Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Chewbacca and C-3PO!

It’s no secret that Adam’s a big fan of Chewbacca. So for his newest cosplay build, Adam revamps his Chewie costume to carry an animatronic threepio, as depicted in The Empire Strikes Back. It’s going to require a bit of disassembly, engineering, and problem-solving to turn two costumes into one that’s still wearable!

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18 thoughts on “Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Chewbacca and C-3PO!

  1. Gives me tons of ideas for my animatronic Geoff Peterson I want to make. Robot skeleton with a mobile podium using a RC car.

  2. Making Adam move into frame as his own wipe cut at the 26 minute mark was an amazing point of editing, Joey. Wonderfully shot.

  3. Did Adam get tricked by the DeWalt marketing people? I have never heard of an 20V (nominal) lithium ion battery. Is the battery he’s using just a DeWalt 20V MAX? In that case it just like any other 18V battery out there ( They start at ~21V when fully charged and drop down to around ~15V when they are flat.

    All (or at least most) lithium ion batteries for power tools are comprised of multiple 18650 cells. These batteries have a nominal voltage (avarage) of ~3.6 volts. When they are fully charged sit at around 4.2 volts and they drain down to around 3 volts when empty. So these 18V (20V Max) battery packs contain 5 of these 18650 in series. And that means that they are at around 21 volts when fully charged and around 15 volts when fully discharged. And there nominal voltage are 18 volts.

    Labeling li-ion batteries as anything else then 10.8, 14.4 or 18 volts is just marketing speak to confuse customers.

  4. This was absolutely great! I love the added grunge and wires. Would like to see a little more info on programming the movements.

  5. Ok, maybe a dumb question, but why not use a flash-light that uses the same battery then a drill? You’d still get the connector on the light so that you can use the same setup as with the drill handle, and not have to buy a drill (light costs less) and you wouldn’t have to “sacrifice” a brand new drill.

  6. This was probably the best ODB to date. Between the brilliant editing, descriptions of the work with flash cuts of the work, the wipe cut using Adam, the montages, costumes, Star Wars, electronics, wearables, the “concentration tongue”, great music, jokes… oh the jokes. I’m in sensory overload. I don’t think I quit grinning through the entire video.

  7. – Awsome build as always.

    Word of caution, though – Pretty sure there is a very valid health reason to why the ZIP Kicker CA accelerator was taken off the market here. Far as i know, no stores in Sweden are allowed to carry it anymore due to it´s toxicity.

  8. Adam, a great build as ever, but wondered if you were aware that Dewalt sell these

    Which is an adaptor from old style battery to new style, basically gives you the battery holder, without needing to sacrifice a tool, and you can then just connect your project to the terminals in the top.

    Keep making


  9. beautiful build, and nice filming work. and star wars! what more could one want?

    a very stupid pun, of course. 25:11 is the moment when threepio’s gnarly guts become tubular.

    i’ll let myself out.

  10. Great video,. had myself almost talking to the screen..

    Working on the arm: Could he use a string? Adam: I´m going to use a string.

    Me: Those wires look weird. Adam: I need more wires.

    Me: That hose looks kinda off when it´s grey. Adam: Uses a black spray to fix it.

    Made me feel smarthurdur 🙂

    Would like to se more of Mr. Tarpley´s build video as well. I know he 3d prints some of his stuff and it is awesome.

    Edit: Found it!

  11. Great ODB guys thanks for the video. It’s nice to see Adam makes mistakes too like cutting up the wrong leg. I would like to see if not a ODB, just more photos of more information about his bow caster.

  12. Excellent and very inspiring video – as always 🙂

    I just got one question: Does Adam power both servos from that one 20v 1.5ah battery as well? I got a similar project in front of me and wonder if the amperage is enough for all the parts in that circuit.


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