Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: NASA ACES Spacesuit Helmet!

Adam puts together the very complex and intricate assembly of 3D printed and machined parts for his NASA ACES spacesuit helmet replica. This helmet includes contributions from multiple makers, including The Broken Nerd, Punished Props, and Shawn Thorsson. And as is sometimes the case with a One Day Build, this build isn’t without its complications.

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8 thoughts on “Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: NASA ACES Spacesuit Helmet!

  1. Hey Adam and or Norm! My father is the creator of the pewter gorilla with the wrench hood ornament that is on Adams Lathe in his workshop! My dad wanted to gift Adam a custom one with his glasses on the gorilla! Please let me know whom to contact thanks again

  2. Adam

    Quick tip on the pipe bender.

    Stick the arm with the former in a vice and then you can get a much easier and constant bend

  3. That’s so lovely, ! Here’s the mailing address to use: Adam Savage, c/o Ryan Kiser, Tested, 2261 Market St #377 San Francisco CA 94114

  4.  , Hi all at tested, as much as I love viewing your videos, I always wonder why there isn’t much of any support for the other makers that help out on the builds. I know that some get referenced in the in the videos, and have links available to their sites, but others do not. There is no mention of the person that Adam originally purchased the base helmet from, other than say he had to have reworked so it could be 3d printed, but links are provided for the 3d remodeler, and for the seamstress whom makes Adam’s suit form is mentioned by name, but again no link to her shop or website. I always thought Adam enjoyed helping out other makers, and providing access to their companies would be beneficial for them. I’m sure there may be reasons why this may not happen, but I think if the Tested staff is using products, I’m sure the fans of Tested would like to use and support these other makers as well.

  5. I love this build. I’ve actually seen the CAD models that were used in the design of those helmets by DCC and yours looks spot on. I just had one quick question and a couple of comments

    1) Did you make the bailer bar mechanism functional or does it just look right? In the real helmets, the pulling the bailer bar down rotates an eccentric pivot that pulls the visor against the seal around the helmet opening and effects the pressure seal. It looks like you have all the parts there but it also looks like the visor just pivots around the posts sticking out from the helmet. This is not a criticism in any way. I realize that this is just an (Awesome) costume and having the helmet actually sealed would be a bad thing on the convention floor. I was just wondering.

    2) In case anyone is interested, the “Anti-suffocation valve” is there to prevent an astronaut who has bailed out with the suit pressurized and then been rendered unconscious for some reason from suffocating when the oxygen supply the parachute harness runs out. It opens to allow outside air into the helmet when the astronaut breaths in (lowering the pressure in the helmet) and no O2 comes in from the supply manifold. The valves limits the usability of the ACES suit above about 150000 ft so it can’t be used for an EVA.

    3) The letter and color labels do have an SAR purpose but they are mostly used by the crew so they can tell which suit part belongs to whom when the go to put the suits back on at the end of mission before re-entry. The would stow all the suits together in net bags out of the way while they were in orbit.

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