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Ask Adam: On Interacting With Fans

Adam answers questions -- from Tested members Clove Wright, Vickie Bligh and Charles White -- on subjects ranging from public appearances to upcoming One Day Builds to shop infrastructure!

Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Workbench Vise Upgrade!

One of the biggest upgrades made to Adam's shop over the past year has been the addition of his new workbench, which was made by woodworker and engineer Andrew Klein. And as Adam has used this workbench's numerous features for his builds, he's come up with ideas of his own to make the bench work better for his needs. Today's upgrade is to the bench's vise, giving its handle better ergonomics and a design inspired by the handles on his mill.

Adam Savage's One Day Builds: OneWheel Electric Skateboard Mods!

Adam loves riding his OneWheel XR electric skateboard around the neighborhood, and makes modifications to his board to give it some attachable payload capacity as well as GoPro mounts to film his rides. The satchel he sews allows him to repurpose car airbag he rescued from a car in his MythBuster days, and the camera mounts will give us a sense of how smoothly the board glides up San Francisco's hills. And the modifications aren't completely without a custom charging stand to build as well!

Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Star Wars Acrylic Paints Rack!

Adam adds a very special set of acrylic paints to his workshop: Archive-X's line of paints designed to exactly replicate the colors used in painting the studio scale models for Star Wars and other ILM modelshop projects. These are hues that are very familiar to Adam's sense memory of working at the ILM modelshop, and he spends today building a display and storage rack for this awesome collection.

Adam Savage Reorganizes His Workshop's Material Storage!

It's a task we all put off doing in our workshops, but it's about time for Adam to inventory, resupply, and reorganize his shop's material storage wall! Just as his tool storage reflects his build philosophy and workflows, material storage is just as important and needs the same attention to detail. And in this cleanup and organization process, Adam reflects on how his builds have evolved and what materials he's gravitated more towards over the past year. Let's hang out in this shop infrastructure day and please share how you keep your build materials organized in your own shops!