One Day Builds

Shop Infrastructure

Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Star Wars Acrylic Paints Rack!

Adam adds a very special set of acrylic paints to his workshop: Archive-X's line of paints designed to exactly replicate the colors used in painting the studio scale models for Star Wars and other ILM modelshop projects. These are hues that are very familiar to Adam's sense memory of working at the ILM modelshop, and he spends today building a display and storage rack for this awesome collection.

Adam Savage Reorganizes His Workshop's Material Storage!

It's a task we all put off doing in our workshops, but it's about time for Adam to inventory, resupply, and reorganize his shop's material storage wall! Just as his tool storage reflects his build philosophy and workflows, material storage is just as important and needs the same attention to detail. And in this cleanup and organization process, Adam reflects on how his builds have evolved and what materials he's gravitated more towards over the past year. Let's hang out in this shop infrastructure day and please share how you keep your build materials organized in your own shops!

Adam Savage's One Day Builds: 3D Print UV Curing Oven!

As Adam becomes more familiar with the post-processing workflow for his new Formlabs 3L 3D printer, he goes through the rite of passage for SLA 3D printer owners: building his own UV curing oven for finishing his resin print parts. It's a straightforward build that can be adapted for any size, and Adam goes big to make a parts curing station that can hold all the prints that come off of the Form 3L's large build plate! Follow along to make your own with the components list below!

Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Form 3L Resin 3D Printer Station!

Adam sets up a new machine in the cave: a Formlabs Form 3L that's his first workshop 3D printer! To get it up and running, he builds a cart for the printer to live on with storage and workspace for processing the resin prints that come out of his large formfactor machine. And after running his first test print, Adam reveals his plans for putting the Form 3L through it paces with a prop and costume project he's working on this Spring!

Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Shop Dust Collection System!

It's about time: Adam revamps his shop's dust collection system by building a network of ducts for his various woodworking stations that feed to a Delta dust retriever that lives in the cave's loft. In the process, Adam demonstrates ways to make shop dust collection more efficient and even builds in a drop-down vacuum hose help make short work of shop clean-ups after future One Day Builds!