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The As Yet Untitled Adam Savage Project #1 – On the Subject of Man Caves – 6/5/2012

Adam, Will, and Norm discuss the cultural relevance of the term man cave. Adam explains why he calls his shop a man cave, and why he’s OK with it.

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One thought on “The As Yet Untitled Adam Savage Project #1 – On the Subject of Man Caves – 6/5/2012

  1. Scooopex just replied to your comment:

    It may look like a clone of Minecraft at first glance, but it is not so much about building huge buildings. Terraria has more items to find, NPC’s to attract to your house/town, more enemies and bosses to kill.

    When you explore you find items that upgrade your health and mana.
    Here is some let’s plays you can watch if you are curious:

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