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Episode VII – 2/19/2013

The announcement that JJ Abrams would direct the next Star Wars movie launched a thousand threads of speculation on the internet. The gang decides to join in on the fun and discuss what Abrams may bring to the beloved franchise.

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23 thoughts on “Episode VII – 2/19/2013

  1. Can not get it out of my mind , when u talked the last time of disney buying lucasfilm, when u guys were talking about castings for the new movie , when Adam mencioned Tom Hardy for a roll, was waiting now for u guys to bring it up , but u didnt;) he would be awesome in the new trilogy !

  2. JJ Abrams is terrible. I can’t stand anything he’s ever done. The only thing worse than JJ Abrams is Damon Lindelof. Damon Linderlof is the worst writer ever to be given a large budget movie.

    Adam, have you really learned nothing from Crystal Skull?! Harrison Ford is a sad old man. Putting him, Mark Hammill, and Carrie Fisher should stay as far away as possible from the new movies!

  3. Thank you once again! Could they be longer? Never seems to be enough. When will Norm and Will do a Mythbusters spin-off, just asking. I think the world is ready. Thanks again boys.

  4. I think the best way to solve the Mark Hamill/Carrie Fisher problem is to set it in their grandchildren’s time. Make them really old, even go so far as to give Luke the “Yoda” part in the film by having him retire to Dagobah.

    I feel strongly that ep 1-3 never should have told Vader’s story, it was just too close time wise and emotionally to the originals. The greatest part about Vader was the mystery behind him. We knew nothing about him behind his mask and that gave the character the greatest allure. All ep 1-3 did was take that away from us and turn him into a whiny punk kid. 1-3 in my opinion should have been about Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan with the last scene of ep 3 being them discovering Anakin.

    7-9 shouldn’t make that same mistake by being about Han and Leia’s children. They need to distance the story enough from the originals so it can be it’s own story but still be just close enough to pay homage.

  5. Even if half of that remains canonical, I’ll bet my bottom dollar that the new trilogy will take place after those events due to the age of the actors.

  6. Since you ask for reviews. I’ll give you one on here since I’m not sure how it works in iTunes. Maybe you could answer that? If I open up my iTunes and leave a review in the Swedish store which is what it will default to, will you be able to see that without going around looking in the various national stores? Always kind of wondered since the store for me only shows reviews left by others in the Swedish store.

    Anyway, as for a review. I absolutely love the podcast, I’d give it a soldid 5/5. Wouldn’t mind if they were a bit longer though as someone else suggested. Also, why audio-only in iTunes? I mean, sure, the video is hardly needed since mostly you just sit around and talk anyway but still, since you do record it why not upload a video version to iTunes as well?

  7. lol, I remember back in the day when we had super long fake out-takes about cool science stuff. Those were the glory days of 3 hour podcasts.

  8. I really hope old drunk Han Solo is in some boondocks of space, just living in his broken Millenium Falcon which is resting on cinder blocks, with beer cans and old porn mags everywhere.

  9. Why is there a book on the table entitled “Oral Pleasure”? You know what, I don’t want to know…

    With that said, this was another great podcast, thank you all. Although, it does seem that the run time is getting progressively shorter.

  10. Great podcast as always.

    Any chance to get a link to the knifemakers website. Adam kind of drops his last name a bit. It was Bill something, sounded like Harsley to me but I can’t find anything.


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