Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Workshop Filming Slate!

Adam builds a piece of production equipment to assist with his self-filmed One Day Builds and other videos while we’re working remotely. It’s a classic production slate to help identify shots, sync audio, and is just fun to use! It also allows Adam to repurpose a variety of shop materials and make use of his tabletop bandsaw–using mini tools to make a mini slate!

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5 thoughts on “Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Workshop Filming Slate!

  1. Rather than airdrop, there is a much more reliable way to get media off your phone: use the Image Capture utility on your Mac. (do a command + space search for it your Mac and it’ll pop right up.) You’ll have to plug your phone in via USB but it’s a much more stable and reliable transfer than Airdrop. I’ve used it to move thousands of photos and videos into Lightroom and Premier.

  2. I must admit I kind of held my breath when you drilled that acrylic… was it just thick enough stuff that it had no risk of shattering? or was it the fact that it was held in a slot? I’ve seen more than one piece of acrylic crack or shatter when drilled.

  3. FYI – They have Neon DRY ERASE markers for use on BLACK dry-erase boards. Faster than putting TAPE on the board each time.

  4. I noticed that your spring loaded awl is cool but it would be way cooler with the Razor Crest knob for the palm just a thought. Could be a cool one day build!!

  5. I do wonder about the video recording process though. This is an iPhone, yes? On a tripod, yes? Could you use a gimbal mount to always keep the iPhone horizontal, unless you intentionally tilt or pan? And could you find a different way of mounting it to power equipment that doesn’t cause nausea inducing waves do to the vibration of the equipment?

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