Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Workshop Hardware Storage!

Adam revamps the hardware storage system for his workshop by building a new custom wall of storage bins! Nuts, bolts, and all manner of hardware now live in this new sorter system that rolls perfectly into its new home in the cave. Happy sorting! (Find the sorting bins Adam used here!)

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23 thoughts on “Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Workshop Hardware Storage!

  1. Oh, my workshop needs one of those!

    Sorting the bolts, nuts and washers into pick bins was one of the best things I did to organise the place years ago but I don’t have the space for a rack that size so I’m constantly annoyed by the compromises I had to make.

  2. Great project to see built–the big ideas could have been applied to any shop storage. We all have our little ways–I would have used ply for the sides and base as well, and followed my shop rule of giving everything a quick splash of easily-renewed shellac. Adam is definitely right about using six casters–in a tight shop all-casters is the way to go no matter that in principle having a combination of casters and fixed wheels make it easier to steer.. Also, it needs handles like the two-sided Mark I version–good handles shave pounds off things you gotta move.

  3. Serious question from someone who knows zero about welding:

    What is Gunther/Joey/any cam-op wearing when someone they’re filming is welding? And is it just a distance thing for proximity to the weld that requires a mask? I worked at a steel fabrication shop for two summers and I never heard one way or the other, so I always looked away even if the welding was fifty feet across the shop.

    I’ve always been curious about camera sensors dealing with welding light because I’ve heard time and again to not point a camera directly at the sun because you’ll damage the sensor and I’ve heard time and again to not look at welding because you’ll damage your eyes just like the sun.

    So is that a false equivalency? Am I presuming a little too much?

  4. Watching this makes me really glad I live in a region that uses metric nuts and bolts. I feel my head is spinning from reading all those fractal labels.

  5. The UV radiation will absolutely fry retinas but not all that much else. If you’re doing really short little sessions you can work with goggles and be reasonably safe but the mask offers the most protection from light, impacts and fumes, they can house active electronics that react to the light level automatically and it’s also a lot easier to flip up and down with heavy gloves on–which he really should have been wearing. Coat but no gloves is fairly backwards. You also shouldn’t pull the guard off an angle grinder.

    If it were a commercial shop then there would need to be a welding curtain up to contain everything better but that would make filming impossible and I don’t think OSHA rolls through there too often. Given the exposure I’m assuming there was likely an ND filter on the camera and its also entirely possible that they shot the welds with a cheapo nobody cared about.

  6. I am sure that Adam has many many ideas as how to improve the storage for anything and everything in his shops. I can see him always looking around his work shop and think ways to improve.

  7. I know he had a whole spiel on welding the wheels, but it’s funny considering his whole chapter on mechanical connections versus glue.

  8. Surprised noone mentions the lack of wearing gloves and open jacket. I know that he’s the kind of builder that simply wants stuff done fast and never had an issue with it before, but that’s how accidents happen at a certain point.

  9. Love ya, but you do know you can just clamp the welder ground directly to the work, right?
    No need to balance that entire monster on the welding table, you could just set it on the floor and weld with the ground clamped to it.

  10. OH MAN, Did you see? He was drinking blur! If watching Adam has taught me anything, when you mix blur and blur, something explodes.

  11. I used to work in a commercial shop in Europe, that was very rarely touched by any form of formal oversight. The guys doing the welding were well protected, and honestly I doubt some of those guys had any reaction to the light so hardened were they. They were sitting in reflective aluminium boxes welding interior seams for hours, days on end. I was on the other end of the shop, and more than once found myself losing vision for an hour after I got home. I must have done some serious damage to my eyes, but oddly, it was working on a laptop that made me get glasses, a few years later.

  12. HI Adam and all the rest of the tested team!

    I really enjoy watching your videos, and have gotten so many useful tips on the way!

    I watched this ODB and thought, hmm, wouldnt a “Pater Noster” system be a perfect ODB for just this purpose?

    If you take a look at this build, maybe you can find inspiration?

    He made a simple system using baby-food-jars where the lid was mounted in the system, thus, the jar can be easily removed for usage.

    Have a great day!

    // Johan from Sweden.

  13. Thoroughly enjoyed this video, a solid mix of skillsets applied, (carpentry, welding, tinkering, etc.). I noticed the Firefly poster on the shop door, would love to see you do some Firefly prop replicas, like Mal’s blaster.

  14. one thing I am eternally grateful for is that I took a welding class in college and for a few years had access to a full metal shop and assortment of welding techniques and tools. The fusing of metals is endlessly fascinating and a blast to learn to do.

  15. I blame this video for my new storage in my studio… 2 monster shelves for sketch books/paper/reference material and for all of my paint/marker/pens/pencils. It was nice to listen to someone problem solve while I problem solved. Thanks- Ill be revisiting when I make my scrap sorter for the workshop.

  16.   I can’t speak to the pro cameras, but I recently set up my phone to document some welding. Luckily I have one of those tempered glass screen protectors, but the sparks cracked it in several places. (Phone screen was fine underneath.) Next time I’ll clamp it out of harms way or make a plexi partition if I want to get right up in the welding!

  17. Did I miss the link for the Storage Bins? Hunted Amazon can’t find the narrow design…. Please help! 🙂

  18. This video inspired me to create my own limited storage/supply system that works for my limited project/build space. I don’t have a man cave/shop and generally have to drag everything out of my garage or work on stuff in place.

    I already had some big DeWalt portable parts holders that I use for the various drywall & wood screws. It was easier for me to store in the garage and either drag the whole box or open it up and just grab the particular bin I needed and take it to the project.

    What I didn’t have were general nuts & bolts. It felt like I’d have to make two or three trips to the hardware store to buy the stuff I needed, or at the very least a trip for every little thing I planned on doing. I’m a newer transplant to Oklahoma and have to work around the weather, being polite to the neighbors, etc. Having to stop to go to the store might means I get a late start or I might as well pack everything in ’cause it’ll be too hot to work comfortably outside.

    So after watching this video and thinking about it a bit I realized that there was a lot of value to having my own little supply stash in my garage….and I’ve had good luck with using DeWalt containers.

    Sure enough they had smaller 10 and 20 compartment boxes.

    I’ve probably spent in the range of $250-$300, not all at once, but I have an extra empty 10 component box and a 20 compartment box filled with 1/4″ hardware in larger sizes. I love these things because they clip together for storage……kind of heavy to carry around clipped together, but it is currently doable. The top of each bin clamps down securely so even the washers don’t move around, at least on top. the bins are adjustable and the molding on the bottom has a little “wiggle-room” so smaller washers can migrate, but normally just get stuck in the depression. Really not an issue unless you only have the one washer left….

    I might have used one of these bins to store the nuts & bolts I had leftover for projects, but I would never have front-loaded a supply if not for this video. Doing this has made things so much easier and the expense is so worth it. Also buy buying the hardware in bulk I’m saving some money there….probably not enough to justify the expense. The justification there comes from time and frustration savings.

    Thanks for sharing and the inspiration!

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