from puppy overload.

  8. It’s either “Wall-E” Disney (Pixar). Or more likely, “Walt. E. Disney”, as Walt’s middle name was Elias.

  9. Wow did this hit home. Everone who has a chance should deffantly go to Istanbul. I have just returned from a 3+ week trip to Turkey and I’m acctual still in that sad period after a great trip trying to readjust to normal life. Turkey in general was so wonderful. The people were amazing, the food was amazing. I felt so welcomed by everone I met. From Istanbul to Izmir, Tekridag to Muratli the biggest citys to the smallest villages Turkey is amazing. This was the trip of a lifetime.

  10. There is a group of makers, many of them in the Bay Area, that make Wall-E robots, I believe they were originally an offshoot of the R2D2/Astromech Builders Club. Tested did a video with the robots at last year’s Bay Area Maker Faire, you should definitely check it out.

  11. I understand that both you and Adam have children. i am a supporter for gun rights and i also know that Adam has some experience with firearms. As a parent will you or Adam introduce your kids to firearms.

  12. It’s weird hearing the Hudson River School being discussed on here, one of the other blogs I’m a big fan of is James Gurney’s (the creator of the Dinotopia books), and he’s mentioned there’s still a group of painters who get together to paint on the Hudson River on a regular basis, following in the footsteps of the original Hudson River School called the Hudson River Fellowship. They do some really fantastic work too from the look of things

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