Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: The First Spacesuit!

Adam Savage is obsessed with spacesuits, and his latest costume build for this year’s Comic-Con incognito walk is a replica of the very first spacesuit made for famed aviator Wiley Post in 1935. Adam’s also excited to experiment with Worbla in this build for the helmet, and make heavy use of his sewing machine for this striking suit!

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33 thoughts on “Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: The First Spacesuit!

  1. Rather appropriate to use E.V.A. foam for a space suit, even if this particular suit probably isn’t rated for E.V.A. 🙂

  2. I do believe I could watch Adam weather things for hours upon hours. This suit is a thing of beauty.

    Also, I second , I have a great resume I’d love to send in to be Freddy.

  3. Excellent, excellent build. Quilting can be a challenge. If you have the connections, I would highly recommend visiting quilters in an Amish community. Years ago, I had the opportunity to spend a weekend with a Mennonite family in Lancaster Co, PA and was totally blown away.

    Gender Neutral term for seamstress – sewist?

    Order of operation – I took chemistry instead of home ec in high school so my initial training was based on following the directions in patterns – in the States, the patterns came from Butterick, Simplicity and (if I was willing to spend the extra buck or two) Vogue. Your first stage of the bottom portion of the suit looked very familiar. Later, I borrowed tailoring books from the library and learned a great deal. The tailoring books treat the projects as engineering projects.

  4. Are we about to have a resume off? My dad’s name is Fred, I’ve got the Freddy-ness in my blood! Plus Dilly roles off the tongue.

  5. Perhaps we could talk to have a resume competition? I will agree, though, Dilly does sound nice, but imagine Adam yelling “Hey Turbo!” during one day builds. It’d make for good TV.

  6. This has got to be one of my favorite costume builds! Being a fan of early aviation I recognized the Wiley Post suit right away. My random comments; It’s a pressure suit, no reason to call it a space suit. Adam didn’t really “experiment with Warbla.” The helmet could have been made just as well and much cheaper out of polystyrene. That was sort of a waste of a $100 sheet of Warbla. I’d like to see him do an actual thermo-forming project using Warbla some day. Yes, spending $70 on a wingnut is the definition of “being taken.” It was great to see Adam make a quilted suit from scratch! I’d like to see more interesting sewing projects. One interesting detail about the suit I think he missed, Wiley Post was blind in his left eye, the porthole in his helmet was set slightly off to the right side!

  7. I think a resume full of esoteric Adam/Tested nonsense that gives us some semblance of “deserving” would be a blast. it would probably be a little narcissistic; but what resume isn’t a little narcissistic. Things like owning the red NASA hat, having built a spaceship out of cardboard or 3D printing a Norm block head and make a mold of it. Freddy has some competition! DillyHops and PressyTurbo are coming…and we might be qualified!

  8. ‘Sewist’ is what I see most often. I tend to go with ‘costumer’ personally, since I don’t want people asking me to make their prom dresses for them all the time, though.

    Just spent the day patterning out a one-piece jumpsuit, so watching this felt very familiar. Great fun as always.

  9. Is it just the camera angles, or is the mannequin Adam scaled down in size a significant amount for something made to be a near exact replica? Even though the mannequin is raised up on the rollers to move it around it looks like Adam is still a good couple inches taller than it, or is am I just crazy lol?

  10. I can’t seem to edit my post, but after getting to the end I see it was clearly just the camera angles and my imagination.

  11. step aside gentlemen…. my name is fred, as well as my grandfathers…so my resume gets moved to the top of the pile.

  12. Adam, keep the cut-offs of your patterns until you’ve finished that project. The piece you cut away has the same shape as the one you keep and it’s a good backup to have if something goes wrong.

  13. Excellent, excellent build. Quilting can be a challenge. If you have the connections, I would highly recommend visiting quilters in an Amish community……

  14. As for as I can find the term “seamster” is in fact fully gender neutral. It has been used in literature to denote both men and women who sew garments together, not those who design them but the labours whos job was to put them together.

    This has a nice list of historical examples of the word use.

    As always this was a fantastic video, giving me the itch to get back to my own Vorlon costume!

  15. I live in Bartlesville, Oklahoma… never heard of it? This is where Wiley Post tested this suit in December 1934. He was being payed by Phillips Petroleum Company to develop this suit (kind of like a sponsor) Wiley Post used Phillips Petroleum Company’s Gasoline to power his airplane. Phillips corporate headquarters in is Bartlesville, Oklahoma.

    I have been watching every “one day build” since Tested started doing them and I loved this post and couldn’t believe the subject when it popped up. Almost nobody knows who Wiley Post is but he has some amazing history. Look him up… developing this suit is one of his MINOR accomplishments. He was also the first to fly around the world solo!

    We have a local museum that has a replica of this suit that was donated but it doesn’t look accurate compared to photos (notably the wing nuts).

    Thank you for doing this… hopefully people will look up Wiley Post and learn about a guy who SHOULD be just as famous as Lindbergh.

  16. i believe it’s an exact body scan and print. got to be a pain for gloves with the watch printed there too lol

  17. did adam spray the pva or paint it? would have been easier to balloon latex it through a gun imo, not sure about spraying pva but if he had runs i guess it was painted on. at the least plastidip works but gets expensive lol.

  18. That sewing machine has gotten a lot of use the last few builds. Apparently it is the summer of sewing at tested. Love the builds.

  19. As I recall, the vision port was offset to one side because Post only had one eye. It was aligned with his good eye to give the maximum field of vision.

  20. I thank Adam and Tested team for this great build. I have a general comment about Adam’s weathering. Weathering everything as is if they were used in harsh conditions for many years is not realistic to me. For example this space suit would have been difficult to build at that time and only used couple of times. Because it is a critical item not easy to build. It must have been treated carefully. Also pilots may not get so dirty inside a cockpit. My suggestion is that the weathering should have a realistic story. This suit was not worn by a motor repair technician for 10 years.

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