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Autodidacticism – 1/8/2013

While Norm’s in Vegas, Adam and Will run through Adam’s approach to learning new skills. From carpentry to stand-up comedy, Adam explains that there really isn’t a secret to teaching yourself new skills.

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11 thoughts on “Autodidacticism – 1/8/2013

  1. Awesome! I would loved to be Adams apprentice! Just to try stuff and getting some advices. I really like the way he thinks, we’re on the same page!

  2. Wow. Great timing on this one especially since this Saturday, I’m going to be conductiong the “Props” portion of a “Creating and developing your Steampunk Character” workshop we’re having. I was already figuring I’d pull some quotes from Adam’s Maker Faire talk and I’ll grab some from this as well since they really do get across the idea of “don’t get discouraged and try something new” I like to impart on people who feel too intimidated.

  3. Ah, never work with children or pets. The dogs totally stole the show there for a bit.

    It’s amazing the stuff you can learn just by doing and screwing up (and trust me, when I get something right before the fifth or tenth time, it’s cause for a celebration).

  4. Adam, what is the story of the sword you place behind you? It looks interesting. Having trained a bit in sword I’ve often contemplated owning one but there are many choices and I’m not even sure I want something that lethal about the house.

  5. Maybe I missed it, but did you ever announce on the Tested podcast that you moved Still Untitled to its own feed? You may want to do that (again?) in case people missed it.

  6. Ah you can smell the brain power and skill set that abounds here, smells yummy. Thank you for this top notch site and outstanding features and comments. Best of luck with everything you do, all of you!

  7. On episodes that were removed from the old feed. The cooking episode was the last one I got before I noticed this episode and the change in the feed.

  8. Adam states he is not an expert in any one field. Makes me think of a favorite quote of mine.

    ~”A Jack of All Trades is a master of none, But then a Master of One only knows one thing.”

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