Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Snub-Nosed Blade Runner Blasters!

Adam puts together a beautiful Blade Runner-inspired snub-nosed blaster kit! Both Norm and Adam both work on their kits, each taking a different approach to the paint and finish. Adam goes one step further by adding machined metal parts to his blaster, giving it a brilliant look and some real heft. The blasters turned out amazing!

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37 thoughts on “Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Snub-Nosed Blade Runner Blasters!

  1. Arts Wow, cool to see you in the digital flesh. Question: Do you have a shop where you sell your kits? A quick google search didn’t bring anything up.

    Thanks for keeping the world interesting.

  2. Great one day build!

    However, and this may have been asked before, Adam always
    blows the equipment with compressed air blowing dust and particles all over the
    place. Why do you not use a vacuum cleaner? I think that would be much better for
    a lot of reasons. To name a few health, fire hazard and avoiding dust in paint

  3. Awesome build ! I love the aluminium and the ivory combination! Btw, what is the axact name of this alclad clear coat? I struggled with sealing chrome so much before !

  4. Arts You are likely to get a lot of emails and messages regarding this kit, including questions about pricing, lead times, etc. And SquareSpace is already seeing the “hug of death” from Tested 😀

  5. Great build, enjoyed watching every moment of it.

    Maybe you next build could be making shields out of leather or some such for the sides of your glasses?

  6. Pretty disappointed Tested continues to fetishize guns. You’re better than this, and you could be using your platform and your reach to make a difference, but it seems like you can’t get away from it. “But- Blade Runner!” Sure, whatever. You won’t miss me, but I’m done with this site.

  7. Please can we get the name of the clear coat Adam uses on the chrome paint? Getting a good chrome finish is so hard

  8. This video was fantastic. I’m going to have to watch it again (at least once) to pick up new stuff. But, all the stories about making mistakes was very, very comforting. It’s easy to start thinking I’m the only one who makes terrible mistakes and wastes hours undoing them.

  9. A bit of clarification on the process I used to make the original patterns… Some parts, like the receiver slide, the ammo clip and the trigger guard were modeled and 3D printed at very high res. The basic forms for the frame, sides and grips were CNC’s out of high density urethane foam and then the final shaping done by hand. The triggers were actually molded from original Bulldog parts, the gun used as the core of the movie prop. Again, great job Adam and Norm!

  10. For kicks I put together an Amazon list of all the main things (tools, paint, etc) they were using for this kit. If anyone is curious. I found similar stuff if it wasn’t the exact things they were using. It was put together pretty quickly and I chose a loose interpretation of what they were using if I had no idea the brand they were using. I always end up curious on the tools Adam uses, so I figured since I look up some of the stuff anyway, I might as well share.

  11. Added the blue spray! Thanks!

    It’s on my list I made. Another reason why I made the list because I wanted to know myself. It’s called a long nosed pattern marker although I don’t know the exact one he has in the video.

  12. This was a great video, but I have to say one thing to Norm:

    Files, at least normal cut files, leaving out a few very special types of double-cut files, only work in one direction. (99% of the time, the push stroke). You will get better results and cleaner filing if you can learn to work the file in one direction, rather than sawing back and forth.

    In some cases, applying downward pressure while pulling back on the file can even dull or damage the file. The ideal “path” for filing should be slightly elliptical – flat and parallel to the desired work plane on the push stroke, then lifted slightly for the return.

    We’re all guilty of trying to use a file like sandpaper (back and forth), especially in tight spaces (I saw Adam do it at least once in the video as well). However, this is one of those distinctions between a really competent machinist/tool user vs. a casual user – try it out and I promise you should see longer tool life and better results.

    I was glad to see Adam left you with a file card (the metal brush-looking thing) to keep the file clean, though. That helps a TON.

  13. In the dictionary under the word “overkill” is a link to Adam and this video….. but in a good, crazy awesome kind of way.

  14. I really love the instructional parts of these videos and I think it worked really well to have Norman in the video so you could teach him some things about tools and whatnot. Keep up that format, I love it!

  15. Awesome one day build! I hope you keep them coming! Great tip on how the Alclad Clear Coat plays well together with some metallic finishes. Very good tip!

  16. hey adam i got a build that could work if you want to try it how about you try and make a nerf revolver but not just any revolver try and model it after the colt 45 peacemaker or as it is know as the gun that one the west it would be very cool i dont think anyone has made an attempt to make this kind of nerf gun

  17. This is a fantastic build! No matter if it takes a day or a week, the results are cool and satisfying all the same.

  18. G’day Adam

    The other day I needed to have a replacement shoe made for G-clamp part of a monitor stand, so I went off to the workshop and asked one of the maintenance guys there to turn me up a replacement, he did this using some steel bar on the mega huge lathe they have, having not touched a lathe since my school days (so long ago) I watched the entire process with interest and was wondering how he was going to handle the parting off process imagining the part would fly off or end up in the troth, his method however was to simply take a scribe and just let the part casually slip onto it, When I watched your build just now I thought this method might work for you too. Cheers.

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