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Influential Movies – 3/5/2013

This week, Adam, Norm, and Will discuss the films that changed the way they look at the world–from Pulp Fiction to Hellboy to Kill Bill to Raiders of the Lost Ark.

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18 thoughts on “Influential Movies – 3/5/2013

  1. One of you guys should watch Danger Diabolik, probably one of the best comic book to film adaptations I’ve ever seen. it’s kinda like a bond film except the protagonist is a terrorist in a way :p, it also has an awesome soundtrack created by no other than Ennio Morricone.

  2. Thanks Will for the fix…another great show. So much knowledge that is shared…I find myself always writing down titles, ideas, websites, products, names……awesome stuff. Please keep them coming.

  3. I have a serious problem with Adam saying Matthew Barney is good, and praising the Cremaster Cycle as a film… or art. I probably wouldn’t care except that I just happened to see a review of the movies, which prompted me to watch them. They are horrible. They do make you feel uncomfortable, but not for any real reason other than the shittiness of what you’re watching, and the idea that someone somewhere thought it had intrinsic value. It’s 6 and a half hours of boredom and crap. The production designer and art director of The Cell mentioned him as an influence, they claims they never saw Cremaster 5.

  4. Anything but the “Love conquers all” version, which clocks in at 94 minutes. That is the one that was recut to give it a happy ending, against Gilliam’s wishes (he refused to recut the movie himself).

    BTW: I am super-jealous about Adam’s Information Retrieval mask from Brazil.

  5. Budd didn’t really pawn the sword – he lied. Elle and The Bride both fight with Hanzo swords in the trailer fight.

  6. This brings up a point I would like passed to Adam (as I understand he doesn’t read forums or comments). No one says ‘thank you’ often enough… I just finished watching ‘the movie that doesn’t exist’ – Star Wars Ep. 1 – and I understand that Adam had a hand in creating this film, which – whatever else may be said – is a work of incredible beauty. I have been watching many films of late, from modern settings to period pieces and fantasy films, and very little stands in the same league with the sheer visual beauty of Phantom Menace – so, for your part in this, Mr. Savage – thank you. For this, your talks, and ongoing works, I count you among my small handful of true heroes.

  7. This is a comment for Adam (and other fans of Tarantino) regarding the .45 vs 9mm and jamming.

    Adam, in a previous episode of Still Untitled, you mentioned how you love to re-watch QT’s Jackie Brown. (Me too!) There’s an interesting moment during the “Chicks who love guns” scene in which Samuel L. Jackson character gives an entire aside regarding the “jamming problems” of a .45 over a 9mm. I have to wonder if QT hadn’t had the same conversations with his prop masters that you mention and/or if that wasn’t bouncing around in your head when you were talking about 9mm pistols being used as stand ins for .45s in movies. Funny how many things call back to each other in QT’s movies, even unintentionally.

    Oh, and speaking of deleted scenes in QT’s movies. I love that there’s a “garson means boy” line in a deleted scene in Jackie Brown. I also applaud QT for leaving it out.

    One thing you guys might also be interested to take note of: if you check the credits, the mysterious woman behind the bandana in Django Unchained was Zoe Bell, which just makes that character all the more interesting.

    Separately, I absolutely love these shows, so please keep doing them.

  8. Budd didn’t really pawn the sword – he lied. Elle and The Bride both fight with Hanzo swords in the trailer fight.

    Ah, yes. Bride grabs it and it’s a good “fuck yeah” moment.

    Woulda been an awesome crossover though. Better the way it actually is though.

  9. Cant be Bud’s sword, Kiddo uses it to kill Elle. She finds it in umbrella stand or was it a golf bag? But thats just some sword at the pawn shop.

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