Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Refridgerated Cooling Suit!

One of Adam’s longstanding cosplay goals is finding a way to stay cool under his costumes while wearing them all day. He’s tried a variety of cool suits and hacked-togethered water-circulation units, and today he enlists the help of engineer and scientist Kipp Bradford to build a compact refridgeration system that he can wear. In fact, the system they build is a replica of the cooling unit in the spacesuit simulator used in NASA’s HI-SEAS experiment!

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24 thoughts on “Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Refridgerated Cooling Suit!

  1. I have questions!

    I know you’re pressed for horizontal space, but did you consider mounting the top heat exchanger horizontally? That would take advantage of natural convective airflow (eg. the warmed air from the heat exchanger would naturally rise), which might make your fan have to run a bit less.

    Also: I’d be interested in Kipp’s take on phase-change vs Peltier coolers for applications of this size.

  2. I have watched you for years and love all the content. Being a mechanical engineer in the field of HVAC myself it makes me beyond happy to see content like this from you and even more so how fascinated you got with all the thermodynamics and concepts involved. Its nice to see what I do everyday be so interesting and important to someone else who rarely gets face-time with it.

    As always great science communicators and fantastic job bridging the gaps in the fields as Kipp was describing! Great and fun build.

  3. I would be curious to know what the total build cost of this unit is. I know its probably not something anyone can build, but it would be interesting to see just what it cost to stop Adam getting a sweaty body

  4. More of Kipp and content like this please! (I hope there is a part 2 where Adam puts this to use in one of his costumes.)

  5. This is indeed incredibly awesome. Thanks for the fantastic video!

    Is there any way we can get a list of parts/suppliers? I’m very interested in replicating something like this.

  6. as was mentioned in the video, i know you need a license for the gas used – how possible is it to make something like this (safely) using gases that can be filled at home (like co2) or is just too risky to DIY these kind of systems, let alone getting the parts as was also mentioned?

  7. You wouldn’t necessarily need to get a license. Just take it to a local auto shop.

    Any place that does repair work on auto A/C systems will have someone with a license. Schedule a time with them in advance and walk in with everything you’d need ready to go.

  8. More content from Kipp in the future please, this was one of the best videos you guys have put out in a while, IMO. Thanks!

  9. THIS.

    This represents everything we come to Tested for. It has Adam (no slight meant to everyone else!!), it has costuming, it has science, it has an incredibly talented, articulate, and smart guest, it has learning, it has tips, tricks and great demos.

    My golly!

  10. More of Kipp please! His explanation was amazing and easy to follow, one of the best videos in awhile. 😀 Amazing work guys.

  11. Great Video just a note R134a (the best automotive refrigerant IMHO 🙂 ) main use is automotive is being phased out as it does has a very small component of a anti-ozone they’re bringing in 1234YF which is a blend which separates if left standing, I believe is flamible if sprayed onto hot surface.For direct (contact) cooling I would have thought 5°C evap temp to been cool enough and it makes the system a little more efficient. DOn’t forget that you’ll have to deal with condensation on the evaporator, It is not plumbed for it but some systems just drip the condensationinto a metal ‘dish’ around the compressor to evaporate it.

    Thanks for the vid

  12. Can’t seem to edit my comment. Just remembered the insulation on the evaporator so no issues with condensation.

  13. Very interesting build. Now that the Freon system is done can we talk Adam into taking some data on the Freon system versus ice bath or wax packs in a water bath based systems? Have him put on the space suit tethered to the different cooling systems and the vintage RAF pajamas – for science! Same circ pump, same pajamas, just monitor flow and temps and see how well they all do and how much power the micro fridge uses.

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