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Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – Etsy – 12/18/2012

This week, Adam, Norm, and Will discuss the merits of Etsy, which describes itself as “the world’s handmade marketplace”. Along they way, they run down some tangents and share some of their favorite finds.

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16 thoughts on “Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – Etsy – 12/18/2012

  1. Again, similar to “This Is Only A Test 151”, when I click “VIDEOS” at the top of site, this particular video is not present in the selection of videos shown. That’s kinda confusing, guys.

  2. I bought my wife two amigurumis for Christmas from Etsy after hearing about it on the Tested podcast earlier this year.

    So thanks to Will and Norm for making me aware of it.

  3. Wow! it’s been 3 years now that I’m on Etsy and I buy all the office’s christmas gift in there and I love it!!! I want to see Adam’s favorites on Etsy!!! By adding someone in your circle you can easily see his favs without annoying this person with your favs! (So much better then facebook!) I discovered a lot of great stuff that way!

  4. Scumbag Tested Guys: “Ohh, you should totally buy all your xmas gifts on Etsy”. Six days before xmas; too late to get stuff shipped from Etsy.

    Great episode though, two classic lines “High functioning hoarder” and “I’m still not sure what the web is really great for”. First one is surely a t-shirt for a future Mythbusters show.

  5. Etsy. I now have a new place to purchase gifts for my strange sisters. Thank you Adam, Will, and Norm. It must be the consumer in me but I love the episode about new places to shop.

  6. I have mixed feelings on Etsy. A lot of stuff on it is cheaply made hipster crap, but some stuff on it is exceedingly cool. For example, I’d mentioned in a comment on a Tested X-mas video, that I’m looking for a new, sturdy wallet that won’t have the seams die after a year or 2.

    So today after watching the podcast, I checked Etsy. I’d say the signal-to-noise ratio (or good stuff to crap if you prefer) is pretty low (that’s bad) compared to Amazon, or even eBay. And it seems harder to filter out the crap with the search function.

    Any tips on how to find what you want on Etsy? or does it help to browse mindlessly until you stumble across the good stuff?

  7. I got a Ducti brand wallet, http://www.ducti.com/, some years ago as a gift. It’s a Duct tape wallet and it’s super sturdy. It’s a company that was started by some guys in Denver during a blizzard. I know one can be made rather easily, just ask Adam. But if you are looking for an interesting gift, and trust me when I say interesting. I drive truck all over the U.S. and I get asked about at every truck stop or gas station I stop at. Plus after 200,000 miles under my 220lb frame, and going through the wash more than a couple of times, it’s still holding tough after 3 years. It is aslo infinitely repairable! Check it out.

  8. Hey , Still Untitled doesn’t show up on Xbox Music (and Zune?). I don’t think it ever has? It’s definitely not there now though.

  9. Yeah, you can still grab Zune. I watch the videos, but someone was asking about it on the forums which is why I posted here. I’ll look into it too, but if you can’t get it to work then don’t worry about it. Xbox Music is kinda shit at the moment.


    Alright, I submitted it through Zune. Hopefully it gets approved.

  10. Adam, the architectural model in the back ground, (of what I assume is your house), did you build it, can you touch on the process at all?

  11. I would like to know more about the notebooks you found as well. Just got a Field Notes Colors subscription, but I am always on the lookout for new notebooks.

  12. Well guys, this podcast made it to the Etsy blog, so now will be found by a whole lot of Etsy sellers like me!

    Mythbusters is one of the few shows that everyone in our house agrees is awesome, so I’m excited to see this glimps into your world. Mythbusters is also frequently tributed by Etsy sellers.

    Thanks for all the kind words about our marketplace. We are always pleased to get feedback from ‘the otherside of the ‘net’ as it were.

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