Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Hero Sword Rack!

Adam pushes his woodworking comfort zone a little bit with today’s build: a sword rack for his home office to display his favorite hero and replica swords from his collection! The design of this sword rack is framed around one of Adam’s favorite movie posters to give it a unqiue presentation. Let’s see which of Adam’s swords make the cut for this display piece!

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16 thoughts on “Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Hero Sword Rack!

  1. Merit badges for mistakes: mismeasured, overmuscled, bad math, lost parts, extra parts, ruined by impatience, built backwards, gross clumsiness, … I’m sure there are many more 🙂

  2. Maybe a build-mistake bingo card would be better, and the goal of the game would be not to get a full row on any single build.

    I was watching this on my ipad while lying on my bed and halfway dozing off, but abruptly came fully awake again around the six-minute mark, when Adam thought he couldn’t get two 48″ pieces out of one 97″ length of oak. As a programmer, I frequently have to add up the various powers of 2, so I was quite familiar with 48 (32 + 16) and 96 (64 + 32), and my subconscious instantly shouted “Something’s wrong!” when Adam miscalculated – probably a learned reflex from many hours of bug hunting for various off-by-one and wrong-sign errors.

  3. 1. Measure twice, cut once! A mistake we all make at least once. Measure from each end when trying to find a center, as double check.

    2. Square Hole Drill Bits Wood Mortising Chisel Set Could this be a new tool for your shop? (They do exist, and aren’t that expensive.)

  4. BTW, you can get either a dedicated mortising machine, or an attachment for a drill press, to hold the square portion of the bit in a fixed position.

  5. I’d like to see Adam take on Inigo Montoya’s sword someday. Seems like it would be a awesome challenge after getting to work with so many great artists, and craftsmen/women. Plus I just think it’s a cool sword… I guess that’s motivation for me to try, lol,

  6. Additional badge ideas: glued self to something, instead of calling an expert you make the situation worse, messed up project 2 – 4 times (might need different counts for this one), repeated same mistake again, used the wrong side of materials, accidentally melted project.

  7. I thought this was going to lead up to using the die filer machine to square up the mortices after the initial drilling. That would have totally sidestepped using a chisel (either hand or mortising machine).

  8. Using files that fine on wood is a waste of time. You’ll just burn it. A jigsaw with a backward mounted blade works better.

  9. Hello Adam
    How beautiful your “sword shelf”. What is the approximate cost of this display with the swords included?

  10. Considering at least two of these swords are made by Adam himself, the sentimental value is probably “priceless”.

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