Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Mercury Spacesuit Wrist Rings, Part 2

Adam is back to finish his replica wrist connectors for his new Mercury spacesuit costume! After the arduous process of machining the glove rings in the first part, Adam gets to the fun of weathering the aluminum to look like real vintage NASA hardware. And for that, he brings out a new piece of equipment that he hasn't used for a build before--a rock tumbler for real wear and tear!

Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Spacesuit Glove Wrist Rings!

Adam's latest machining project is a return to his Mercury spacesuit replica, his very first spacesuit replica project that keeps on getting improvements. Adam just upgraded the gloves on this suit with an amazing custom sewn pair, and turns to machining the distinct wrist coupler rings that connect them to the main suit. It's a painstaking process of turning a large round aluminum bar into hardware that looks right out of NASA's spacesuit shop.

Show and Tell: Bandai's 1/144 Saturn V Model Set!

Adam unboxes and reviews the Bandai die-cast model of NASA's Saturn V rocket and Apollo 11 lunar module!

One Day Build Commentary: NASA Spacesuit Parts!

In this Tested Premium/Patron exclusive, Adam watches and comments on a build that not only "kicked his ass," but one that changed the way he thinks about what is "reasonable to talk about" (especially his emotional rollercoaster as a maker) in a Tested video: NASA Spacesuit Parts.

Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Spacesuit Display Stand!

This weekend build is a speedy one: Adam recently saw the need to improve the display stands for his spacesuits in the workshop, so they both look better displayed as well as are easier to work on while standing up. It's a build that'll require modifying a foam mannequin with a welded stand, and makes use of an effective self-leveling laser tool!