One Day Builds

Prop Builds

Adam Builds His Own Lightsaber!

Adam makes a lightsaber of his own design, machining a beautiful hilt of aluminum to encase around a neopixel-based Pixel Core electronics kit. From the ornate emitter shroud to the painstakingly knurled hand grip, this project is both a labor of love for Star Wars and also a milestone in Adam's machining journey.

Adam Upgrades His R2-D2 Astromech Droid Build!

Adam first completed his R2-D2 astromech replica over 17 years ago, and it's finally time to take it a part and give it some much-needed upgrades!

Adam's One Day Builds: Chinatown Stunt Knife (Corridor Crew FX Challenge!)

In this very SPECIAL One Day Build, a collaboration with @Corridor Crew , Adam replicates one of his favorite practical effects: the bloody knife-attack scene from the 1974 film Chinatown.

Adam's One Day Builds: Aliens Motion Tracker Prop!

Adam tackles a key piece of his Aliens Colonial Marines cosplay with the assembly and finishing of a Motion Tracker prop kit from propmaker Victor Broadley!

Adam's One Day Builds: Aliens Welding Torch!

As part of his ongoing Aliens Colonial Marines armor cosplay, Adam has been recreating the distinct hand props from James Cameron's masterpiece.