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Questions! – 1/22/2013

You asked questions, today Adam answers them. We cover everything from getting started making to building video game props. Enjoy, and keep sending in your questions!

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  1. Ho! and the paint of the toilet/urinal is specially made that no or few bacterias will live on that material… I did the bacteria test in college and ANY door knob is more dirty/infected than the seats of public toilets… From that moment on, I was less concerned about seating on them, particularly in places like mid size airports where the seats are more frequently washed then used!! I’ve been in Halifax and Quebec city airport and they have policies of cleaning the wc every 30min and I’ve barely seen 15 people walk in in 3 hours… counting there’s over 15 stall, you can “go” in peace!! ;P Excuse me for my raw English… It’s my 2nd language…

  2.   we’ve been asking at the end of episodes. but don’t worry, we’ll do another questions ep in the future. Just email your q to podcastwith “question for Adam” in the subject line!

  3. A couple of pieces of Adam’s sculpture can be seen on his personal website, http://www.adamsavage.com

    There are photos and descriptions of some of his personal pieces, and for a bunch of commercial work. Including props and prototypes made for toy-companies, ILM and television. There’s even a bit of backstory on the radiator you see in this video, which is more than meets the eye.

    Sadly, I don’t think the site has been updated in about 10 years, but there is definitely some cool stuff if you haven’t visited already. 🙂

  4. Great stuff! I love hearing about Adam’s early experiences of working in practical effects.

    Will & Norm – you should lock Adam in a room with a PS3 and a copy of Journey for 2-3 hours then get his reactions to it.

    (Probably a good idea to get his permission first though).

  5. Good video but I couldn’t help but notice and be driving crazy by it. Your big white model thingy hanging up closest to the window is a tad bit off. I’m sure it’s not just the fishbowl effect. Sorry OCD kickin’ in.

  6. Hobby Link Japan Is a good source for all thinge hobby from Japan. I’ve been dealing with thme for years. They can get the bath house kit:

    http://www.hlj.com/product/SKE84713 The company that makes this makes paper kits including a Spirited away series.

    Then I found this:http://blog-imgs-19.fc2.com/n/b/l/nblood/IMG_1681.jpg on this blog: http://nblood.blog67.fc2.com/blog-entry-272.html

    I think that this represents some of the most impressive modelwork that I have seen.

  7. Adam has said that he’s not really into ‘playing’ video games, but would enjoy wandering around a gameworld just looking at things – The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim would be perfect for that. The world is massive, and there is much scope for exploration. I’m sure Adam would enjoy looking at the nordic inspired architecture and the towns and villages.

  8. hey guys I’ve been wondering have you ever thought of putting a car like central locking system in a house?

    Just thought this maybe a project you guys could make suggestions on how practical or feasible it may be.

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