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Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – Video Games – 11/20/2012

This week Adam, Norm, and Will discuss video games. From time spent mastering Millpede as a youth to lunchtime Unreal Tournament deathmatches at ILM to The Path, Adam discusses his video gaming predilections, and discusses what he does and does not like about modern videogames.

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17 thoughts on “Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – Video Games – 11/20/2012

  1. If you guys don’t make Adam play through Journey, your all dead to me.

    JOURNEY for ps3. It is the only exact, perfect answer. No combat. Just exploration and pure, uncut wonder.

    Aside from that, I dunno; maybe The Path or Amnesia for the PC? To keep this “no combat” train rollin’.

  2. Adam should play Skyrim, I’ve seen a non-gamer just walk around that world and have so much fun, put difficulty on easy and install some graphics mods for him, same with Fallout 3, GTA IV as well just because all those games are really just wondering around a massive world which anyone can appreciate. Also I think Portal is the perfect match for Adam if he hasn’t played it yet.

  3. I have a few suggestions if you’re giving him a guided tour to look at worlds.

    • Skyrim – Huge World
    • Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood – Most recognisable locations and a nicely designed city
    • Fallout 3 – Similar to Skyrim
    • Portal 2 – All levels all the time
    • Knights of the Old Republic 1 – Maybe not but it’s a classic
    • HALO: ODST – Very atmospheric but with classic Halo design
    • Shadows of the Colossus – Obvious
    • Journey – Also obvious
    • Mass Effect 1 – Some cool places to explore.
    • Mass Effect 2 – Some different/same places to explore.
    • Mincecraft – Tested Server
    • FEZ – Pixelated Exploration could be interesting
    • Bastion – Cool worlds in a unique art style.
    • BioShock – Rapture

    That’s all I can think of, maybe not the best list, it depends if he’s playing, if he’s watching, if it’s co-op, if you use cheats… numerous factors.

  4. I’ll second the Dear Esther recommendation, especially since it’s so short and can likely keep the attention of almost anyone who puts an honest effort to experience everything in that game.

    I’d also recommend Zeno Clash, despite the fact that it’s a fairly flawed game. It definitely has a bizarre, weird quality that Adam might appreciate given his curiosity for the exploration aspect of games. The combat is pretty simple at the easiest difficulty and I’ll also mention that this is yet another short one (3-5 hrs, tops).

  5. Please, please, please play Fez. That is the one game I’ve played that has truly given me the sense of exploration and discovery I love. The world is so intricately crafted and beautiful, and the pixel art is amazing. Definitely check it out.

  6. I would strongly (but humbly) suggest a game called Dear Esther. It sounds almost exactly like what Adam would enjoy in a video game. You can find it on Steam for around $10.00 or less.

  7. For raw exploration, interesting (but very well thought out) physics, and very little in the way of death (the environment can be threatening, and occasional turrets, but no real enemies to speak of), portal and portal 2 have to climb the top of the list for what Adam’s described.

  8. So, there’s something I’ve been avoiding saying, partially due to a bit of hero worship.

    Alright, here goes.

    Adam, if you aren’t playing the games with your kids, you’re doing a disservice to them by removing gaming entirely without trying to experience this with them. If they were into playing soccer, you’d probably be out there actively encouraging them. If they wanted to make something, you’d be encouraging them and discussing how to go about it.

    Very few parents will ever try the same approach to video gaming.

    This is a disservice to the child. It’s something they enjoy and that they want to do. If you aren’t at least trying to experience it with them or even watching it, then you are creating a barrier between them and yourself.

    So many parents use video games as a distraction for their kids, as a reward, or even as a temporary baby sitter. However, whenever it comes in conflict with their interests, suddenly they treat video games as the enemy. This is confusing behavior for any human being to go through.

    Anyways, here’s people who can explain this better than I can:



  9. Adam would absolutely love Shadow of the Colossus. You start out being able to traverse this beautiful and enormous landscape on horseback or on foot from the beginning. You don’t have to follow the story and you don’t have any paths locked off without progressing. It is stunningly beautiful and seems to be perfect for what you described.

    I would also highly recommend Journey because there’s no real way to die, there’s not much skill needed to complete, and it is one of the most beautiful pieces of art I have ever seen.

    Both of these games have a fantastic soundtrack to accompany them, and would be worth playing just for that. Journey’s soundtrack has just been nominated for a Grammy.

  10. I second the recommendations of Shadow of the Colossus, Journey, Portal, and Portal 2.

    Okami is also a really lovely game, with great style and little difficulty. The campaign might be too long for someone without a lot of free time though.

    Mirror’s Edge might also be interesting, with excellent visuals and ambiance- but the enemies and poor story sorta wreck it, in my opinion.

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