One Day Builds: Customizing Adam’s Hero Sword

Adam and Norm spend the afternoon geeking out over awesome wooden swords bought at last year’s Dragon*Con and then decide to make some modifications to personalize them. This gives Adam a chance to talk about some of his favorite prop-making tools and tricks. Find out how to get your own Hero Sword here.

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41 thoughts on “One Day Builds: Customizing Adam’s Hero Sword

  1. For the record, I intend to sand the piece down, use a coat or two of a sanding sealer to fill in the pours of the wood, spray paint it with a coat or two of silver then mix some black and silver acrylic paint and dry brush the blade before using a matte clear coat.

    As for the hilt, I’m still a little unsure but will come up with something.

  2. Man. Adam’s enthusiasm is so awesome. Also he gives great tips for DIY and kids. My boys only 9 months but I’m taking careful note of how to get him excited about making stuff.

  3. Fantastic video. I don’t know if Adam covered this in another video or not, but does he use that pool table as a work surface for a bunch of projects or what?

    Also, so glad I’m going to PAX East this year, will definitely check out Geek Chic’s offerings.

  4. He was drilling on top of a rubber cutting mat, had he gone through the pommel, he would have known immediately. 🙂

  5. Applying that aluminum tape reminds me of all the times I’ve bought Kinder Surprise chocolate eggs and tried to smooth out the aluminum wrapping foil with my fingers and back of my nails.

  6. adam is such a “dad” as he was really showing Norm how to do stuff and explain it all the while he was showing.. it was a great build but would love to see you all make a full “waster” wooden sword from block of wood to finished product. loved the build as always and love to see more!!

  7. Hey Adam, Is that treasure box you were storing you jewel with a replica of the the chest Davy Jones keep his heart within for the pirates of the Caribbean movie? And if so, where did you get it?

  8. Any chance you can share the brand/model of your leather lace cutter? That is a lovely version, and mine is a royal pain in the behind to use!

  9. This is one of my favourite videos from you guys. I’ve watched it multiple times already.
    Thanks for the great content you bring us.

  10. That’s called Kicker. It’s an accelerant to almost instantly cure CA Glue. Makes the glue joint a bit more brittle but it’s really handy. If you’re using foam, make sure you’re using the specific foam kicker or it will melt the foam.

    (Ordered my sword!!! SQUEEEEEE!)

  11. My 8 year old son and I just got some great ideas for a weekend project. Off to get some aluminium tape, a jewel and leather wrapping. Thanks again Tested for saving the day! Always learning.

  12. WOW I can’t believe the sword video so great please see my Glamdring build (not exactly like LOTR films but hey this was all done with hand tools.) ADAM says “send us your pics of swords!!” HERE YOU GO BUDDY! and Adam is right: aluminum tape is a prop makers friend. I Dremelled the actual inscription from the films onto the crossguard…Well AROUND the crossguard. In Elvish Runes. BwAHAHAHA RUN YOU FILTHY ORCS AND BEHOLD! sorry you know that kid in me takes over and know.

  13. i did it the same day i saw the video for the handle i used red leather and for the blade i used aluminium tape

    these videos are epic and i can’t wait for the next 1 day build.

  14. So many things to love in this video. I have wanted to build a wooden sword for some time now, but man those are so much more than I could of imagined. I used to build prototypes for automotive interiors and used aluminum tape for all kinds of stuff. I tell everyone about how amazing this stuff is. Also would buy CA glue and accelerator in bulk, love see other people using the stuff.

    Totally love that Adam keeps his “jewels” in the Davy Jones heart chest from Pirates of the Caribbean.

  15. Adam Savage has given me the inspiration to make everything I can, including all I make of myself. Anything I become, will be because of the core attitude he showed me at a young age, which I have adapted in my own world to this day. Thank you Tested, for bringing me all the great stuff you do. And thank you Adam. I hope to shake your hand before I die.

  16. My son and I loved this video! We took an old sword that had seen better days (including being chewed on by the family dragon/dog) and created an amazing short sword. The foil tape is now seeing use all over the house for interesting tasks!

    Norm and Adam, you made my son’s day with the video. He’s one step closer to being a Maker 😉

  17. Hi Tested friends,

    After watching the video I got inspired. A little ‘One Day Build’ of my own, I thought I’d like my own two hand broad sword. Its Australian Redwood with Pine highlights. Handle is wrapped in natural kangaroo leather, and the whole thing oiled with Scandanavian oil. Sword was shaped using a spoke shave by hand, highlights carved by hand, and the ‘blood grove’ and edges quickly done with the router.

    Comments welcomed,


  18. I would really apereiate it if someone could send me all the dimensions of the sword.Im 12 and it a project that i want to make one.

  19. Thanks for the tip with the tape. Helped my 12 year old son make a stage spear for The Tempest, used the tips in this to great advantage, along with some ageing.

  20. Just learned the lesson regarding removing the paper backing from foil tape that gets mentioned at the end of the video the other day. I was sticking heat cable to the bottom of a tank for a pet reptile of mine and yep, that tape curls up on itself at the speed o’ sound if you don’t hold on to the end when removing the paper part. 😮

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