Adam's One Day Builds: Spacesuit Negative Pressure Chamber!

While admiring the aesthetic fidelity of his new spacesuit glove replicas, Adam comes up with the idea to test its pressure seal by building a negative pressure chamber!

Adam's One Day Builds: Miniature Astronaut Display!

Perhaps the smallest EMU spacesuit in Adam's collection is this 1/4-scale Blitzway replica he purchased this past year--a remarkably detailed recreation of the iconic NASA spacesuits worn by astronauts on spacewalks outside the ISS.

Adam's One Day Builds: EPIC Spacesuit! (Part 4)

We're at the final stretch of Adam's extensive build of two xEMU-inspired spacesuits that's consumed the latter of half of 2021.

PREMIUM –Adam's One Day Builds: Apollo A7L Spacesuit Neck Ring Fix

In this Tested Premium/Patron exclusive, Adam disassembles the malfunctioning neck ring that's part of his Apollo A7L spacesuit.

Adam's One Day Builds: EPIC Spacesuit! (Part 3)

The hard parts get married the soft parts as Adam's xEMU-inspired spacesuit contines to take form.