Adam Savage Builds the LEGO NASA Apollo Saturn V!

Join us for a special LEGO with Friends! Adam, Norm, and Will work together to build the LEGO NASA Apollo Saturn V, a massive model that’s beautifully designed and structurally impressive. We’ve been eagerly waiting to build this new LEGO Ideas set since we first heard about it!

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30 thoughts on “Adam Savage Builds the LEGO NASA Apollo Saturn V!

  1. I’ve got the set sitting here in the box, and i’m not yet going to build it. i enjoy the moment of wanting to build it. and just looking at the box.

    Also, at €120 this thing is cheap for lego (it’s 1969 pieces) and it will sell out real fast, and you can be sure that next year it will be at least $250 on ebay. The R2D2 i have now sell’s for 3 times the original price.

  2. Is it really 1969 pieces? That’s awesome. Wonder how much effort they put into hitting that number.

  3. Where are you seeing a price of 120? On amazon it’s seems to be going for 199.95, tempting… but on the expensive side.

  4. Chascreff: He said that was the price in Euros, and it matches what is listed on the official store (Europe). 🙂

  5. Yes, you’re right, that’s the price if you buy it direct from lego. So amazon put about a 100% markup… wow

  6. Damn! Mine doesn’t show up until Friday.

    I’m probably going to have to hold off watching until I’ve got it in my hands.

  7. as for the number of pieces, yes they did it so it’s 1969.

    as for the price, it’s 119.99 euro here if you buy it in the official stores.

    Thursday was a pre sale date for lego vip members, so my brother went to the closest lego store, and for us that’s the one in Lille, France. So He already build his set, but i’m just going to see how long i can last without opening it. As Amazon already put the price at $199 i’m now more than sure this is a great investment.

  8. As Amazon already put the price at $199

    All of the prices over $119 are third-party sellers. People profiting on the demand for a limited edition set. I’m seeing prices as high as $350 plus shipping.

  9. The irreverence shown in the thoughtlessness and wanton destruction of such a thing of beauty left me appalled!

    How can you do that to the instruction manual 😛

    This subject prompted a rather lengthy IM discussion with my friends.

  10. Amazingly in depth but …. 30 minutes of how you saw, what you looked like seeing it, how it worked, and what it was like to experience, but only the barest mention of what it is you actually saw, sun/asteroid about 3sec almost at the very end and no visualization is frustrating.

    I can certainly recognize that screen capture may not have represented the experience well, or not even possible with this technology, but some sort of ‘descriptive’ representation of what your seeing and how you interacted would have helped.

    I can presume differently than VR where you would see fully drawn space, this was different, but surprised that the designer hasn’t created stills that represent the experience. I’m familiar with the light field camera and so can equate it in my mind, but its a guess.

    Not blaming tested or the maker, but a curious problem of discussing something so new and difficult to describe. Its unusual to get so much practical detail about something and yet only have a concept in my mind of what actually happened.

    Ultimately that is going to mean more and new types of descriptors until the shared experience can be drawn upon, but perhaps until then, part of the gap into making this mainstream.

    Great stuff, even without any of the ‘what’. Sharing only because its missing and interesting how that can happen in this kind of discussion and not entirely uncommon.

  11. Thing is big… dont know where to put it in my house 😀

    You forgot the ‘fez’ like brick which keeps te LM/LEM in place inside the rocket. And you can replace the “white” ACM + launch escape (the entire white part on top) with the printed/grey ACM, which can connect to the LEM.

  12. I will buy a set with grocery money if it means Adam Savage comes to my apartment to nole the set out.
    Yes, I am calling you out Adam Savage!

  13. I’m so jealous. I got up at 5am the morning it was released and ordered it. Aaaaand it was back ordered already 🙁 I’ll get it but it will take a bit longer.

  14. Thanks for alerting me to this fantastic kit.

    Just ordered 2 ( one for me & one for my brother ) should be an excellent way to get back into lego building after 30 years


    But I own the REAL THING. 😉

    Adam – my parents worked on the Apollo 11 mission in the 60’s and I have a hand made model made by the Engineers and given to my Father when they move to Washington State. Checkout the photos!

    I travel to SF a couple times a year and would gladly box it up and bring it by the cave if you wanted to see it! Just let me know. 🙂

  16. As soon as i finished watching this video. I rushed over to and ordered one up. Doesn’t arrive till July, but cant wait to get building. This is the first lego set i have bought ever i think, built lots but never bought for myself!

  17. Amazing!

    Today my boyfriend and i we went to a shop and bought the Droid Escape Pod 75136 of the Star Wars Lego so we can built it together on our anniversary. After watching this video we found out that we had the same lego space shuttle “Lego System 6464” as a kid and i am pretty sure next year we will built the NASA Apollo Saturn V or something similar to that.

  18. Do not get me wrong I love you guys and what you are doing been following for years but I just need to say that I registered today to express my concern. You guys probably got this model for free (and again correct me if I am wrong) days in advance, but regular joes like me only hope to be able to order it. Kind of disappointing that we do not get the same privilege as you guys. but again this as nothing to do against you the Lego company just probably sent you a model because they where sure that you build it on tested.

    Keep up the good work


  19. So I got to have extra fun watching this video because of two things:

    1. While I was watching this video, my doorbell rang and our postal carrier handed me a box containing my very own Saturn V LEGO set. Yes, for real. That just happened.

    2. I am wearing the exact same Seiko dive watch that Adam has on in the video. Good choice, Adam!

  20. So excited to see Will coming back for a segment! More Will in the futureeee pleasee! Great build guys!

  21. 11:03 a fly crawls at the top of Adam’s assembly.

    I just finished building mine before watching this. This is now one of my favourite models of all time in 30+ years of lego building. Well done to all involved.

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