One Day Builds


Adam's One Day Builds: Nagra Recorder Handle Bar

Adam is absolutely enamored by the beauty of his new Nagra IV-S audio recorder, and builds a custom aluminum carrying handle in the spirit of its industrial design.

Adam's One Day Repairs: Vintage Lathe Drill Chuck!

Adam returns from a trip to the local Alameda flea market with a joyous find: a massive Jacobs drill chuck that can mount his collection of large annular cutters in the lathe.

Adam's One Day Build: Workbench Cubby Door!

While working on an upcoming One Day Build, Adam finds time for a mini shop repair project replacing the cubby door on his old workbench storage!

Adam Upgrades His R2-D2 Astromech Droid Build!

Adam first completed his R2-D2 astromech replica over 17 years ago, and it's finally time to take it a part and give it some much-needed upgrades!

Adam's One Day Builds: Adding Casters to Costume Cases!

In this quick build, Adam shows off the collapsible carrying case he uses for his Captain America Stealth Suit cosplay, and makes an upgrade to the metal case by adding sturdy wheels to its base!