PREMIUM – Making The Knights of Ren Cosplay, Part 1

For this year’s Silicon Valley Comic Con, Adam invited prop builder Darrell Maloney (aka Broken Nerd) to San Francisco to spend the week collaborating with him on his cosplay. Their idea: to create the Knights of Ren characters that were only briefly seen in The Force Awakens. Darrell kicks things off with his 3D modeling of the helmets, and brings the prints to the cave for a packed week of building. Let’s follow along!

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29 thoughts on “PREMIUM – Making The Knights of Ren Cosplay, Part 1

  1. I’m glad I have a PREMIUM subscription to but I think it would cool to have these videos posted for general audiences.

  2. Wonderful stuff and really inspiring! Just a heads-up to any parents showing this to their younger kids (as I was)…there’s an f-bomb at 4:32 and an s-bomb at 35:26. Hoping that more maker videos can be more PG-rated at some point! My kids worship you Adam! (Maybe I shouldn’t complain…it’s an excuse for me to watch twice.) Thanks for these awesome how-tos!

  3. They have started posting the Premium vids on Youtube after a time, so they’ll be seen eventually.

    EDIT: oh, I see Norm chimed in 🙂

  4. OK I realize I’m weird, very weird, but I swear they blurred the behind Adam manikan’s crotch bulge at the 19:31 make. But really does anyone else see it and if you do the question is why did they do it?

  5. I don’t think it was blurred, might just be an artifact. As for the mannequin crotch zoom at 15:44, that made me laugh.

  6. Adam, the word “chiral” does not mean what you think it means.

    A single shape can be “chiral” — that is, “asymmetric to itself, in a certain, specific way” — but you keep using it to describe two shapes that are mirror images. Even if the mirrored shape is chiral, when considered in isolation, it is the wrong term for describing the relation of these mirror images to each other.

    Your left hand is chiral. Your right hand is chiral as well. But their relation to each other is symmetry (well, roughly). Your two hands can’t be “chiral”, because there’s two of them. And if you consider the “pair of hands” as a single object, it isn’t chiral either, because this new object is bilaterally symmetrical and can therefore not be chiral (i.e. asymmetric).

    I think Norm was mistaken about the exact meaning of the word, when he told you about it a while ago during a lego build, because the test for chirality actually involves the mirror image of the tested shape (specifically you have to show that it cannot be made congruent with the original shape).

    Now, before the predictable argument arrives that this is “all semantics” and “Adam can call it whatever he likes,” and that words don’t mean anything, etc., I’d like you to consider what it would be like to work in the shop with someone who keeps saying “Elmer’s Glue” when they mean cyanoacrylate, or “screwdriver” when they mean a drill. See? Suddenly words do mean something after all, and semantics matter.

  7. Just checking – the Savage Industries tape measure does not seem to be available on Will it be available soon? Thx.

  8. Hahahahha I noticed the f-bomb too! I am very very far away from being offended or upset by any type of swearing, but it got my head spinning thinking about how things have changed because of the internet. I remember a lot of “bleeping” and censorship on Myth Busters over the years.

    Yes, maybe an f-bomb or other expletives can be a negative influence.. or… hmm… maybe it isn’t an issue at all?

    I have found as a people we desperately NEED those types of “power words” or “sounds” to express deeply felt feelings, like tremendous joy, awe, frustration or pain, on the spur of the moment. Those words need to have power to back them up. Swearing is hard to control on a personal level and since Tested is “reality programming” swearing is real life and part of the creative process. And spending time to bleep it or edit it out adds time to the process and simply calls more attention to it.

    Every language has swear words and most of them don’t sound the same at all. People NEED TO SWEAR sometimes.

    Side Note: When I became aware that I SWORE TOO FRAKKING MUCH, I learned to replace those words with alternatives like of course, FRAK (or is it frack? Original series spelled it frack I think). Another alternative I use sometimes is “Fudge Bunnies!!!” I do not know where that came from. It may be a warped reference to rabbit droppings. Before Battlestar Galactica and “frak” became a thing, I used “freak” and “freaking” a lot. Another one not so easy to use or effective is “Sugar Honey Ice Tea” I learned from the film Madagascar. It’s more of a way to swear without notice. It’s “cerebral”. You have to think about it when you say it to feel the power.

    This takes a long time to train yourself to replace expletives. Over time the replacements have the same power or close to it. However… uh… er… there are times when things happen that go way beyond the power of a replacement swear word and the old ones will only do for me.

  9. I just had the MOST enjoyable thought at around the 34 min. mark, when Adam is talking about the shared elements, finishes, fabrics etc between Kylo and his Knights.

    The Knights and Kylo all sitting around, maybe on the ship after a murder rampage or whatever, with the Monk saying “Hey Kylo, I noticed the lightsaber reflecting off your helmet’s finish looked REALLY cool. I was thinking about refinishing mine, and am thinking to doing something more like yours instead of just waxing it like normal. What do you do to get that look?” Or the Rogue saying “Man, Monk, that undertunic is really cool! Can I get the pattern for it? I think I’ll make it with some of the spare fabric Kylo gave me that he used for his pants. I think the cut is great and it will contrast well against my cloak.”

    Now I can’t think of them not hanging out and having a beer, watching broadcasts of the pod races, after Monk finds out that the person he is crushing on isn’t into dudes.

  10. Author Jon Ronson wrote a profile about Phoenix Jones, the “real life superhero” and his friends, in which they basically had that exact conversation. He was joining them on a night of protecting the city, but since there wasn’t too much going on, it was mostly the five or so superheroes comparing cape-materials and the finishing on their masks. “How did you get that finish?” “Spray paint!” “Oooo, nice!”

  11. The name is actually a Kimono and could be part of a Gi but based on the strings it doesn’t appear to be. It also looks as though that material is for a home use rather than martial arts. I have Jiu Jitsu Gi’s and Judo Gi’s and that looks like a basic single weave not a pearl, or gold weave.

  12. The Kendogi-jacket is an Uwagi, or Keikogi jacket, and while calling it a Kimono technically isn’t wrong, afaik Kimono is usually used for longer coats, not a short jacket. If you’re OK with calling a judogi jacket a gi, then this is no different 🙂

    The fabric is lighter because it isn’t used for grappling, but sword-striking, and it is worn under pads and armor.

  13. Love this. I just wish i could make the video bigger somehow on the website without having to go full screen. Argh they are so great to watchign during work.

  14. I understand your concern, but the means as to which you are thinking about the context I believe is incorrect (or simply overanalyzed). From all of my chemistry background, we have always explained chirality as being a same shape that cannot be superimposed on itself. The example of using the hand is so common because the word “chiral” is the greek word for “hand” (χειρ or kheir). So your hands do have chirality.

    In regards to your statement about it only being applicable in isolation, all of my organic professors/textbooks used chirality when referring to multiple objects in a given space and I have never heard of it only being able to be used if it is by itself. You kind of need two shapes to reference the chirality of an object.

    No need to be concerned with my response, but I have had many interactions with the word chiral in my education and daily work that I believe the application that he used was acceptable.

  15. I see. I had only considered the mathematical/geometric definition of “chiral”, since that’s the one I’m familiar with, and never thought about its use in chemistry, even though I had heard it used in that context before.

    From a quick skim of a wikipedia article, I gather that in chemistry an entire set of different “shapes” that a molecule might take is called “chiral” — meaning in this context that each one of the grouped configurations is chiral in the mathematical sense — and that the shape a specific molecule has taken is called its “chirality”. Did I understand that right?

    If so, then that does not contradict my point that “chiral” is the wrong word for describing the relation between two shapes/pieces. Adam seems to use the word every time he means “these two pieces are mirror images,” which is what I’m objecting to.

  16. )

    There is a whole world of stereochemistry (chemistry regarding the location of atoms and molecules in 3D space) if you want to dive into that lol.

    Mirror images in this non-scientific context still fits the definition of chiral objects being non-superimposable. More specifically, they are “enantiomers” which are chiral molecules that are mirror images of one another. I still believe that the context upon which this was mentioned was still acceptable.


  17. Hi Adam! any chance the the kylo fabric used for the edge pieces was mine ? (for the one you built yourself) (Luke Daley/ JJ Industries) very cool if so !!

  18. I went to order 2 x Tape measures from and the postage was $66!!! yeah ok I am in the UK but $66 for 2 lightweight items that’s ridiculous

  19. Hello i want to ask, from what material are helmet and armors printed? ABS, PETG or PLA or something else?

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