Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Excalibur Sword!

Using the skills he learned from Weta Workshop’s master swordsmith Peter Lyon, Adam takes on a One Day Build project he’s been waiting to do his entire life: make King Arthur’s sword from Excalibur!

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36 thoughts on “Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Excalibur Sword!

  1. With the selection of music, I swear this was about to turn into a Clooney/Pitt heist movie! 😛

    Nice camera work Joey!

    Well done Adam!

  2. That was great. Loved the Camera views at the end… the production itself is a kind of maker-build!

  3. At long last! I’ve been able to determine the particulars of the 48″ belt ginder – a Radius Master Series 2 RM48. I’ve been (mildly) obsessed with determining what it was ever since the Barbarella Space Rifle build a couple of years ago.

    My biggest shout out and Thank You! to Joey for those logo/serial plate shots at 12:19, 12:44 and 13:01.

  4. Do you know about eutectic metal? On another youtube video I saw where they were using it to fill in the gap between the guard and the blade (makes a perfect fit). kinda like solder, but melts below the boiling point of water (depending on what eutectic metal you use). Seems like a useful material.

  5. Amazing build, and really great camera work. That time lapse at the end was great. Was that really a single day of work?

  6. I was worried for a moment because it appeared you didn’t have enough threads for the pommel to screw onto in order to make a solid connection with the hilt. Was that my imagination or did you go back and add more threads to it?

    Wonderful work as always! You always capture the joy and excitement of creating something so well!

  7. Had to laugh.

    Watching the video and thinking “Damn, that’s a cool marker! Sure would have come in handy a few times.” I was pausing the video on one monitor and searching the browser in the other but couldn’t quite get the name. He has one more mark to make, can I see it? Then Adam’s like, “Oh, you are probably wondering what marker I am using…” Cue the Twilight Zone music.

    Just search for Pica Deep Hole marker. Available in red, blue and black. $7 a pop.

  8. Love, Love, Love! Really great content. Love this style, and everything about this. Music great, Joey’s camera work great, mix of shots great, judder time-lapse, Adam’s enthusiasm, and the making of time-lapse at the end!

  9. This has been one of my favorite 1 day builds, both content and production. Well done Adam and Joey!

  10. SO nice! Just a top notch build from start to finish and I could not be more envious of the final result! Definitely one of the great filmic swords and just a fine recreation.

    And yes, Adam, you were right in choosing to taper out the fuller before the crossguard as that is indeed film-accurate. You are indeed worthy to wield that blade!

  11. Wait a minute, everyone is missing one very important fact. Does this mean Adam now have rightful sovereignty of Great Britain?

  12. Thank goodness I for whatever reason thought you were obsessed with the Sean Connery movie first knight (think it might have shipped as Camelot or something across the pond.) and was slowly devaluing all the banked nerd cred.

  13. Was totally waiting for Adam to pull out some medieval looking hand crank device for Joey to turn the hilt(I know you were looking for that word the whole time) while he aligned the silver wire.

    Also not sure if he has a set(and they wouldn’t have helped with the pommel) but I feel Adam may need a set of checkering files at some point along the line, especially if he does a couple of prop gun builds. They are quite handy but do take quite a bit of practice to use correctly.

  14. You really cant imagine how satisfying it is to watch you build these. Ive crafted my own wooden handle for my practice katana and found it such a wonderful experiance…I can only imagine what it it is to make your own sword. WOW Adam and crew …wow!

  15. Oh, but you can’t expect to wield supreme executive power just because some watery tart threw a sword at you.

    Dang. All that work and he didn’t get to carry it at Comic Con.

  16. Longshot: He didn’t try to bring this to SDCC, he brought a foam replica instead (they said they filmed the making of that as well). It wasn’t that they stopped him from bringing it in, just that the line was crazy long, so they decided against carrying it for the floor walk 🙂

  17. I’m scared that that tang is too narrow. I mean aluminum is … well, aluminum. Even at 1/4″ thick you’re asking a lot to be holding 80% of the weight of the sword by one end — where it narrows to what looks to be about 1/2″ wide!

  18. At the risk of being pedantic, the “Sword in the Stone” was not Excalibur. The Sword in the Stone gets broken, and Arthur gets Excalibur from the Lady of the Lake. That might account for the differences in the image/model.

  19. Lovely, now as you can’t really make a ‘case’ for it how about making a Stone to keep it in 🙂 Could even add a secret locking system so only Adam can draw it out.

  20. Amazing build. Would really like to hear all of the dementions so I could make one myself. Also was wondering what kind of safety glasses you had. Feel like you have mentioned them in past videos

  21. Hey Joey, could you put a camera right next to the lamp on the lathe on the next build? From that vantage point we could get a better look at what Adam is cutting.

    Other than that, awesome video!!!!

  22. Amazing build, really impressed how just based on your experiences at WETA you were able to use them to build a different sword. Just wondering why glue was your choice for attaching the chequered parts to the pommel? I was expecting you to thread them or maybe used a Twist and lock mechanism.

  23. Well done and well made. The production value on this video was just as pleasing as the build itself! Great job Joey, Adam, and the Tested team!

  24. I totally feel ya about the appeal to the sword… But for me, it’s the Atlantian Sword from Conan The Barbarian (1982)

    Great vid!!!

  25. I didn’t realize when I first watched this video at the time of its release but Adam should maybe wear some breathing protection…

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