Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Kylo Ren’s Costume Gorget!

Sewing is the focus of this week’s One Day Build, as Adam works on a piece of his in-progress Kylo Ren cosplay by making the costume’s gorget. Adam talks about finding the reference and design for this neck piece, demonstrates patterning, and gets to work at his sewing station!

Shot and edited by Adam Isaak
Music by Jinglepunks

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26 thoughts on “Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Kylo Ren’s Costume Gorget!

  1. Is it just me or does Adam’s bust of himself, especially with the sunglasses on it, look like motorcycle builder Jesse James?

  2. I think your muslin worked fine — my first thought would have been to go with brown butcher paper to prototype the pattern. Maybe muslin should be my go-to.

    Silver Sharpie? Works well on black leather it seems.

    I think mineral spirits would clean up the Sharpie (if you were inclined to).

    Must get back to sewing myself….

  3. Muslin is useful because it is extremely cheap, it’s got flexibility, and it can be sewn together to mock up the pattern. I would not recommend it, however, if you are working with strech fabrics. This is not to say butcher paper does not have its uses when it comes to making more permanent patterns.

  4. That was great! There were a lot of really good tips in there- it never would have occurred to me to attach velcro in that manner.

  5. Ah, yet another use for 1-2-3 blocks! When you mentioned/showed them it’s been a revelation – I’ve often had some clamping tasks on the mill where they would have come in handy! However, strangely, it seems in Europe nobody knows, uses or sells them. In the end I ordered them from China, and they just arrived!

    You know what they call 1-2-3 blocks in Europe?

    25-50-75 blocks! Because, you know, metric system, and stuff… 🙂

  6. Why not make something from the original instead of the remake. A new hope was the better version of that movie.

  7. Can we please have less exposed footage fro Adams shop? Half of the shots are totally washed out

  8. If you’re really worried about the white thread, I’d bet a steady hand and a fine-tip black Sharpie would cover it nicely. But especially for a piece that goes under other costume components, I wouldn’t bother. Back when a relative of mine taught college theater, the costume shop stocked black thread only, and even on white gowns you couldn’t see the black on the other side of the orchestra pit.

  9. I may be being a little pedantic, but for a large part of the video all I could think was taking a microfiber cloth and wiping down that mirror.

    Ps. Adam: Any particular reason you’re working on your Kylo Ren costume now that were coming up on Star Wars Celebration? Or is the timing just a coincidence?

  10. Hey Adam, loved this build. I’ve been sewing costumes and prototypes since I was 10. Took sewing classes in 4H and then sewing classes during my college years to become a toy designer. I’ve found that you can get a ton of cheap canvas for patterning by using painters drop clothes from the hardware or paint stores a huge drop cloth can cost around $30 and can go a long way. It also has a nice weight for patterning. One question, where did you get those clips? I LOVE that idea.

  11. They’re called URBEST Wonder Clips. I tried to post a direct link but the system didn’t like it. They’re available on Amazon.

    I use them for my sewing business and they work great!

  12. I loved this video. I am a trial and error costumer for fun. I love those clips. I must have them in my life. Thanks for a great one day build.

  13. That “bust” looks familiar. Is that the mask from the Mission Impossible mask myth?

    Also, I generally refer to the character as Darth Emo. Han should have hit him with a stun bolt and brought him back.

  14. They’re called URBEST Wonder Clips. I tried to post a direct link but the system didn’t like it. They’re available on Amazon.

    I use them for my sewing business and they work great!

    Thanks, I’m definitly getting these.

  15. Adam, you mention that the leather has a tendency to creep when sewing it, if you use a walking foot, this can mitigate the creeping, or slippage between the layers. A walking foot allows the sewing machine to feed more evenly when sewing difficult fabrics. Any sewing shop should be able to hook you up with a walking foot for your sewing machine. Let know if you have any troubles and I can get you the part number.

    PS: Very nice work on the gorget. I really like all the work you do. I am a huge fan.

  16. I had to look this up: Janome has something called the “Even Feed Foot” that is the same as the “walking foot”.

    Thanks — I learned something.

  17. Ethanol or methanol will remove it. You will have to condition the leather after.

    Not sure why he doesn’t use upholstery chalk.

    I know to stop creep on leather some folks use a light spray mastic and heavy paper to back it. And then remove it later. It might keep the stitches loose…..never tried it.

  18. Great advise on the Velcro Adam.

    I would also recommend overlapping your material over the edges of the Velcro to protect your skin from the hard/sharp edges and corners that both pieces have.

    P.S.: Growing up, if I had ever cut my nails with someones fabric scissors… I’d have gotten such a smack.

  19. one of the quick and dirty things I’ve found for pattern making. rap what you want to pattern cover ,ie. neck, metal shape etc. in thin plastic ( I use the produce bags from the Grocery that are hard to blow open ) then cover it with the cheapest duck tape you can find using the adhesive to mold it to shape – the plastic is to keep it from sticking to your skin in this case. So your rapped like a mummy then take scissors and safely cut it off – then make enough cuts so it lays flat and you have a pattern. 5 min tops.

  20. Very happy to help. Every company gives it a different name. Some sewing machines have a walking foot built in.

  21. I’ve always heard “gorget” pronounced “gor-jhay”, since it’s from a French word originally. A quick internet search indicates I’m either 100% right, 100% wrong, or some kind of jerk for questioning anything.

    At any rate, nice work as usual, Adam.

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